Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Dean Ambrose: The Crazy Entertaining Wrestler.

I've been watching a lot of wrestling nowadays. Back to my old self. Wrestling will always be my favourite sport to watch, if it is a sport. It was entertaining for sure.

Since attitude era, I feel that most of the wrestler does not seem to entertain people that much, or they are trying hard so it look a little bit awkward. I remember during attitude era, promo flows like water and it seem so smooth, and it will keep your adrenaline rush from the beginning until the end of the show. After attitude... I watched wrestling with a expressionless face...I am not entertained.

Lately, there was Roman Reign, appear as an 'underdog' that was push very hard by the company (WWE). I hate him. He does not have this charisma, the charisma to make your adrenal gland secrete adrenaline into your blood. Every match with Roman Reign inside it, seem so dull, blunt, I do not know how to describe it. I just feel like I want him to lose every match.

Now, it seem that they are on the road of getting Roman Reign into the Wrestlemania and let him win wrestlemania this April 2016. That will complete the story where he finally overcome his defeat in previous wrestlemania and then later become the 'hero' of WWE.

I don't think that is entertaining enough. It was like a story book where everything goes happily ever after. Sound like a good fairy tale, but with this guy called Roman Reign who have a very weak 'Superman' punch, and a very lame spear movement to win over his enemy....bla bla.

There were one WWE superstar that kept me watching lately. Other than Brock Lesnar who appear sometimes. that person was Dean Ambrose. I like this guy. He did not have that babyface Roman Reign has, he did not have that muscular body like Roman Reign has, but Dean Ambrose sure keep me entertain in every match he participate.

Even in the last Royal Rumble, when he left with Triple H on that ring, everyone was shouting and screaming like hell, I also did that at home, suddenly have this urge to shout "Do it Dean ambrose!". Even when everyone know that Triple H will win, as leaked info said before that, we still cheer for Dean Ambrose.

This guy has a character. This guy know how to do a promo, good in mic skill. This guy seem does not give a damn about anything when he was on the ring. He definitely a great character to be a hero in WWE. He deserved WWE Heavyweight Title compare to Roman Reign.

Anyway, WWE fastlane will be held this month, triple threat match between Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reign which Roman Reign will win for sure and then goes to Wrestlemania and win the WWE Heavyweight Title and complete his Roman story. But that will be so lame.

It will be much more interesting if Dean Ambrose goes to wrestlemania and eventually win the title which will surprised everyone and more story can be crafted from that.

But will WWE throw away their 1 year investment on the story of Roman Reign? Will WWE still take care of their fan need? Or they just playing their own game and left us as it is? Wrestlemania can be a great wrestlemania this year or the worse in the history of sport entertainment.


Since the beginning of 2016, I have been busy over my work, the new commitment for our new founded association, my preparation for master program, hopefully this June 2016.

I realised that I did not update this blog that much anymore. I have a lot of idea but I never had the time to type it and share it over the net. It seem like I've abandoned my therapy, the therapy of keeping a post per week that keep me keep track on time as my life progress. :P

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Doctor in District: Unfortunate or Beneficial?

Recently I attend a seminar on Right and Responsibility of Government Doctors organized by Malaysian Medical Association. (Have you registered with them? Please do if you are a doctor in Malaysia.) There were an issue raised in this seminar. One issue that caught my attention was regarding serving in District and what benefit a doctor will get by doing that?

Deep in my heart, I was hoping that somebody would reveal a very motivating answer on that question. I was serving in district for 3 years and I felt that I have done enough and now I am trying to pursuit further study in Master Program in Pathology.

Serving in the district, almost everytime, for everyone, will not be our first choice, most of the time we were put there because the community needs. They need a doctor, we were put there, and we were kind of given a promised that we will be benefited a lot when we serve in District.

The answer to the questions, is unfortunately..maybe. That is the exact word used to answer it. This was answered by a person who a directly on board in Master program selection. Maybe, is not what I hope for.

To tell the truth, when I served in the District here in Sabah, I felt that I have done a lot and this would be good for my further career development. I was so optimist on that until I serve a few months in tertiary Hospital. It almost a year now in my new department and I started to realise that my time in the district bring me a tiny or even none credit for my further career development.

People would always said before that if you want to take Master Program, you need to serve in the district for at least 6 months to 1 year if not you will not be chosen to enter that program. This is a mere wrong perception and  false hope given to junior doctors, like me before.

Now, to enter Master program, what you need is only to pass the entrance exam or the interview. Three years SKT and LNPT mark more than 85%, that's all. Your working experience comes later or perhaps just keep it in the dustbin. It consider equals to rubbish.

To be more clear, I served in the district, been through a lot of life and death experience, work my ass off and exposed me in a situation where I can surely be sued by doing something that only tertiary hospital can do but I need to save my patient's life, but when I enter Pathology, those who never did any posting in district or even any other department other than pathology, were so damned good in Pathology compare to me. Would they ask me how much Caesarian Section I have done in District for me to get my Master Program in Pathology? No. Throw everything I did in District to the dustbin, I would still be able to enter that program. Well, technically my work there really don't matter, I even did not include that in my application to Master Pathology program.

You get my point here? There were no different whether you were in District or not. Serving in District basically just fulfilled the requirement required by the people there. And the people there would not even have a voting right to select you to continue your study.

In will be second to nothing in term of your career development.

However, the experience you had there in district would be one of the most precious experience you will have. Your clinical skill and judgement would be sharpen when you be there compare to those who did not. If you want to be a good doctor, try doing that,  I believe in District you would be more patience and controlled when treating a patient. Just that when you want to pursuit further study in several kind of specialty, District posting would not be beneficial to you.

Here are a few example of specialty that might not really affected by district posting...anything other than medical....

I hope that Ministry, MMA, or whatever body that involved in decision making could give more attention on all MOs that were ordered to serve in District. their career development will be delayed by serving in district, especially here in Sabah.

p/s: I would be in my second year of Master program today if I did not serve 3 years in district. A lot of my friend now resort to stay chronically in the district, do business, or become a private GP....

Friday, January 01, 2016

Weird Diseases: To Stop Using It.

It is a norm to see a few post in social media telling the audience about a weird diseases their husband, their child, or whoever in their family had. It usually accompanied by a disturbing picture which cause a shocked feeling towards those who were viewing the post.

Furthermore, most of these posts will give bank account number for whoever to donate money for them in fighting this weird diseases.

It was disturbing, yes.As far as I know, no medical practitioner  / doctors will use the term 'Weird disease'  or ' Mystery disease' in their note or documentation. The closest to that term would be 'unknown origin' which commonly given to a patient with fever without knowing what cause it.

I have to agree that our knowledge on diseases were still limited and incomplete. Some old professor would say that only 10% of medical knowledge were studied in this world, the rest were up to god and still hidden as a mystery ( even though most scientist does not believe this as our knowledge on diseases were increasing so fast with modern technology, at least we achieve more than 10%) - however using the term unknown or mystery would be a headache to anyone who are working to make a diagnosis.

In science, we do not like to make an assumption, furthermore if that assumption could lead to someone losing their life. Working as a doctor, making diagnosis is the most important thing to do. Giving medicine would be the second thing we need to focus, almost 90 % of our 5 years spend in medical school were on how to diagnose a patient. 80 mark over 100 will be given in medial exam if you can diagnose the disease, 20 % extra for credit if you know how to treat it.

I am concerned about this people who freely use the term weird or mysterious diseases as a diagnosis.  Few of my concern are:

1. The doctor in our country were so low in knowledge as they can only tell the patient their relatives or themselves were having a mysterious diseases or weird diseases. That would reflect a poor teaching in medical school and reflect incompetency among our doctors.

2. Our doctor did not communicate with patients as they can only tell the disease were mysterious or weird without further explaining what they actually have.

3. This group of people who shared this kind of post is trying to get people to sympathise with them, to get attention.

4. The worst is when these group of people were not only trying to get attention but also money by manipulating their close one illness.

I have a feeling that the last two of my concern were what it is all about. The first two is a bit impossible even though not all doctors were perfect but if doctors did not tell them the diagnosis, the post would be more on calling the doctors stupid or whatever cuss word they can found.

The last two should be given more attention.

Once I encountered a post in social media regarding a person who were having a lymphoma (thanks god they gave diagnosis) and they started listing bank account number for donation. It will not be wrong to give donation, but as fat as I know, as long as you are a Malaysian, we still giving free medical care. We still give free medicine which include chemotherapy. I never encountered someone who were denied chemotherapy because they cannot afford it, unless they were not Malaysian ( or Malaysian without ID).

Fair enough, I also had seen a post where an infant were diagnose with heart problem and need operation start asking for donation. I once encountered a parents where their child were operated due to heart congenital anomalies in Korea.... sponsored from their travel expenses, hotel, plus a translator.

A few more post that I have seen were trying to attract attention, and this post usually will state only mysterious or weird diseases without giving the real diagnosis or at least provisional diagnosis.

The money seeking post would be more dangerous and should be investigated further.

I am not saying we should not trust them, most of the time it was true, minus the money donation part which I doubted a lot, but to seek for donation, there were a proper channel for that.

Sometimes, I wanted to ask or give comment on their post asking why they ask for donation if they were treated in Government hospital which give free medicine to Malaysian citizen, but as you know, asking such question would attract a lot of brainless to attack me and judging me as inhuman for doubting them.

Well, just be cautious with these kind of post. Ask their diagnosis, ask what doctors have done, and what the donations money were for. But if you did not dare to ask that, just ignore and pray for them. Keep in mind, they were people that dedicate their life to help them.