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Drunk before dawn For free

Well, it is quite boring this few weeks. I have no money and all the thing I do is only study. It was very boring when your laptop’s DVD-ROM damaged. Nothing to do with it. I feel so boring. My life was not interesting as the last semester. Maybe because the new year is coming so this is the end of the year. So I just hoping that the next year will be better for me. Until one night, around 11 pm, Sunday, I received a message from my friend inviting me to watch a musical drama entitled Drunk Before Dawn. I don’t know how but he manages to sponsor me a free ticket for the show. At first I was just yes or no, no big deal. He even ask me to ask my other friends whether they want to go to the drama or not. Well, when I ask some of my Malay friends, they did not show any interesting response about that show. So I think the show was only another boring fund raising show held by a secondary school or something. But when I asked one of my Chinese friends that originally come from KL, h

A Day For The family

A DAY FOR THE FAMILY (CONGRATZ SCHOOL OF MEDICINE FAMILY DAY 2006. School of medicine family day. One of our school important annual events. Or maybe our MedStas most important activity. So as usual, the family day was held again. Bringing unforgettable memories to me and to the whole school. In this entry, only unforgettable memories of mine will be stated. I would not make this entry like a report for this family day. 9 december 2006, Karambunai Resort Kota Kinabalu. RM10 per entry for this Resort’s lagoon so each of us have to pay RM10 for this family day. I did not know anything about how they organize this events because I did not join the committee members. Or more specifically I never been invited to be in the committee even though I am glad to do it. At first they asked for my help but I seems feels like that everybody just using me because I have car. Just like a driver so in the end, I did not really gave much attention on how my colleague organize it. Last year when I wa

I've Been to Rufaqa' before

I was pretty excited or shock a little about what is hot in the news today. About Rufaqa’. A group that was founded by the person who create al-arqam a few years ago. The lost side of Islam. I do not really give much attention to the other ‘ajaran sesat’ things but this one really special for me. Not because I follow or like this group but because I’ve been to their centre once a few months ago. At that time this group was still unknown by the media. My last Health Promotion project group must know about this and maybe we can smile again to think about our experience there. Basically the story goes like this. When we planned to do a health promotion in Kedah last June, we try to get help and support from the local authorities or maybe try to get a sponsor but technically we did not get much. About our accommodation and transport there, we try to get some sponsor too and we get a little help from this group called Rufaqa’. There provide us with transport and also give us 50% discount

Where is the luck?

I haven’t post anything here for quite a long time. Not because I have nothing to talk about, but because my laptop broke. I wrote a lot of things to post on my blog, but now, its all disappear. Here, what I wanted to talk about is about a series of unfortunate event that I have been through. Remember the last time I wrote something about my bad luck on my journey from labuan to Kota Kinabalu. The story doesn’t end there. The unfortunate event come haunting for me until now. At the time I wrote this. But I simply take it as a test to me from God. Maybe my good luck is waiting for me in the near future. It started before we visit Crocodile Farm in Tuaran. Just after I finish my musculoskeletal and skin final test paper. I went back to my hostel, feeling not really comfortable I don’t know why. Then I wanted to copy my friends DVD. Everything was find at that time, my laptop working as good as new. I also do not feel anything bad could happen. Then suddenly, my DVD-RW seems to stop

Just my bad Luck

What a week. We only finished the first week of the examination, but still I feel that my brain already exhausted. I wonder if they purposely make the questions that hard? I’ve been studying very hard this few weeks for this exam but then during the paper, sometimes I feel that I never read or heard about that questions before. This time, I feel a little comfortable with the test, maybe we already immune with this test stuff cause every month we have monthly test and it feel that I’ve been through this so many many times. What I want to tell here is not about the examination stuff because I already talk about examination a lot in my blog. Still the same thing again and again. What I want to tell here is about my bad luck road trip a weeks ago after Hari Raya. Well this year Hari raya is not that interesting to me because I celebrate it for only one day. The second day of Hari Raya, I went back to my college, by car. It only take about 4 hours journey from Labuan to Kota Kinabalu. 1 an

Good Morning! The lecture is over.

It’s the beginning of a holy fasting month. Every Muslim have to fast for 30 days in this month and one can only eat during the night time and not day time. It’s one of the most waited month for all the Muslim including me. But maybe I did not miss this month like the others did. I miss it because this month instead of doing what we are told to do by God, but also I can save a lot of money because I do not have to spend my money for lunch. So how do we fast? Okay, here in Sabah, Malaysia, we wake up early at 3.30 am to take breakfast. So we eat and drink at that time. It’s energy consuming period. Starting from 4.40 am, we are restricted from eating and drinking water. The fasting begin. So the whole day we cannot consume any food or drinks until around 6.10 PM. When the sun has set, the fasting period is over. The whole night we can eat but of course no one will because after a whole day fasting, when you suddenly eat a meal, suddenly you will become very full. This maybe caused b

Eat or not.

I remember when i was in Secondary school, we usually have a class party. And to do it, we do it childhood way. Not like nowadays. Now if we want to make a class party, we book a restaurant or a club and go have fun. At that time, if we want to do a class party, we usually bring our own food and shared it together with our classmate. It was fun. Usually i'll asked my mother to cook some fried mee and some cripsy chicken wings and bring them to the class. The others usually bring cakes, some bring friend rice, curry, sandwich, beverages, and many more. WE have a lot of fun eating together with our teacher and singing and also playing games. To inform all the readers, i was in St.Anthony school at that time. This school is supposed to be a Christian School but i think at that time it was half Christian school ( goverment take over it since it was rebuilt after the old one was shut down), and majority of the student were chinese. 80% of them are chinese. Malay only sit in the

Eradicating the taboo

Before I start discussing, I want to highlight here, I wrote something here with my little medical knowledge but still with the knowledge. This was not to read by someone who are still living under the coconut shell. This is educational thing for us to think. And nothing here is final, one will have different opinion. To talk about sex openly is no big deal for us in School Of Medicine. We have to learn and know everything. And we have to practice not to shy when we talking about sex. It’s a taboo thing for most people in Malaysia. I taught people are more open minded nowadays but still many people labeling sex as a taboo thing. During the convocation weeks, a security guard come to our Medical School booth and asks about HIV. So as a person who know a little bit more, so we did told him on HIV. What distracting me was when I said sex, the guard become shy and even tries to stop me from talking by using finger sign. “Don’t say that word la, just say ‘play’ as a substitution,”


It's Morning, or not... ot's 11.48 am. I just woke up from my dream. A dream to be the one who lead the world of course. I remember when i was in primary,secondary and maybe until now, my ambition still to take over the world. It could be fun taking over the world. I never think to be rude to all the people if i take over this world. I just want to be the one who is the most superior. So people would take my idea, to respect everything that i say. So people will feel very sorry of they make any mistake on me. i will point my finger to someone and ask him or her to do whatever i want. But i will not ask them to do stupid thing cause i'm the leader of the world. I won't be like Bush ordering his people to get in suicide mission to iraq, and to kill iraqian, to kill thousand of innoncent people. maybe i could only try my power and order my millions of soldier to attack america. But what is the point. This couldn't solve anything. Hmm, all the other leader in th

The Crime

THE CRIME It’s morning. 9 PM. I’m sitting in the car. Feeling very nervous. I didn’t know why but supposed that nowadays I have a lot of money from my PTPTN, but then now, we didn’t have anything. All of our educational loan money are spent in books. A clinical book, pathological book and 2 more pharmacology and histopathology cost me around RM600. It’s totally super expensive and we don’t have choices. We have to take it or leave it. The PTPTN only give us RM1000. RM600 for books, RM200 for a new MP4 player, only RM200 for our daily expenditure. RM 200? My car petrol cost me more than that for a month. It’s not enough. Really not enough. And we have to buy that ant this for example have to buy t-shirt for the sports day and we force to buy our college magazine even though that magazine don’t bring any benefits to us. That is why I’m here. We are here. Waiting outside.. outside the real place where people kept their money. And we plan this for a long-long time. 4 of us, everyone wi


THE CAR It’s been a long time… Lots happen nowadays. I feel that my life change a lot in just a year in this Medical School. I feel like I’m not the one like before. I’m different. And I hate it. Cause I like to be like I used to be before, going anywhere I want, doing whatever I want, and I never think of wasting time or wasting anything. Because for me my life will never be wasted even I spend a day in a shopping complex looking at every people that passes me by. I didn’t really fed up with my life now cause it’s becoming more interesting, with lots of new things I’ve learned everyday. This is what I wanted to do, and I’m doing it now. I like the adrenaline rush in my body. I really like to be in a situation that is really hard to be handled. It’s a new semester again and thing change a little bit because now I have my own car and I did not have to wait for bus anymore. I can wake up late in the morning, and I can go to the library anytime I want. So my life now isn’t that much

The Kodiang Job

Each of us have our own ability. I’m not sure what is my ability but I’m sure I will have to be functional in the group. Our group of 10. All living separately all over Malaysia. Only 3 of us from the same place, Labuan. But we did not live closed together. We even did not meet each other before this. Only meet them in the University, after that never see them again. 3 of us from Labuan, and 2 of us taking the same flight to KL. There will be person who will pick us there. I’m looking forward into this job. I’ve prepared myself all this weeks and days for this Job. I read everything and load up my brain with knowledge. Just in case that I need it when I reach there. I never went for a job without enough preparation. I’m not very confident about this job. Because looking to our plan, still have some error here and there. I also did not finish my work before this. I supposed to get supply from the Agency in Kedah but I’m still waiting for the supply. I hope that when I reach Kodiang,


So many things i wanted to say. To tell everyone about out trip here in Kg Putat Kedah. About our health promotion. But i've planned to conclude it after we finish this project 4 days later. Now, i just want to tell some story about selfishness and honesty. About two thing that we must look seperately. But we must consider it together. In friendship, what do we need? The most important thing is honesty. We must be honest to our friends. We must be loyal. Friend never lie is what people always say. yes, this is the important element of friendship. To tell the truth. I never lie to my best friend and my friends except the truth that can cause our friendship to be break. Its so easy. everytime you are busy, tell your friends that you are busy, everytime you on don't like, tell him honestly but not in a critics manner. Honest is crucial. Without honesty, there is no meaning to make friends with others. Secon thing is selfish. Should we be selfish? No! Everyone must not be se


Yes, no doubt everyone can feel the heat of World Cup is coming. What about me? Yes, of course im very excited about this. I can't remember when did i start watching this world cup. For your information, im hate sport. Even im a boy ( a boy supposed to like sport) but i don't like it very much. Usually, i just sit and quiet watching and hearing my friends talking about football, about the English league, france league, mentioning all the football player's name. I can't joined the conversation cause i know nothing about it. But when it come to World Cup, i suddenly changed. Even if i didn't know all the player's name, but i know some of the brazil player. that's all. Just that. Haha. I really like Brazil. So every world cup i will be betting on them. I will only support them and only stay awake at night to see them in the field. The others i ignore. Haha. I dont even know every brazilian player, all i know is only ronaldo, roberto carlos, ronaldinho, kak


Not much to say in this blog. Im busy of doing my work for the upcoming health promotion. So many things i want to write, i want to write about how good chinese in business and why malay don't. I want to write about how labuan's drivers have become worst than any other place. I want to write why a male my age cannot be friend with girls cause if i did, gossip about coupling will come out. I want to write about the the voice change of japanse anime to malay language. I want to write everything but i can't. too many to be written in a small wasting tim to read blog. mayb i should just read and stop writing. But i can't. Too many thing that i've think. I must spit out something. Okay, just a few days ago i saw this in the television. It's about one women minister proposed about giving 30% quota to womens in parlimen. And this idea has been rejected. But for me i didn't reject before thinking. So i think... Why must put quota on that. I remember before

I Missed The Flight

I’ve plan it for a very long time. I bought the airplane ticket a month ago. I really plan it well. 26 May 2006, 4.30 PM. That’s my flight. I’m very excited waiting for it. I’ve finished my examination. I still didn’t know the result but I’m sure that I will do well cause I’ve study harder than before. My examination is on 22nd May. 3 days for me to do what I always wanted to do before. What is it? Okay, the first thing is watch movie. I can’t find a friends to accompany me to watch the movie. But I really want to watch it, it’s Da Vinci Code. It’s hot in the news so I guess it might be an interesting movie. I phoned my ex-roomate Jimmy and ask him to go with me on 23rd. Well, this is not a just-happy-to-tell story about me. Everything didn’t go well as I planned. Okay to start from the beginning, actually I’m planning to watch movie with group of friends, but in the end, I end up watching it just with Jimmy. This because al of the other friends is nonsense-give-explanation person.