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When it come to music

When it come to music i'm the first one who'll be there.
And in this few weeks, i'm so busy studying medicine, doing assigment and thinking about exam.
One night, I play the classical song 'Simple Regret' (only halfway) then i stop cause my finger cannot press the 12th fret correctly. it produce a sound sound. Then i try again and again. A few minutes later my roommate play a song called 'Photo souevenir' a classical frace song and it was very impressive.

Now its the time to say.... i'm losing out my ability.
Now i realize, my hand not so soft in playing a guitar like before. Why? I take it positively, it's because i did not practice a lot in playing guitar like my roomate ( maybe science social got more time to relax and play guitar). I remember what my 'guitar teacher' said to me 2 years ago, "if you want to play like hemmet, all you have to do is practice".

Keke... I remember the first time i hold a guitar, everyone is
laughing at me. No one believe that i can learn how to play it. I have no teacher, no past history on taking music lesson, my father did not play guitar, my mother did not know how to play any musica instrument, and my sister only know how to sing. And she sing perfectly.

But i did it, i learn it without anyone teaching me. I remember the first time i went to a jamming studio, the first time i play infront of people, the first time i've been laugh cause they say i don't know how to pull a string, the first time i meet charles, william, and faruq, that teach me a lot on this stuff. Ya'll always been remember.

Now, if someone want to learn to play guitar to me, i sometimes refuse not because i don't want to teach, but because i feel that i'm not that enough to teach. But somehow i will teach. But i usually will not teach like anyone else teach. I won't play a song and teach you how to play it...cause the way i learn is by learning the basic, but now people learn guitar by copying how to play a song. No one know how to holg Gm, G# or any minor chord.

Hmm... Now i see my roommate. He is good, and i've been left behind. I know that it's not possible to me to catch up him but i will do it slowly, cause i still happy that he is with me in the our room playing the same type of song everynight.

Maybe one day i will beat him, charles, william or faruq. All i have to do is practice. But this people is the one who teach me, thus i won't compare them to me. They are too expert in this game. p/s: I'm very sad cause after many years, i still cannot play guitar like a pro. Why?Why?Why?Maybe my fingers are different.

p/s: I only know how to play a few song, know how to play guitar doesn't mean you know every song.

p/s: i Still cannot copy some song such as Luhur by Kamikaze. p/s: Why i learn to play guitar is because i'm crazy of it. Not because i want to show off. I tell you all, I'm really going down now because i did not practice.

p/s: I hate people that play guitar to show off to girls! I won't play guitar infront of a girl if i could.

p/s: Guitar have their own gender. My guitar is female one. It sound more feminin. p/s: My guitar gender is female, thus i won'tlet any female play it. Got it? Male guitar played wether by maleor female, but my female guitar cannot touch by a girl. My principle. I copy this from someone who really pro playing guitar.

p/s: The only girl that touch and play my guitar is Agnetha my x-classmate. And i scold wilson ( my classmate also) because let her play my guitar.

p/s: We don't play guitar, we play music.

p/s: If i could, i won't tell anyone that i can play guitar, but i don't have anything to say in this blog so i talk about it.

p/s: if you are a girl so your chance to see me play guitar is 0.0001. Except i play it in public.

p/s: I always feel sad when i play Man Bai-Kau Ilhamku, cause i play this song during our first Pupuk visit, and salleh and Syazwan are the one who tell me to play. Medic student remember that you all sing Man Bai-Kau Ilhamku at Sikuati 2?

p/s: Now i improved that song (Man bai-Kau Ilhamku). The first time i play at Sikuati i just play something that sound fit to the song. Now i learn how to play it the way Man Bai did.

p/s: The most sad song in my life are Romance( classical france song, but people usually identified this song by calling it Autumm in my heart). I've been ask by someone to play this song infront of her. I did learn and when it's the time i want to play this song for her, i've lost her, and i will never have a chance to play that song to her ever again. That's why i feel like i want to cry if i play this song.

p/s: I have female, and male guitar. Male guitar sounds better.

p/s: There is one girl name Joanne if i'm not mistaken that really beat me by her very proffessional technique of playing guitar. She strum faster then me, and she tune the E string during a song to make a up tune sound. I hate her the most. One day i'll create my own technique such as playing with my feet or head maybe.

p/s: My mother always angry with me if spent too much time on with my guitar.

p/s: mY family like me to play romantic and classical song so now i'm trying to learn it. p/s: Now, for sure, no one is laughing at me again when i hold a guitar.

p/s: Where i want to go now with my guitar? Well, i want to complete my study, become a doctor, then i want to play guitar infront of my patient. Wakakakak... i'm so crazy.

p/s: I also want to play that Romance song again in front of her, God..please...give her back just once... Cannot ka? Just once please. 3 minutes only. 5 minutes la...then she can go..... If i'm just pretending to play that song infront of her it will be meaningless. Just once...just once.....AAA I'M SO CRAZY.

ascap23 17/02


  1. rafshan8:24 am

    ehehh. consent erkk? silakann =) hurm, gitar erk best laa sapa pandai main gitar. aku tak da org nak ajar sebab aku pegang gitar cam cacat. takpaa la, skrg nih akuu nak fokus dlm bidang nyanyian jer, nanti kalau aku perform leh jemput ko jadi guitarist k hahah poyo nye aku, nyanyi pun aku tak reti mni kan lagi mau performm.

  2. dzaquan5:55 pm

    my new blog....

  3. To learn to play guitar...first we must love the guitar, eat with her, go everywhere with her, sleep with her, and automatically suddenly you will know how to play it......or else..


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