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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Barbican, Malta, Nutrimalt: An intepretation of drinks.

It always triggers me regarding this brewing type of drink which obviously getting a lot of attention and increasing consumer for those who opted not to drink alcohol for various reason, maybe health or religious belief.

What triggers me is that a lot of people are against and full of hatred regarding the drinks. Some even felt that they need to a raised a hand, weapon and abusing those who drink such drinks. Most of this people are fighting on the based of religious issue.

It was actually a different in opinion and interpretation. Its actually a non alcoholic beverages which comprise of brewing technique that they used to produce the alcoholic one. But without the complete fermentation, it only produced a lot of sugar without turning it into alcohol. In technical and scientific point of view, its not alcoholic, and those with liver problem or any alcohol associated diseases, this can be a good alternative. It also contains a lot vitamins which somehow is equavalent to a supplement you bought for hundreds ringgit from those Shaklee seller.

In religious aspect, this drink is considered syubhah (malta and nutrimalt), as it was manufactured by company who their main core bussiness is selling alcohol drinks. Barbican, or bavaria otherwise do not associate themselves to any alcohol production thus I believe recently Barbican has been granted Halal status by Jakim.

I once had a friend who told me that during brewing process of this malta and nutrimalt, the drinks was put in a big barrel side by side with other beer  and one only need to scoop the drinks with a bucket and somehow can mistakenly mix up and mess up. Its a good story but hard to be believed as the tale appear to be like originating from a village way of producing soy sauce or budu or whatever. The factory of those two alcohol manufacturer otherwise they will not be certified by MS ISO, HACCP, and so on.

Its not about their way of producing it, but its about the syubhah rules which has been intepreteted by some islamic scholar in Malaysia. This product has been halal in different country but not in Malaysia.

What trigger me the most, is how dangerous a carbonated drinks can be compare to these drinks. How dangerous is a power drinks compare to this drinks? How dangerous is that power root / tongkat ali drinks compare to this drinks? And lets not talk about other company who is associated with non halal peoduct.. Nestle produced a non halal version of instant noodle in other country. Same goes to mcdonalds, kfc, pizza hut, and many more. As you all can see, some will argue that the drinks was manufactured in the same building as the alcohol drinks while what I am talking just now is where it does not. Yup, a good point. However, an alochol splash into your face is not considered haram unless you drank it for a purpose.

They were a lot of product which has alcohol inside it such as soy sauce, vinegar, but the amount of alcohol permittable for muslim consumer is different in every country. Its was all depend on the interpretation of yours.

What I am trying to say is, it is better to study the product a little bit more before consuming it. Even we have bodies to govern the Halal status, but they were doing their job as what everyone did everyday. A lot of paperwork and people to entertain. Sometimes, i feel that Malaysian are too dependant on that logo and forgotten the essence of halal itself. Clean and safe is what halal is. Drinking coke or soda is safe? That would be based on your intepretation.

Back to the drinks, as for now people can enjoyed Barbican for its halal status has been given. For malta and nutrimalt, I would like to see some progress in the future. It was a good drinks even compare to barbican ( which is actually just a fruit drink/ like carbonated drinks) as it was once distributed in africa for malnourished children. Maybe someone could learn from those beer company on how to produce such product rather than become a religious police and judge people everyday.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Why people Love to go to Ikea?

I did not know the answer to my own question. Why people love to go to Ikea?

Does Ikea offer cheap items? Does Ikea goods high in quality? Is it because of the food? Or is it just trendy.

Nevertheless, people love to go to Ikea. I do, too. That is why the road to Ikea always pack jammed everyday (not everyday actually) with hundreds of people lining up when you were ready to check out and exit from Ikea.

The goods in Ikea is not that cheap. It is also not that high in quality. It also does not have so much variety but compare to other places, well, where else can you find a huge furniture plus home decoration store other than Ikea.

The furniture in Ikea, is cheaper compare to the same product quality in other places. This is not because they are so kind to make it cheap. It's because we need to find the item ourselves, carry it with our big trolley, install it ourselves at home. That is why it is cheap.

Is it good in quality. Well, this is depend on the price. The higher the prices, the higher the quality. That's why you can see some furniture like a simple table cost thousand of ringgit in Ikea. That is not cheap, but the thousand ringgit one will be higher in quality compare to the less than hundred ringgit one.

The concept make Ikea the winner. We lose everytime we spend money there.

The concept of shopping in Ikea is so fun, you are kind of free to decide what do you want, there are no rules, you can mix and match whatever you want, you can suddenly become an interior designer (actually you are just busy taking picture of the design of decoration done by Ikea). 

The size also matter, a huge store like that, seems to be a good place to bring your family. Who want to bring family or friends to a small furniture store, that would be very boring. There are also place for kids to play, that is a plus for parent with small kid. Even without the playground, my kids for example love to run all over Ikea. They can sit down on the sofa without being scolded by Ikea worker (its their policy to let people to try and sit even lie down on their bed). 

The meatball, yes, another one that make people goes to Ikea. The food court, which serve food like no other places. It's much like a school canteen where you bring your tray (with a trolley), line up, and on the way to the cashier, you can take whatever you like to eat. Most people love the meatball. For me, it's just a meatball. With beef gravy. With a little effort, I think we can cook that ourselves at home. All the other food, is just a regular food, nothing special, yet again, the concept of the food court make you feel you want to go there for a second time, a third, and so on. The drinks, RM2, you can refill how much do you want. The drink taste bland by the way. But when someone offer you a free unlimited refill for RM2, that is a place you would like to go not only just for once. 

The concept, is what make people love to go to Ikea. I will also go back to Ikea soon, just to kill time, just to eat meatball, and somehow I will buy something as a decoration for my house. 

This is what I bought from Ikea, a home office place for myself. Ikea Cheras. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Malaysian Official 1: The billions USD all around the world

So suddenly, everything in Social Media went haywire this week with this #MalaysianOfficial1 post everywhere. For all Malaysian, it was not a surprised news after all. We all have been experiencing this thing for more than a year now. 

Since Sarawak Report published an allegation regarding the mismanagement of 1MDB, this issue never really closed in the heart of Malaysian even though government closed it for good around last year if I am not mistaken. 

Let the authorities do their investigation and their job. 

Poor Malaysian..

Anyway, I am writing this post not because of I am trying to get involved in this mess or something, as Malaysia government now are very restrictive in what their citizen says (like living in a dictator country or something), let just leave it this way, I am writing because I am amazed on how much money can there be for a person to use. 

I mean like, USD3.5 billions, that's like RM14 billions of money, how many zero there is for that? I am really amazed on that. 

When I listen to the news, I am not thinking about the case actually, I am more on trying to imagine what would I do with such money? 

It must be fun. Haha. I am working my ass off every day to get a decent payment as a doctor... My wife also a doctor. Both of us get the same payroll every month, yet there we are, still arguing about how to make it until the next payroll, still trying our best to save for our small family. Now, when I enter Master Program, I need to rent my own house, our expenses increases, we almost not had enough for one month. 

Do we drive ferrari? Do we own a bungalow? Do we wear rolex, Gucchi or Prada? No. We just own a 850 square feet apartment, a persona car each (which we bought before we married during housemen year)...that's all. 

Utility, internet, phone bill, electricity, water, service charge for apartment, food, diapers, milk, cloth...all are not cheap nowadays. 

Now as we live separately (I'm in peninsular and she in Sabah), plus my house rent, utility and bills increases in amount. 

It was a tough time for both of us. Yet, I hear this 3.5 billions, 2.6 billions, 4 billions, and a lot of billions here and there, I feel much money can we own. 

 I wish I had an amount of money that much. Half that much or even quarter that much also a blessing if I did. 

Maybe someday, we will all have that amount of money. People say money is not everything. Yes it is true but it is very necessary to differentiate that statement from a true meaningful statement and just pure lazy ignorance. It was easy to say that, but when you do not have enough money to put on the table every month in the form of food and other necessity for your wife and  children, the statement can be purely wrong. 

I just hope to finish my study and bring something better for my family. As for now, I feel like I am a complete useless...