The beginning

Finally I start this blogspot blog. For a very long time i've been monitoring blogspot, and check wether it is good or worse. Now I'm using blogspot to continue my blogging hobby.

It's a hard decision since i've already created my blog in friendster, i post so many thing then i have to leave it all. I don't know how to import that post from friendster into this new blog. But maybe i can start from the scratch here.

I remember the first time i join friendster, on the year 2000 maybe. I was in form 2. Someone invite me to joind friendster then i join but friendster was not crowded that time, not like today. So i feel its boring so i don't give a lot attention on it.

I'm very interested in creating my own personal website that time. I unofficial web site for my school, and it's very fun. Maybe some of my friends remember that page. Have a wrestling video inside it, and a lot of text marqueeze.

I love doing my own personal web site. Its very interesting..keke

OK.. after that, friendster explode, everyone talk about it. So i register again an account on friendster, and i;m pretty suprise that it is crowded, so many people inside. And i found something more interesting that is friendster blog!

I start using friendster blog to create my own site. At first, not to serious. Update it once a month or once in 2 month. But i was pretty happy when someone is reading it. I thought that they will be no one reading my blog. I just do it for my own fun.

Next, i updated my blog recently. I want people to read about my life, idea, my art, philosophy, music and my untold story. I stick with Friendster blog for about 2 years maybe. Or one year and a half.

I remember one time when i 'bleach' my blog to start a new blog then i regret it, because i lost all my post. I start it from scratch when i enter University.

Now i did it again. I change to Blogspot and i have to leave my old blog. Hmm.. and the old post.... i already copy it and post it here but i guess no one will read it, i don't want to read it either, it's very *****. Straight copy from notebook. I just want to keep it so it will not disappear like the older-older one i delete when i enter U.

So.. now..i think i want to stick this blog as my permanent one. I choose to change because one day at CC, i saw someone i'm not familiar is sitting in front of a computer and reading my blog. I'm very happy about that, but I saw that person trying to sent a comment but could not because friendster only allow their member to post a comment. I see this blogspot is more open. So here i am. starting from the beginning. 2006.

I don't want to look back, i want to continue doing thing i like to do even though no one realize it. I just want to do it.


  1. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Welcome to Blog-In-A-Blog!
    Chapter Two : The Blog Within...

    Zaki's blogspot has now become my blogspot too.
    I would like to congratulate Zaki for being part of this revolution.
    I will blog as i please within Zaki's Blogspot and anyone may feel free to read, comment on or just ignore my blogs.
    Dead Monkey has just awakened.
    It starts here.
    Awaiting the rampage, may not be a good idea.Just flow down my stream.Follow the path, or hide away in disorder.Dead Monkey is here.The revolutionary blogger.
    Peace...Build Love And Bury The Ashes...

    ~Second Entry@Blog-In-A-Blog!~
    Feel the revolution.
    I made this.
    Someday All Blogs will have a within.


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