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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Malaysian Official 1: The billions USD all around the world

So suddenly, everything in Social Media went haywire this week with this #MalaysianOfficial1 post everywhere. For all Malaysian, it was not a surprised news after all. We all have been experiencing this thing for more than a year now. 

Since Sarawak Report published an allegation regarding the mismanagement of 1MDB, this issue never really closed in the heart of Malaysian even though government closed it for good around last year if I am not mistaken. 

Let the authorities do their investigation and their job. 

Poor Malaysian..

Anyway, I am writing this post not because of I am trying to get involved in this mess or something, as Malaysia government now are very restrictive in what their citizen says (like living in a dictator country or something), let just leave it this way, I am writing because I am amazed on how much money can there be for a person to use. 

I mean like, USD3.5 billions, that's like RM14 billions of money, how many zero there is for that? I am really amazed on that. 

When I listen to the news, I am not thinking about the case actually, I am more on trying to imagine what would I do with such money? 

It must be fun. Haha. I am working my ass off every day to get a decent payment as a doctor... My wife also a doctor. Both of us get the same payroll every month, yet there we are, still arguing about how to make it until the next payroll, still trying our best to save for our small family. Now, when I enter Master Program, I need to rent my own house, our expenses increases, we almost not had enough for one month. 

Do we drive ferrari? Do we own a bungalow? Do we wear rolex, Gucchi or Prada? No. We just own a 850 square feet apartment, a persona car each (which we bought before we married during housemen year)...that's all. 

Utility, internet, phone bill, electricity, water, service charge for apartment, food, diapers, milk, cloth...all are not cheap nowadays. 

Now as we live separately (I'm in peninsular and she in Sabah), plus my house rent, utility and bills increases in amount. 

It was a tough time for both of us. Yet, I hear this 3.5 billions, 2.6 billions, 4 billions, and a lot of billions here and there, I feel much money can we own. 

 I wish I had an amount of money that much. Half that much or even quarter that much also a blessing if I did. 

Maybe someday, we will all have that amount of money. People say money is not everything. Yes it is true but it is very necessary to differentiate that statement from a true meaningful statement and just pure lazy ignorance. It was easy to say that, but when you do not have enough money to put on the table every month in the form of food and other necessity for your wife and  children, the statement can be purely wrong. 

I just hope to finish my study and bring something better for my family. As for now, I feel like I am a complete useless...

Friday, July 01, 2016

Master Study: Ehlp Open again Today!

I heard that eHLP has been open today for those in KKM. Well, what is that mean?

eHLP is an online system which will be opened once every year for one month for all working under KKM to continue study. Basically, it is like an application system to get sponsored by KKM/MOH to further study escpecially Master progam and PhD.

So, every doctors in Ministry of Health must be busy for this one month period preparing all their document, their 100 words essay, finding two referee and lots of paperwork to be completed.

What is important regarding eHLP is not the documentation and the paperwork, but the mindset and decision that need to be made before applying. First thing is to decide what field you want to specialise into and where do you want to further your study. Most doctors did not bother about this, just applying for the sake of applying or peer pressure.

I can't say much on which field is the best but it can be divided into two big categories. Clinical or non clinical.

For me, I love pathology and I am grateful to be enrolled into this pathology program I am having now in UKM.

Where you want to study also important. Basically, there is  not much University offering medical master program in Malaysia. Generally you can only choose whether you want to study in Kuala Lumpur or up north in Kelantan.

Most will decide to go to KL as usual, KL.... Who does not want to live in KL, a big city full of everything. Yet, you must considered what do you want to do first. Some program only available in USM and some program offered by USM are pretty good compare to those offered in KL. But most of the program are available in KL. In KL there will be UM, UKM, UPM, and UITM.

Perhaps if you do not want to go to Semenanjung, maybe you can go to Sabah. Sabah currently offering public health master program under UMS. If you want to go Sarawak, Sarawak also have Master in Community medicine which is equals to Public Health.

In my opinion, forget those people or friends who told you to go study far away from home. This is a common thing said by common people, study far away to gain more experience. Stop that stereotype and find a place to study that is nearer to your hometown.


Because when you were undergraduate, you are so care free and can go everywhere you want. But master program, either you already have your family, or you are still single but remember, you are in your reproductive year of your life. So don't mess it up with your work and study.

If you are Sabahan, and love public health, go UMS.

If you are Sarawakian, and you love community medicine or public health, go UNIMAS.

If you are from Semenanjung and you love public health, all universitiies in Semenanjung I mentioned above offered public health.

In the end, its not the title of master or your work that is matter, but your family. Don't mess up your life before you know it.

So, if you are like me, Love pathology, from Sabah, then no choice. Have to go depart with family and perhaps in 4 years time, I did not mess up anything.

Those who want to apply hlp, then head to

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Beginning of DrPath Program

It is not that I am busy to update my blog but rather more like I have no mood to do so. This low mood started on 1st June 2016 when I was accepted in Master Program.

I've written a few weeks ago that I am so sad instead of happy entering this program due to seperation with my family. I feel like I am not doing anything ever since. It was different. When I finish my study as a medical student, I have to be separated from my wife ( at that time just a girlfriend) for 2 years plus before we married. A few months after that, we also worked in different state so it kind of like Long term relationship all the way until she finally followed me to Sabah.

But now, it was not only about separating with her, but also with my 2 daughters. This make e feel so depressed compare to before.

Anyway, I was accepted to Master program and the registration date was on 1st June. As usual, registration day was hectic. It was like a market or something. And I can see that, we Malaysian are also considered Asian in term of queuing. It was supposed to be systematic but ends up chaotic and the University staff can't control hundreds of doctors in chaos. Trust me, no one can.

Met a few friends that day, but most of them just came for registration as they were taking out campus study so they will be going to the respective hospital where they were posted. For us in Pathology, all of us will be in University for this 1 year time, then later some of us will be going out for out campus training. For me, I will be in University for the next 4 years as I opted for in campus training.

On that day, we were given a simple briefing and I started to realise that I am not going to end up having Mpath (master in Pathology) but DrPath (Doctor in Pathology). Only UKM giving this title to their student who finished master program. What is the difference?

They will be technical differences which I cannot understand completely however, generally DrPath is considered to be the same level as Phd in term of recognition. As my friend told me, in medical field, master program will be this long 4-5 years programmed instead of 1-2 years. in 4-5 years study, you could end up having Phd already. Thus, master in medical field, are supposed to be recognise as Phd but since we already doctors, nobody care about that.

The title Doctor in _________ will ultimately give you the right to be called doctor. However, we already have that title. So will this matter to us.

So many technical thing, but from what I understand, when you bring your title Master in Pathology to oversea, Australia for example, you will not be recognised. You will be asked to take an exam or something before you were considered pathologist or any specialist there.

However, with DrPath title, or Doctor in ________ (fill in the blank), it will be recognised immediately that you are a specialist in that area as this title is the same as having Phd in overseas.

Get it? Maybe this is just basic thing my friend told me on what are the significant of having Dr Path instead of Mpath.

So in Malaysia, as I told, only UKM using this system.

So, perhaps I choose the right place to study I guess...

I will try to update my blog frequently as this is the only thing that can bring me out from the loneliness living alone in this big city...

Back in Library like old time...

A view of the front entrance of HUKM from our Pre-clinical building.