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Fun Life

We are so proud.... We are so strong.. I like to hear lyrics...and understand them. Some people just listen to some it rhymitic sound, the music is good..then say its a good song. I say no.. I don't know why but most of the human being are like that, because music is entertaiment, it make us happy, sad, relax and calm but i take it seriously because i just don't judge a song from its rhyming, but their meaning. A song can be a teacher, can be a storyteller, mind opener, and a lot more things if you realy understand what does it means. That's why i take a hundred times repeating a song because some song a really hard to understand, and some vocabulary is not familiar with me. I listen to Malay song, English and also chinese but chinese song, i honestly can't understand because i don't learn Chinese language. Thus, i only can understand Malay and English song. How pity...kekeke.. Wait, what i want to talk about in this article is not about music..cause i