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Joy of riding bus

Some people think i'm weird, because i wait for bus every day....

What kind of sentence is that? There is nothing weird about a guy who love to ride bus rather than take a lift with his friends car or motorcyle.

Almost all of my friends already have their own transport today. They no longer for bus every morning. I have a few friends with me waiting for bus every morning. Sometimes i wait for bus with my roomate.

Many people told me to go and buy one vehicle for myself but i say no.

If i want to ride a car to the class or ride a motorbike, i can just ask a lift from my friends. But i don't want to. Because, after entering Universiti Malaysia Sabah, I finally discovered some feeling, a satiety feeling when riding a bus.

Before this, when i was still in my hometown Labuan, i seldomly ride a bus because i have my own car. So everywhere i go, i use my car. I think driving is very fun. I like driving. I drive a lot on weekend, went to town, Beach, everywhere around Labuan Island.

Universiti Malaysia Sabah

After entering UMS, i have no choice rather than take a bus to the class ot to the town. At first, i feel this is a big big problem and i feel it is very difficult. I have to wait for a long long time before the bus come. Have to wake up early in the morning.

But why now, when i have a choice wether take a bus or ride with my friend's car, i choose bus?

The cardinal reason are, i enjoy riding a bus.

First, i wake up early in the morning. I feel very hard to wake up and i feel very lazy to get up from my bed. Thentake a cool, very very cool shower. Then prepare myself to go to the bus stop while my roomate is still in their dream. Then, i walk down the hill to the bus stop. There will be a lot of people there. Lots of people. Then i wait......
And wait...keep waiting.

Then i feel a little angry, "WHY THE BUS STILL NOT COMING!"

Then i heard other people also feel what i feel. Everyone start to sigh.
Everyone start asking, where is the bus?

Suddenly the bus will appear, and some unexplain feeling emerge in me.

Then, all the people at the bus stop, start to push each other to get into the bus. Sometimes it's very hard to get into thebus since there is so much people there and there is only one bus. And i hate when some guy start to show off and become gentlemen and let girls enter the bus first. What the heck? This is not a perfect time to show your kindness, or to win girls heart, this is a WAR. If you did not get into the bus, then you will be late and you are doom. I can say, stupid to all the guys that act this kind of way.

If you want to become gentlemen, then become one in the correct way. Don't hurt women, don't play their feelings. don't hate them, talk nice with them. Help them if they need help ( no one ask help to ride a bus accept handicapped), give them flowers if you like.

But in this situation while you are trying to get into the bus, should you let all girls enter first while there are a lot of boys behind you. You no what girls will think if you do like that? They say "haha, i'm very lucky today because of that stupid guy".

For me, just get into the bus as soon as possible so the bus wil never leave you. And don't push girls, because we will hurt them if we do so. No need to show off that you are a gentlemen la...

Fuh... finally after a tough condition. o manage to get into the bus. very tough.
Then i look for a seat. And if i found it, i will sit down, and feel very satisfy. And that unexplain feeling appear again. I love that feeling. I don't know how to describe it but i enjoy it. Its like a feeling when you have to do a lot of hard work before you get your payment.

This feeling that keeps me waiting for bus everyday. cause i enjoy it. It's the joy of riding a bus. I feel very happy along the way to the class everyday because of this.

Thatz why i don't want to ride my friend's vehicle. I want to enjoy this feeling as mush as i can. Maybe someday the feeling will dissappear, t think so. So now, i have to enjoy it before its gone.

So next time, when my friends ask me why i always take a bus to the class? I'll say, i enjoy it. And i can't explain until you get this feeling on your own.

Zaki 10/02/2006


  1. Anonymous12:01 pm

    herm.zaki, my klasmate.a weirdo. a labuanese. a japanese. a siamese.a javanese. welcome to Kg Haji Dorani. why we from peninsular gotta cop our pasport to enter sabah eh?? jwb2

  2. What kind of comment is this. All my friend really crazy like this one....

    Hmm..kalau ko pi labuan tak ada pun kena cop paspot. Kalau pi sabah kena la...wakaka..sebab sabah ni ada gunung kinabalu...kami orang sabah takut orangd ari semenanjung ambil tu gunung. Nanti tak ada la lagi gunung yang tertinggi di malaysia di Sabah ni. Jadi kena la amik rekod paspot kamu semua. Ko ada cop paspot tak? Jika tidak cop maka kamu PTI..Wakaka..Kami tak payah cop untuk pi semenanjung..wuek..wuek


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