Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Another Historical Day For Malaysia

This is another historical day in Malaysia. A sudden reshuffle of ministry cabinet and another history which repeat itself, sacking off a Deputy Prime Minister. And again, this time that deputy seems to speak on behalf of the citizen. Yet, talking in the interest of people, are almost equivalent to crime in Malaysia.

Disappointed, again.

I am not sure which direction will this country goes after this, as one of my friend said, we can only pray for the better Malaysia.

The new cabinet have to possibilities. Turning Malaysia into a better country, eliminating corruption, finding people money that keep on disappearing, bring more development to our country and make our economy strong again.

Or, they can choose to ruin this country, no need to say much about that.

Politics, politics. When will this end?

It is also a day which I sent my HLP for master program application. It's a also historical day for myself. I will remember today, perhaps this could be the first step for me to become something else called a master...:)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Origin of Chucky Charlie: Starting a new blog.

I'st started more than 10 years ago. I started to with Friendster.. I've started writing a post in my blog using friendster. I do not know what to write at that time, I just wrote some bunch or short story about my life. When Friendster became crowded, and not trendy anymore, I switched to blogspot (before it became blogger.com).

Blogging trend start fading after Facebook arrived. After Facebook, nobody bother to write a blog anymore. Everything now can be posted in Facebook. A short sentences instead of a whole paragraph like what bloggers did.

 Blogging is way different than 10 years ago.

Now vlogging is much more popular and blogging itself has turn into a few categories. Bloggers now are separated into a few groups of blog.

There are Food bloggers, travel bloggers, bloggers who ask to buy their products, bloggers who ask to click their ad, bloggers who talk and gossip about artist, and bloggers who talk about making money by doing a blog.

Still, there are bloggers that just blog for fun. The personal bloggers.

I guessed I fall into the group of personal bloggers. My blog does not have any product to sell, I do not really campaigning for people to click my ads.

This Chucky Charlie itself started on 2006. And whois  Chucky Charlie? It was actually my named given when I am in boarding school. Friend around me call me chucky. The name did not stick, but that's the name that eventually came into my mind when I created this blog.

So after more than 10 years of blogging, I am still amateur. Only wrote 545 post in 10 years... Haha. This blog already automatically has a 'kick' in google search. It was listed in first page of google sometimes if you search some term contain in it. If I am that person who love to advertise thing in a blog, this is a good sign.

My philosophy, if I wrote something in my blog, maybe somehow there are some people out there that need that information. It's free. It happen to me so many times when I wanted to find some information about a place or an activity or whatever, and what Google show me is (as usual) ads.ads..and more ads. Most of the time, I found my info from other personal bloggers like me. That was so helpful.

After a while, I started to realise that I need a project, not just a random blog like this one. I want a scheduled work. A project that have a dateline so that I do not just randomly wandering around internet with no direction.

Thus, I started a new blog... A recipe blog. It's funny, a person like me creating a recipe blog. There are so many recipe blog out there. I don't care. This project have a value to me, because I started it with my mother. She really excited about it because she loved cooking.

I start resepibrunei.com a few weeks ago. It's going well now. Not that much audience but it's like a prescription to me. So that every week I have something to do. Even my other now have something to do every week. We have to re-create a traditional recipe every week. It sound fund.

I just love blogging.

Please visit Resepibrunei.com to get new recipe every week. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy Eid Mubarak.

Aidilfitri is here again. I am celebrating aidilfitri in Labuan this year. And as usual, it still feel the same like last year, and the year before, and the year before that, and so on. Nothing much has change in Aidilfitri celebration. Started by performing prayer in the morning, visit graveyard to recite the Quran as a symbol that we are still not forgetting those who already went back to see their creator. Then visit family and friend…and always, lots of food. 

Even though it seem like nothing much has change, still, Aidilfitri is one of the celebrated day among Muslim around the world. I would say the most celebrated in Malaysia because I am seeing everything from Malaysia’s persepctive. 

The day marked our achievement in fighting ourselves during ramadhan. We resist food, drink, and all the bad thing and after 30 days, we deserved to celebrate it. Celebrate it by meeting up with distance relative or long lost friends, giving pocket money or Duit Raya to children, eventually doing more good deeds. It is one of the most interesting thing in Islam. The real one. Not the other Islam who preach for war. 

Talking about that, I believe that some Muslim are still living in the past. Some Muslim still preaching something that has been preach thousand years ago. I am not saying about the law in Islam, I am talking about the tradition. 

As you can see, religion and tradition is two different thing but most of us cannot differentiate this two entity. For example, people say during Hari raya, we must go to graveyard and recite Yassin. While this sound Islamic, however this is tradition. It is not a law in Islam to do that. Same goes to the way we dress, the way we talk. We are actually influence by those tradition that has been practiced by people before us. The worse is then the tradition was actually practiced by people in the middle east and not us. The land where prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) was born and start spreading this word of Allah. 

Is it wrong to follow that? No. Is it a must to do that? No. You get my point. 

For example, some muslims said that you must grow a beard, even prophet himself had one. Thus, you can see many muslim having beard right. Another example, when you break your fast during Ramadhan you must eat date or kurma. Prophet himself doing that. Is it a must to eat kurma when we break our fast?No. It’s not wrong but because of the tradition, people always bought dates during Ramadhan. Some poor people that could not afford it, still have to buy it. Once in a year they said. Sometime their money are better to be saved to buy vegetables or fish rather than dates, but it’s not wrong, and it’s not right also. 

Luckily dates are not that expensive. 

Furthermore, some people said that dates or kurma is the most healthy food. Prophet ate it so it must be no harm to that. It must be a miracle food. Thus, those auntie or uncle who has diabetes, enjoyed their fair share of dates fruit during ramadhan and start blaming western medicine to be not effective in controlling their blood sugar. 

The point is, some tradition has become a law in our islamic way of living. I am not saying it’s wrong. Why not right? We can choose whatever way we want to live. It’s the tradition no matter which one we follow that make life more colourful. 

Just don’t be judgemental towards other. I hate that. When I serve roasted duck during Aidilfitri morning, would you say I am not following tradition and not islamic. Serving duck is a Christian way of or maybe buddhist way of celebrating. Not us the Malay, and Muslim. That’s judgemental. I will still serve roasted duck because I love it and I am not eating duck every other day. Only once in  a year. 

In the end, tradition and religion can’t never be separated. We can practice both, but we must not make tradition a law. When it came to law, find the real way of religion, the Quran, and not to refer to another tradition that has been practice by someone else. 

Happy Aidilfitri!!


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Malaysia Gov Servant 2 Months Without Salary

What are your preparation for the upcoming month? It was told that after Hari Raya Aidilfitri, government servant will have around 53 days before their getting their next salary. It was like - almost 2 months without salary. Thinking about it making me feel insane.

However, it was actually all about money management. The salary for July 2015 was paid on the 9th of July and the next salary will be on 25th Aug 2015. Still, every month you are getting your salary. No decrease on that.

The most important thing is to make sure that you did not spend all your July Salary during Hari Raya. The temptation to use that money is high... Without caution, you might become broke by middle of July.

First thing first, please pay your bill. Yes, paying bill seems like thing that we do every end of the month but do you realise that bills were released every first of second week of the month. For example, electricity bills usually come on 3rd or 5th of every month. Same as water bill. Credit card statement usually due to be paid by second week of each month. Mine on 13th or 15th on every month. Postpaid phone bill also usually out on the 8th of the month (digi). Streamyx bill come out by 1st week of each month, but it will be unofficial, meaning that you need to check it online yourself. The hard copy comes later. Astro bill came out today via online portal. Just checked it.

So by now, 11th of July...every bill should be settled. Regarding loan, that one does not matter. You might as well pay now. They usually did not specify the date that you need to pay them. Just make sure pay it before end of month. So pay now is the best move, in my opinion.

Second thing, regarding the first thing... did you realise the important of online banking? Yes, you can pay your bill early via online banking. No need to wait for the hard copy.

Third thing, regarding the second thing... after online transaction, print everything and keep it in your file. Organise it. Put the date so that you can refer back later whether you already paid that bill or not. For me, I am using Mac's Numbers to organise my payment. Use your Microsoft excel, does not matter, just keep track on your payment.

Fourth thing, save some money in your emergency fund account. Make sure you have one.  This will be useful toward the middle of August. Calculate your weekly average expenses, for example RM500 per week (for petrol, lunch money, etc). So from next week, you need to keep around 6 week x RM500.... thats RM3000....what? That is almost all of your salary. Maybe just keep half of your balance.

Last thing, now with all the balance you have, now enjoy your Hari Raya Aidilfitri... make government rich by spending on all those GST...Make ministers see us like we are supporting them implementing GST...haha. Joking. Just enjoy Raya festival. Go back to your hometown, don't listen to them... :p.

Well, Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Good luck with your money management. Make sure you are not bankrupt until 25th of Auguest 2015....

Leaving Deezer for Spotify

Image taken from thenextweb.com

I never thought that I would be stuck into the world of streaming music. At first when I read an article in magazine about Sean Penn (if i am not mistaken), in the end of that article, it was mentioned about his new project, Spotify. So in that very brief last paragraph of that article, Spotify was described as a new way of listening to music by streaming it from the internet.

My first thought, who would need such technology? I mean, who can afford to have internet everywhere to listen to music. The article even mentioned about how Spotify would change how people listen to radio, and how Spotify would be the future radio. Pffft... I doubted that...at that time.

I doubted it because at that time I was using a phone that only capable of calling, sms, facebook, and the new thing at that time is whatsapp. An internet based messaging system. I would download a few song over the internet and it would cost me so much data. So streaming music is not an option. I downloaded the spotify but I do not know what to do with it and it cost around USD 10 per month...not worth it.

Years later, without me realizing, I was using a smartphone with 2-3gb internet data and I was still saving so much MP3 in my phone. Need to update it once in a while because space is full. Download MP3 from the internet (piracy of course) and occasionally using Itunes (the legal one).

Not until one night, I was triggered by a Digi telco promotion ad about something call Deezer. What is it? A music streaming services that would bring you millions of track. New and old. For Rm8 per month, why not. I downloaded it, subscribed, and it change my life.

With Deezer, I can hear whatever song that came into my mind. I want to listen to this song, just tap tap tap on your smartphone and the song is there. Provided you have internet connection and you do not need a high speed 4g internet, an average 3g would do, sometime 2g also can stream the music. The package datas sent are small and you still can enjoy music without having to worry about your limited data plan.

The best thing about using music streaming services is you do not need to worry about space. You can have millions of track in your smartphone without downloading the song, just stream it. If you want to download it, for example you are travelling to an area without internet connection just enable the song offline and you are good to go. Make sure you are subscribed first to enjoy this feature.

Now I have changed my telco to Celcom due to poor Digi coverage at my workplace, I have to say goodbye to deezer as it was subscribed to Digi and automatically I need to renew my subscription to use it in celcom...thus perhaps I try something else..and yes Spotify. I noted that Spotify now only cost RM15 for normal monthly subscription, same price as Deezer without telco. So, why not.

Generally I had the same experience of using Deezer when using Spotify. Spotify is much more user friendly that Deezer, the app design appear more exclusive.

Guess what, Spotify really change the world of music. Like how Sean Penn created Napster, co-found facebook, now Spotify, this man deserves a movie or something on how he has change so many thing in the world. Listening to radio seem so boring now. I better turn on my spotify in my car rather than listening to radio full of advertisement and nonsense crap talk by the dj.

Recently apple has also launched their version of spotify which is called Apple music. Haha. Lame. People have been using Deezer and Spotify for years now Apple seem have to jump along with the bussiness.

Same as when Napster change CD and cassette to a digital form of music (mp3), music streaming now change it further. Some artist hated this kind of tech especially taylor swift... she said that she was not paid well enough by these services. She would rely on Itunes and old technique of selling CD album..but guess what, change is inevitable. With the recent Apple move to join the streaming music business, it proved that Spotify idea years ago... was right. You have to admit it, Swift... metallica too...

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Monday, July 06, 2015

Malaysia : A Historical July

While US is celebrating their independence day recently, a few historical thing also happen in our country, Malaysia.

First of all, it's Ramadhan. Ironically, Ramadhan is a month which Muslim fast from dawn until sunset but when you say Ramadhan in Malaysia, it's all about food anyway. Food Baazar is everywhere and mosque start serving free food for everyone.

Nothing special about this year Ramadhan, same old, same old. This year, however, show that many people hold back on their expenses due to the bad economy surrounding this region, particularly this country Malaysia.

This month July also shows a surprising news regarding corruption allegation on our Prime Minister. He has been in a shaking boat since the last general election due to poor result for his party in general election, yet they still hold Malaysia under their party government. Then came the altantuya conspiracy, then Opposition leader being jailed which many believe is a move base on political interest to stop him from moving forward. Then came 1MDB scandal.. And now the corruption allegation by Wall Street Journal.

Hard to believe. It's historical. It's serious and I hope within this few weeks, there will be changes in Malaysia political situation.

Ringgit sink again today, what an unfortunate day for Malaysia. People are having a hard life trying to survive in this country economy.

Oil price hike in this country, while world oil price does not seem to change. Another history that we will never forget. Lots of rage have been thrown in social media regarding the mismanagement for this country causing citizen to bear the billions dollar debt which came from nowhere. Perhaps only people up there knew where all of this debt came from.

Otherwise, Malaysia is still surviving. Do not know until when but I hope everything will be alright. I saw this Greece economy crisis and I afraid our country is heading the same way.

Well, most of the issues that happen now in Malaysia involved politics. Is this bad? I do not thing so. For the first time, we can see that people in Malaysia are more interested in Politics rather than discount sale in shopping mall. More interested in politics rather than anything else. Coffee talks now are all about politics, all ages talking about politics - its a hot topic nowadays.

Can't avoid talking about politics even in my post now.

Pray for Malaysia... Hopefully a better Malaysia will not only be a dream..