Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Importance Of Signature

No matter what job are you doing, a signature can be always be a dangerous thing to write on a paper. Especially if you have a certain amount of power to or rank that can approved something with your signature. For a doctor, our signature can be used to prescribe medication to a patient, or medical certificate, medical reports, sometimes if you are involved in management, your signature can be used to approve payment or et cetera.

Once in a while, there will be a headline in the news regarding doctors who abused their signature to give medical certificate or medical reports, some are their fault, sometime it can be forged by irresponsible person to be abused.

We were told since the beginning of our career as a doctor, to protect our signature and chop above anything else we have. Since becoming a doctor, your signature now has a value compare to others. Not just doctor, engineer, lawyer, people in the administration, all are warned regarding this 'power'.

With great powers, comes great responsibility (spiderman!?). Sometimes, people just suddenly appear before us handing us a lot of thing to sign. Counter signing.

"Doctor, please counter sign this.."

"Boss, can you counter sign this?"

Most of the time, we are too busy to bother about this. The easy way to do is, to trust that person, and sign it so that we can chase them away quickly so we can continue our work. Those we don't trust, don't simply sign. Those who do, just sign here and there.

NO! This is what we should not do. I will never do that and no one should. I will always ask a simple question before I sign it.

"What are these for?"

"If I signed, what happen?"

We need to know that. Do you remember insurance agent? They always ask us to sign without reading the full policy. Most of the time we do it, but what happen later? Everyone experienced it. There will be something unfair (must be) with the term and condition. Who do we blamed? Ourselves.

For every signature that we give, we should take responsibility on it. So please make sure that we know what we are signing for. It could lead us to court, prison, or the most suffering condition we will ever imagine in the future. It's better to prevent it rather than regret it later.

So for those young doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, businessmen and businesswomen, please remember that with great power in our signature, came a very big responsibility.

Do not simply sign on everything...

* This post does not look significant because most of the time people already knew this. This is too basic, but perhaps there are still some people who does not. Who knows...

Monday, April 11, 2016

Religious Raid in Malaysia should be systematic.

There has been a few raids by Religious department in our country. This issue must be addressed with cautions. In one side, there were these open minded people who think only for the best for everyone, and the other side were these people holding religious flag in their hand. As important as religious is, I am in between.

For me, the thing that keeps me worry every time I think about it is on how privacy is treated in this beloved country of Malaysia. No matter how important you need to be religious in your life to achieve that goal to enter heaven, at the same time you need to think that we are not living alone in this country. And not all people are doing bad and sinful thing as you all think.

I never had such experience of being raid by religious department, however my parent had once. How my mom describe it, very rudely someone bang their hotel room at night my parent were criminal hiding, my dad had to rushed to the door and my mom had to rush covering her head (yes we are Muslim too, not just that religious department guy). At the middle of the night, my dad is not that young, and with that kind of shocked state, he open the door slowly, afraid someone going to enter and rob them (as that's how they behave then), to find out it was religious department. Investigating everyone as they are all sinful. My mom and dad has been married for more than 30 years old for godsake!

Since that day, I will ask my mom and dad to rent a better hotel, thinking that a 4-5 star hotel will not be raid like that. They protect their customer privacy..more than protecting, they RESPECT their customer privacy.

However, reading on the news nowadays, even 5 star hotel are not spared by those religious department. Are we supposed to worry about this? Yes.

Not to say that I am pro on adultery, but this is about respecting someone's privacy.

What are the chances of everyone in the hotel, 100 % of them are doing a sinful thing? Slim chances.

Most of the people in the hotel are people like me, my parent who want to relax with our family in a comfortable hotel, trying to avoid those banging on the door by uninvited whoever they were.

This will also gave a bad impression of our country to overseas tourist. This breach the hotel policy and if they say that they raid those places because of insider information, that consider a leak of private information. They know who are doing sex inside the room, not impossible someone also can know how much money the customer had, children, or anything regarding customer...this is consider a private information and are dangerous if disclosed routinely by 'insider'. Not possible, a robber, or a kidnapper can retrieve such info for their criminal use.

Even if they say they follow those who are trying to commit adultery or whatever sinful thing, that is also consider unethical. In normal people term, that was called a stalker. How is this okay for Religious department.

I would hope that Religious department try to address this issue systematically. Not just going straight and bang a wall like a kid would do, we are adult and we need to consider a lot of thing before doing something. I believe, such raid can be done if it's not crossing any line.

And if we all think that crossing line is the only way, just thing that God is there watching. We are only human, we don't even meet God ever... so who are we playing God in this world?

-This is an opinion. Opinion are meant to be digested and not judge. Everyone are free to give opinion.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Batman Vs Superman: Dark Vs Colourful.

Don't believe what critics said about the was like they want us only to watch those movie like Birdman, Spotlight, what else....all those movie that a non critics would say a crap movie but they say otherwise.

Compare to all other superhero movies that was released since last year and the year before that, this was definitely one of the best. It was full of action, not a linear or straight one direction plot, a lot of interpretation for the audience, good acting, good graphic and good fighting scene.

When people nowadays were all hypnotised by Marvel, everything was about Avengers and Captain America ( Did you ever feel its a bit funny to cheer on captain america? A very stereotyped superhero ever..), this movie in a way bring a totally different genre and mood.

Yes, it was definitely not Avenger kind of movie. It was way different from any other Marvel Avengers movie... Hoping to see Captain America in this movie would be a childish hope, even hoping to see a similar kind of movie would also make you disappointed somehow. I guess, all critics were hoping for that, that is why they left the cinema like a hungry person that mistakenly went into a shoes shop instead of restaurant.

The movie was dark, sometimes horrifying, even if Superman is wearing red and blue, you will not aware on that. Everything was dark in theme. Yes, it suited Batman very well. And it was a pain listening to critics saying that the movie was too dark.'s a Batman movie for God sake!

It was a very enjoyable movie, the plot are thoughtful, action sequence is well choreographed, the special effects are nice, and then there was Wonder Woman. It has been quite sometimes since we saw a female superhero is it. (Yeah, a glimpse here and there in Marvel Universe) This time, a female superhero is on the highlight.

For those who still have not watch this movie, give it a try, open your mind, forget marvel colourful universe. If you want an intense, adult type, dark, superhero movie, this is the movie you definitely do not want to miss out.

Don't believe the critics. They look funny when they talk on this movie. For example:

The movie was too dark and gloomy

Its Batman movie. and you want to see superman wearing red underwear again? Or batman wearing black and yellow hanging out with orange Robin?

They are less action this movie

You must be sleeping through out the movie. I once told my friend regarding aquaman, and she said "what aquaman? When did Aquaman appear?" (she initially said she slept half way and then tell me its a bad movie)

The plot is terrible..

I told you what plot is terrible, a man released from prison, amazingly chosen to become an ant, fight the evil guy, lots of joke, lots of toys, hero win. This is a bad plot of story (its Antman from Marvel and everyone say its a good movie).

Or maybe, a story about a man who live for so many years with inhumanly power, then plotted by an organization of Hydra which is already defeated on the first movie of him, then run around with lots of explosion and I lost whatever they want to tell, in the end hero win, but what about the Hydra, how can it be alive and how can it operate so flawlessly without no one in command...i just keep busy watching that girl on a very tight suite fighting on and off and more modelling than fighting. (guess which movie is it)

Too many loop holes

Well, the Joker was dead or arrested in The Dark Knight? Still the best movie of all time.

The movie is too long.

First of all, movie ticket nowadays are not 50 or a dollar anymore. I pay RM13 for a non 3D movie (I don't bother watching 3D anymore nowadays), and if they show me a 13 minutes movie, that would be Rm1 per minute movie, I would piss off so much to a point I might burn down the cinema.

Yes, everyone want a long movie nowadays.

Yeah, long but boring.

The Hurt Locker is long and boring. I get to see action, emotion, story, Batman and Superman in this movie.

The way they introduce justice league is lame. 

Yeah, they should put it in a post credit scene where everybody already left the cinema so that people need to watch it again, more money more money.

Or just give a teaser. a small hint so that people need to go back and google it and after a few weeks and a lot of spoiler in the internet, then realise about the introduction of the new superhero. They don't even get to see that superhero. It was not inside the movie, just a hint.

I tell you, I hate that crap. The way they introduce justice league was fine. I prefer it this way.

This is just a trailer for the next upcoming Justice league movie. A 2 hour plus long trailer. 

I will rushed to the cinema if someone tell me this. I came early to cinema to watch trailer for the next upcoming movie!! You gave me me a 2 hour long trailer, that would be super amazing!!!

Wonder women are not given highlight in this movie. 

True if the title of this movie are Batman Vs Superman: Wonder Woman Dawn of Justice.

Wonder woman is actually the highlight of this movie rather than Batman and Superman. 

You pervert!!!

Slow motion massacre! Everything in slow motion

Would be sucks if everything was in real time. You cant even see superman, he move quicker than a bullet does he? And I really enjoyed watching the slow mo part, because usually it was a scene you should remember.. If the slow motion was showing people drinking coffee, or dog pooping, or car moving in the street, that would be sucks (or will win an award for best cinematography).

I think I had enough playing around with all the critics opinion. Haha. That's their opinion and it's good actually to have a mix reaction on a movie. No movie can satisfy everybody.

I love this movie. I love Batman.