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Haunted SKTM

Haunted SKTM

What a boring night for me. It’s Saturday night, but still boring. Nothing to do. Hmm, and my money is reducing. I only got RM 0.50 in my wallet after been cheated by those stupid people in cafeteria. They are not doing business by selling food but cheating their customers. You see, I went to the café and order Nasi Goreng Sambal Udang and on the list it say the fried rice cost RM3. But after a few minutes (urm…hour) waiting, then the price increase to RM3.50. How can? I ask the cashier about the increasing price and he ‘slumber’ said that the price just increase. JUST INCREASE!!!???

It doesn’t matter if the fried rice is not sucks! What a wonderful world of Kampung C/D. Now, I have no money, and I feel very unsatisfied of everything.

Looking at my roommate Vinoden, I think of something.

“Vnod, you free ka tonight?


“Let’s go to the bank. I want to withdraw some money.”

And as usual, Vinoden will agree. Borrow the other friends motorcycle, we both went to the bank to withdraw some money and Vinoden said that he want to stop at SKTM to meet his friend there, trying to help his friend to connect to the internet.

When we arrive at SKTM (Forget to tell, SKTM stand for Sekolah Kejuruteraan and Teknologi Maklumat), I look around, and it was very quiet there. Then I remembered that people always said that SKTM is haunted.

“Vnod, got ghost ka here?” I asked.

“ I don’t know la..” Simple answer as usual. No one knows really about this haunted theory.

“It’s for us to investigate Vnod.,” it’s very fun to investigate something.. I really like it. If we really find a ghost there then we will become famous among our friends. Kahkah…I don’t know what I’m thinking.

The question is…. SKTM really is a haunted place?

Lets see…. What can I say…

So this is SKTM, its more beautiful than SST I think. It’s very quiet at night. But is it really quiet because no one there? Is it really no one there?

Vinoden and me walking through the quiet corridor…. its cold, quiet, suitable for ghost to live there. Or here in this corridor.

We found a classroom, but… where is Vinoden’s friend? Not there. I said “ Are you sure your friend that told us to come here Vinod?”

Maybe this is just a ghost trick to us. Ask us to come there and eat us alive…

We continue our search for Vinoden’s friends. And my search for a ghost. Really want to meet one. But I’m sure if I meet one then I will runaway faster than Formula 1 racing car. Keke.

Where is the ghost…oopss..where is your friend Vnod?

Okay, okay. Quit playing around…actually, there is no ghost at SKTM. Or none of them appear that night. What I found actually? I found that SKTM is very interesting at night because there provide free internet there 24 hours. And we can use it without being monitored by anyone. And I found many couples there, locking the tutorial room door, and surf internet privately, and I don’t know what page they surf until they need to lock the door…I wonder…keke…

Found Vinoden’s friends, trying to connect to the internet. I think this is it. Nothing really interesting there in SKTM, except for those who bring their girlfriend there.

Like Vinoden say “ Here we can use tutorial room 24 hours to surf internet, can bring your awek and can do Sex also here.”

I look in every tutorial room… yes.. anyone can do sex there. Just lock the door and turn off the light. There must be someone that have done that before. Trust me.

But for me what did I do there that night? Keke.. I play with the OHP… I wonder if I can steal this thing. SKTM really brave to trust student in UMS. Anyone can steal this OHP.

Arrrr… what a boring story I wrote here I told it before, it was a boring night for me..

What I really want to say is, there is no ghost at SKTM, and the only ghost is the devil that sit between the girls and the boys inside a lock tutorial room. Even though its boring but I enjoyed myself at SKTM doing nothing. And I plan to come there again next time and I want to use the internet there rather than going to SST (Sekolah sains dan Teknologi) or library.

You all can say this story sucks but I enjoyed writing it. That’s the weird part of me, I enjoy doing thing that everyone else did not. That’s me. Peace and break love to pieces and divide.

Zaki, 11/02/2006

The mystery is, who take al of those picture? Some picture look weird because I don’t know whose taking it??????


  1. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Who is taking those photographs?
    It is freaky to think about that, because there is a picture of you AND Vnod!How could that happen?
    It's a mistery to me...
    Only if i was a medical student, i could figure it out.
    Because medical students are so cool.
    Medical students are so cool i bet a lot of them have sex everyday.Although you may not have a partner, i'm sure you masturbate everyday.You are awesome, man.I read your crap blogs, and i hope someday i will appear in one of your blogs, and in that blog, there will be a picture of your hot nurse collecting my sperm for your private sperm bank.

  2. Anonymous1:33 pm

    I agree with the above!

  3. Daria_Love_Money1:34 pm

    Hey, what the hell are you talking about?

  4. Dead Monkey1:53 pm

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  5. I want to rename my blog to 'Blogging with no reason'. Waaa...... Actually, i'm quite busy this time, i cannot think of something interesting thus i put any crap thing that i can think.. I will try to fix and make something more interesting... Thanks for all....


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