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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

MAS ticket to Labuan OVERPRICED!!!

This is reality. World is turning upside down. I was alone in my home, my daughter is in labuan and I miss her and guess what, Labuan was not that far away from Kota Kinabalu. i should take a plane this weekend and go and visit her. 

This is where the dilemma start for all Labuanite who work in Kota Kinabalu. It was not far, Labuan was  considered a part of Sabah. Modes of transportation are varies. You can go by road and take a ferry, or just take a ferry directly from Kota Kinabalu, or use airplane. 

The most convenience way is to use airplane. 30 minutes flight, available day and night. If you use road, you can only travel at day time as all ferries to Labuan are not operational after 4-5 pm. The last flight to Labuan is at 9-10pm. 

So after work on Friday, it would be nice to be on that plane to Labuan. 

There are one major problem in that, air tickets are so OVERPRICED. Can you imagine for that 30 minutes flight, you need to pay around RM150 for one way ticket. They did not even served food on that trip ( no time to serve). They only gave you a drink, by the time you finish sipping that drink, you are arrived. 

Why this air ticket so expensive? I cannot think of any good reason for it. Th price is the same if you buy air ticket to Kuching, and if you add a hundred ringgit, you will be arrived in Kuala Lumpur. Can you imagine the difference of distance from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur compare to Labuan? 1636 to 121 kilometres. That's 13 times the difference. 

The airticket to Kuala Lumpur must be RM2000 plus but no. The airticket to Labuan is actually OVERPRICED!!!

Malaysia Airlines should go bankrupt with this overpriced air ticket. But wait? Why are they still people buying? 

Simple, only Malaysia Airlines offering flight from KK to Labuan with no competition. 

I hope someone should address this problem. Or perhaps invite competition to open flight from KK to Labuan. (Previously airasia had flight to Labuan for RM90). I really want to go Labuan this weekend, but air mode will not be on my consideration. 

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Boring blood drive: Blood Donation campaign As A Filler

I am in blood bank as a compulsory rotation as a pathology medical officer. One of my job is to go mobile. We call it mobile, most people knew it by the name 'Blood Donation Campaign'. Bloods are running low and we need to find blood in our stock or some patient will be in trouble. 

What can I see through my experience in joining this mobile blood drive is there are not much people that are willing to donate blood. It is sad to get like 5-6 donors each time we went out for mobile. This team of mobile blood drive usually stay for hours from morning until afternoon waiting for donor. Most of the time they were just sitting around. 

Can't blame anyone as not many people are exposed to the reality of blood crisis. Not until their parent, child, or spouse need blood transfusion, then they will be all out to donate blood. For me, that was a little selfish. For example, once there were more than 20 people in our blood center, all willingly want to donate their blood. But then, the main reason for them to be there was their relative get admitted to the hospital and requiring blood for operation. What about those people who do not have relative around? Or Thalassemia patient who need blood every month? Their relative would not be able to donate that frequently. They were all dependant on blood donors. Those hidden heroes in our community. Not those heroes that want to save their grandma or theor child only. How many time you see superman or batman saving their relative or friend and just ignore the other person who are not related to them? Heroes don't do that. 

Another thing is, we usually become side show. Usually there will be organizer, NGO, government agency, association, that are willing to organize a blood drive for us. We only need to go to their designated place and collect some blood. Some of the organizer were good. I can only gave a few example among many good organiser, Astro, prudential, Tzu Chi, churches, blood donor association, to name a few. They usually organize this blood donation campaign as the main agenda of the event. Whilst, other organiser usually have their other agenda, leaving us as a side show or some of us called filler. Sometime a big event they held and we were sitting somewhere on the side waiting for donor who never comes. This kind of organiser should be told early that they need at least one of their own to donate blood and not just to put us as a filler for their agenda. There could be other places that we can go and get more donors yet we stuck in one event that seem do not realise we were there afterall. 

Today, as usual these two thing happen to me. I was so boring waiting for donors. We went back from our mobile blood drive with just a few collected blood but wasted hours of our time. We were paid to do this, but do you all want us to be paid just to sit around? 

TheN when  one of your closed one need blood transfusion and there are no blood around, dont blame us, blame yourselves for too late to be a hero.. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Borneo Orchid Festival 2015 : What an orchid they have there.

My mom was a big fan of orchids. I brought hee to this international orchid festival in Kota Kinabalu City Hall last saturday. 

My mom. 

The best plant of the show

The best species of the show

Sabah Orchids Landscape. 

My daughter really excited with the show. But I am not sure she was excited because of the flower or just enjoyed running around. 

The winner for best landscape, from Taiwan, 

Korean Orchids. 

Monkey, Monkey she said. 

As said by this text left by the new Zealand participant, when we slow down in nature,  maybe stop and make a cup of tea,  we notice the smallest things around us... like orchids.  

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Ribut Greg - Greg Storm Hit Sabah Memory.

I was going to talk about Orchids festival, but then I watched this movie with my family just now called Into The Storm. I've watched that like last year when it came out in the cinema and most likely already talk about it before.

I remember something when I watched this movie. I remember one tragedy that cost so many lives in Sabah. Years ago. It's deadlier than the recent earthquake incident. It was Greg Storm Tragedy. You may found out about this tragedy when you google it. Try Ribut Greg as a keyword.

Most people in Sabah do not want to talk about this tragedy. It was sad. Most new generation do not even know about this tragedy. I've asked a few people in my workplace and only a few of them remember this thing, the rest, were still a too young to remember or not yet born at that time.

It happen on 26 Disember 1996. Everyone had their experience when it happen. Those in Tambunan, lost lot of loves one when this storm hit their area very, very, hard. Hundreds if not thousand people die...

Where Am I at that time? Well, one place you never wanted to be when a big storm like that happen, on the sea.

My family were travelling to Brunei from Labuan. We were poor at that time but somehow we were on vacation, a family vacation that happen only once in  a while. We were planning to stay in our relatives in Brunei and to go visit Jerudong Park in Brunei. Trust me, we do not even have money for hotel at that time.

It was a rainy morning, we went out from our house as early as 6 o'clock in the morning. The ferry to Brunei departed at maybe 7 o'clock. I could not remember much details but I will never forgot that experienced. The boat was shaky from the beginning we went in. What is the worse thing that could happen, a bit of waves and turbulent maybe..nobody was expecting a big storm like that.

Social media was none and we do not even have cellphone. It may not yet exist. So we were not aware of the storm that hit hard the night before and the storm was still there in the morning. Our departed as usual and after a few minutes, it started to get shaky really hard.

When the boat begins lifting 45 degree on the sea surface, everybody started shouting. Then it became 50 degree. For almost 1 hour, it was very very shaky. When it became 90 degree, people start praying. I can see everyone arounds me start praying and some crying. The boat crew was holding something to keep him standing and another one keeps counting the numbers of passenger. Maybe, it easier to rescue missing passenger if they knew exactly how many people to rescue.

I was holding the seat in front of me tightly. As if I am going to die that day, I just closed my eyes and every time the boat went up 90 degree, in a few second it hit back the water with a tremendous force and loud bang..

I was scared. Seriously, I am only 10 years old kid and I seriously did not want to die that day. I did not know how to swim, I was really afraid.

We make it to Brunei, thanks to God almighty. As a kid, my fear went off very easily. I did not know what happen actually. We still went and visit Jerudong park that night and if I am not mistaken went back to Labuan 2 days later to find that every tree was pulled out from the ground near our house. Yes, the tree was pulled out, not just crack and crash.

Just after arrived in back in Labuan we manage to watch TV ( the only source of information ) to see what we were facing when were on that ferry.

I will never forgot Greg Tropical Storm. It should be remembered. 26 December should be a day we remember those that we have lost. It was a sad day for Sabah.

Or maybe we should just forget it. It was a painful memory..... I will not forget it. I still afraid to travel on ferry until today.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Beats by Dre: Love it or hate it.

Since I broke my beatsbydre headphone months ago,  I kind of trying all sort of headphone.  The last one is bluedio hurricane.  I just broke it a few days ago. 

Along the way,  I have done a bit of research on headphone.  Most of the information provided in the internet were bashing beatsbydre.  Most of the forumer were saying beatsbydre is the worse headphone ever. 

Its overpriced,  yes.  The quality is too bad,  that's subjective.  I do not agree on saying this beats headphone is bad.  It was not bad after all. 

Compare it with other headphone,  its comfortable and gives you an experienced like no others when listening to music.  Okay,  when someone compare it to a 6 thousand ringgit headphone,  that would be unfair.  Compare it to the same price range headphone then maybe,  just maybe (as it was subjective),  the other headphone win.  But compare it to thr same quality headphone,  almost all priced the same.  100-200 different in price range,  and you get this sony headphone,  or you can own an aesthetic headphone. 

Honestly,  I would not spend that much on a pair of headphone, but I do want a pair of beats.  The experience is different.  The sound quality where your bass does not overwhelmed the treble and almost all instrument used can be differentiated bt using beats.

Thus,  I have this bargain in Lelong.  Someone selling beats solo hd (the first generation)  for some undisclosed amount.  It was cheap.  I am pretty sure it was a replica or copycat.  But the seller insist that it is original and they were selling it cheap because it was an old version (now beats solo hd 2 conquer market),  so they want to clear their stock. 

I gamble a bit,  bought it,  it arrived and I check the serial number in beatsbydre page,  it went through.  It's original. 

I am not sure if this one is a copycat or not because how to spot fake info from internet always changing.  I just believe that serial number get verified so its not a replica.
So now I own my second beats.  I love it.  Hipefully can use it for some time before i broke it.  Haha. 

The brand that you love to hate. 

My daughter who love to unbox my stuff. She is so excited lookung at this beats blog which contain quite a few things in it. A brochure, a warranty card, safety precaution, even about ear physioogy. 

The beats, tells you, this is original. I thought it was fake but I already checked the serial number from

Told you, they include ear physiology inside the box. 

Once you had Beats, you will never experienced sound listening the same way again.