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Drunk before dawn For free

Well, it is quite boring this few weeks. I have no money and all the thing I do is only study. It was very boring when your laptop’s DVD-ROM damaged. Nothing to do with it. I feel so boring. My life was not interesting as the last semester. Maybe because the new year is coming so this is the end of the year. So I just hoping that the next year will be better for me. Until one night, around 11 pm, Sunday, I received a message from my friend inviting me to watch a musical drama entitled Drunk Before Dawn. I don’t know how but he manages to sponsor me a free ticket for the show. At first I was just yes or no, no big deal. He even ask me to ask my other friends whether they want to go to the drama or not. Well, when I ask some of my Malay friends, they did not show any interesting response about that show. So I think the show was only another boring fund raising show held by a secondary school or something. But when I asked one of my Chinese friends that originally come from KL, h

Good Morning! The lecture is over.

It’s the beginning of a holy fasting month. Every Muslim have to fast for 30 days in this month and one can only eat during the night time and not day time. It’s one of the most waited month for all the Muslim including me. But maybe I did not miss this month like the others did. I miss it because this month instead of doing what we are told to do by God, but also I can save a lot of money because I do not have to spend my money for lunch. So how do we fast? Okay, here in Sabah, Malaysia, we wake up early at 3.30 am to take breakfast. So we eat and drink at that time. It’s energy consuming period. Starting from 4.40 am, we are restricted from eating and drinking water. The fasting begin. So the whole day we cannot consume any food or drinks until around 6.10 PM. When the sun has set, the fasting period is over. The whole night we can eat but of course no one will because after a whole day fasting, when you suddenly eat a meal, suddenly you will become very full. This maybe caused b


THE CAR It’s been a long time… Lots happen nowadays. I feel that my life change a lot in just a year in this Medical School. I feel like I’m not the one like before. I’m different. And I hate it. Cause I like to be like I used to be before, going anywhere I want, doing whatever I want, and I never think of wasting time or wasting anything. Because for me my life will never be wasted even I spend a day in a shopping complex looking at every people that passes me by. I didn’t really fed up with my life now cause it’s becoming more interesting, with lots of new things I’ve learned everyday. This is what I wanted to do, and I’m doing it now. I like the adrenaline rush in my body. I really like to be in a situation that is really hard to be handled. It’s a new semester again and thing change a little bit because now I have my own car and I did not have to wait for bus anymore. I can wake up late in the morning, and I can go to the library anytime I want. So my life now isn’t that much

The Kodiang Job

Each of us have our own ability. I’m not sure what is my ability but I’m sure I will have to be functional in the group. Our group of 10. All living separately all over Malaysia. Only 3 of us from the same place, Labuan. But we did not live closed together. We even did not meet each other before this. Only meet them in the University, after that never see them again. 3 of us from Labuan, and 2 of us taking the same flight to KL. There will be person who will pick us there. I’m looking forward into this job. I’ve prepared myself all this weeks and days for this Job. I read everything and load up my brain with knowledge. Just in case that I need it when I reach there. I never went for a job without enough preparation. I’m not very confident about this job. Because looking to our plan, still have some error here and there. I also did not finish my work before this. I supposed to get supply from the Agency in Kedah but I’m still waiting for the supply. I hope that when I reach Kodiang,

I Missed The Flight

I’ve plan it for a very long time. I bought the airplane ticket a month ago. I really plan it well. 26 May 2006, 4.30 PM. That’s my flight. I’m very excited waiting for it. I’ve finished my examination. I still didn’t know the result but I’m sure that I will do well cause I’ve study harder than before. My examination is on 22nd May. 3 days for me to do what I always wanted to do before. What is it? Okay, the first thing is watch movie. I can’t find a friends to accompany me to watch the movie. But I really want to watch it, it’s Da Vinci Code. It’s hot in the news so I guess it might be an interesting movie. I phoned my ex-roomate Jimmy and ask him to go with me on 23rd. Well, this is not a just-happy-to-tell story about me. Everything didn’t go well as I planned. Okay to start from the beginning, actually I’m planning to watch movie with group of friends, but in the end, I end up watching it just with Jimmy. This because al of the other friends is nonsense-give-explanation person.

I'm finished

Yups, not finish my whole life. I'm just finishing my first year in the medical school. It's hard. I did expect its hard to be in this school. But now i know its harder than i taught. Well, just finish my VIVA a few minutes ago, stressful when 2 examiner asking question and you must answer it spontaneously. Well i depend on my autonomic nervous system to answer the questions. Haha. But i finish it with completely stylish as i want it to. Now i have nothing to think about for this one month before a new semester star on july. Now i know how to study to become a doctor. Must read and remember every fact in a 10000 pages book for one subject. Anything can be ask. Well, it's kinda crazy but now it's not. I know its serious. It's true, there is no time to waste in studying this stuff. I never know medicine is so deep. Very deep until i can't see the base. But it's truly fun. Now i'm ready for the next semester. I hope that i will keep in mind about this,

Too Phat killed Nasyid Music!

Is is true? Are you sure… Just think positive to everything negative that I want to say here… Put your hands in the air… everybody let’s the party started!!!! This is a few hip hop quotes that usually can be heard during any hip hop jam everywhere in this world. Hip hop is not a new thing in our country Malaysia. It may start in 1970 in the west, and it settle here in Malaysia around the year 1999-2000. I remember Poetic Ammo, maybe they are the first rappers that enter the mainstream level of music in Malaysia, but still they can’t be accepted by Malaysian, because I can say that Malaysian is still a Malaysian, not easy for the outsiderz culture to settle in this country. I trust this. But the real Hip Hop icon in this country that really emerges and makes this hip hop to be accepted by Malaysian is Too Phat. They are lucky or creative. I still can’t determined which one they are fit into. But salute to them, cause they are really found the formula how to reserve this hip hop to our

Fun Life

We are so proud.... We are so strong.. I like to hear lyrics...and understand them. Some people just listen to some it rhymitic sound, the music is good..then say its a good song. I say no.. I don't know why but most of the human being are like that, because music is entertaiment, it make us happy, sad, relax and calm but i take it seriously because i just don't judge a song from its rhyming, but their meaning. A song can be a teacher, can be a storyteller, mind opener, and a lot more things if you realy understand what does it means. That's why i take a hundred times repeating a song because some song a really hard to understand, and some vocabulary is not familiar with me. I listen to Malay song, English and also chinese but chinese song, i honestly can't understand because i don't learn Chinese language. Thus, i only can understand Malay and English song. How pity...kekeke.. Wait, what i want to talk about in this article is not about music..caus


This is my worst nightmare. I'm in the bus and going to a disable children's house called Seri Mengasih. It's a fun journey, discussing with my friends Sylves about microbacteria, but still i cannot concentrate on him, because i'm thinking of something else.... Do you have your own phobia? i mean something that you really afraid. Insects, animals, a condition maybe. Hmm, i have a lot for sure. I'm not a phobic man, but certain thing i cannot even look at or touch. Some insects really frightening me such as a 'more than 4 legs' insects. Or animals. I really hate them. Maybe my past history or experience cause this. But this is common, nothing special about this kind of phobia. Some people phobia of height, and i don't know why they become like that but i'm the same. Why i hate more than 4 leg's animals? This is all about our cerebral cortex function...our cerebral cortex tell us to hate this thing. One is really unique for me is.. i'm

To have something is to lose something

Never surrender. That's all i know that i can do. I won't give up. At first, to have something is to lose something for me is a rubbish sentence.We can have anything in this world if we work hard without losing something. It's the payment for our hardwork. But still this philosophy is haunting me. I love philosophy about life. I love when someone describing our life using anything that exist in this world. If we look deeper, we sure cannot find the true meaning of life, but we can describe it the way we want to. That's why i love to think about something, anything that i saw, i feel, and i experience. Lots of thing happen in my life for this 19 years. Well, i'm going up to 20 years old a few days onwards. Hmm, 20 years old. what should i do on my 20th birthday? I sit back again and i start to remember each birthday celebration that i had. I can remember it clearly. Sometimes blur because i'm confuse about my past birthday celebration. It's somekind l

Light Fiesta ( 18/02/2006 )

Another Saturday night, but it seems that this one will never become boring as before. Well, me and a few of my friends already bought a ticket to Fiesta Cahaya or Light Fiesta. I didn’t know actually what this fiesta for… I know that they will be a lot of beautiful light, maybe, and a lot of dancing. It is one of the Indian celebrations, and I didn’t know actually why it is held. But it sure will fill empty Saturday night. I hope that this fiesta is better than Pesta Angpow ( Chinese celebrations) that held a month before. And if I compare Pesta Angpow preparations is much better than this Light Fiesta. But I’m still waiting for a lot of surprise and excitement in it. Well, to be honest, lots of my friends said that Pesta Angpow is boring…and last year Light Fiesta is sucks, thus as an hypothesis, this year Light Fiesta also must be sucks. Light Fiesta and Pesta Angpow were held every year here in Universiti Malaysia Sabah by two differenet community that are India and Chinese commu

When it come to music

When it come to music i'm the first one who'll be there. And in this few weeks, i'm so busy studying medicine, doing assigment and thinking about exam. One night, I play the classical song 'Simple Regret' (only halfway) then i stop cause my finger cannot press the 12th fret correctly. it produce a sound sound. Then i try again and again. A few minutes later my roommate play a song called 'Photo souevenir' a classical frace song and it was very impressive. Now its the time to say.... i'm losing out my ability. Now i realize, my hand not so soft in playing a guitar like before. Why? I take it positively, it's because i did not practice a lot in playing guitar like my roomate ( maybe science social got more time to relax and play guitar). I remember what my 'guitar teacher' said to me 2 years ago, "if you want to play like hemmet, all you have to do is practice". Keke... I remember the firs

Joy of riding bus

Some people think I'm weird, because i wait for bus every day.... What kind of sentence is that? There is nothing weird about a guy who love to ride bus rather than take a lift with his friends car or motorcyle. Almost all of my friends already have their own transport today. They no longer for bus every morning. I have a few friends with me waiting for bus every morning. Sometimes i wait for bus with my roomate. Many people told me to go and buy one vehicle for myself but i say no. If i want to ride a car to the class or ride a motorbike, i can just ask a lift from my friends. But i don't want to. Because, after entering Universiti Malaysia Sabah, I finally discovered some feeling, a satiety feeling when riding a bus. Before this, when i was still in my hometown Labuan, i seldomly ride a bus because i have my own car. So everywhere i go, i use my car. I think driving is very fun. I like driving. I drive a lot on weekend, went to town, Beach, everywhere around Labu