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We are so proud....

We are so strong..

I like to hear lyrics...and understand them. Some people just listen to some it rhymitic sound, the music is good..then say its a good song. I say no..

I don't know why but most of the human being are like that, because music is entertaiment, it make us happy, sad, relax and calm but i take it seriously because i just don't judge a song from its rhyming, but their meaning. A song can be a teacher, can be a storyteller, mind opener, and a lot more things if you realy understand what does it means.

That's why i take a hundred times repeating a song because some song a really hard to understand, and some vocabulary is not familiar with me. I listen to Malay song, English and also chinese but chinese song, i honestly can't understand because i don't learn Chinese language. Thus, i only can understand Malay and English song. How pity...kekeke..

Wait, what i want to talk about in this article is not about music..cause i'm sure people don't understand the way i look into music. Here i want to tell about our life, as a student in this University. I like to tell the story about our life as a medical student...

Sure, people always say that being a medical student is cool, great, can have sex everyday( some of my blog viewer say like this i don't know why. Read my entry on Haunted SKTM for further understanding) i don't know why. Since one of my blog's viewer say like this i always want to write this entry. To tell how hard and enjoyable our life is now.

I'm not saying medical student's life isn't cool, cool i say, but we are trained to be proffesional, not like what you think of having fun everyday.

Let's get straight to the point..ok...this i what i do everyday:

5.30 am - wake up...sleep back ( i don't know why it become like this)
6.30 am- Shower, ready to wait for bus
7.30 am- Breakfast
8.00 am- Class and lecture
12.30pm - Lunch
2.00 pm - Lecture
4.00 pm - Class is over ( go to computer lab or library or straight back to hostel)
5.00 pm - Monday and Wednesday-> language class. The other day-> At hostel doing some laundry or listen to mucis with roomate.

7.00 pm- Dinner
8.00 pm- 10 pm - Study
10.oopm - watch Anime
12.00am - Study and revision
2.00 am- Sleep.

This is the cycle of my life... Everyday.. Its fun isn't it. And it's cool. Sunday and saturday also the same, only the different is on sunday and saturday i'm not going to the class but i'm going to the library.

What i found life is really unboring. Because each minute i have things to do. I never feel boring nowadays. very fun..

And the most important thing is...i have a lot of friends. and They are all fun..and crazy. I don't like to make friends with some serious chicks or boys. I like to make friends with someone that is know what i mean. Someone that always make me smile. And i found all my friends now is crazy. Kahkah..i'm not saying they have mental problem but they really know how to have fun and study. Happy go lucky life. No control-control cantik or hensem, please..kahakah..

My mother ask me to stop complaing too much, i say i will... But still i'm here feeling like what i feel before.

Another bunch of picture collection of my medical collegue, and also my great cool and crazy friends........

My friends learn to do some bandaing and i learn how to become a victim...How come?

Now my friends turn to become a mummies. Poor thing..keke

Checking blood pressure? This picture taken when we practice to do some clinical skill and UMS clinic. Want me to introduce my 3 friends thare? No need i think cause this is my blog, not them

see...see.. The face of my crazy friends..kahkah...

Ahakz...don't know what to say... This is..that is a dustbin back there..and a door..And also a broom.. with my friends infront of them.

This is the picture that i really like want to put inside my page here... A picture of my friends waiting for our Lecture Hall to be opened. they really look like a direct sellers who are looking for customers... Wakkaka.....But think about it again..they are your doctors in the future!!!

Hmm... I feel really wasted if i take so many picture and nobody see it..thus i put it here so everybody in the whole world can see it. It's the fun of taking picture.....keke..Okay now..I'm going to put some game here...The next picture...

Look at this picture carefully...what is the mysterious thing about this picture?

Look it more closely...what is the weird thing. If you can't tell..then you better get into a moral class and learn about moral value again.

Kahkah.....That's all la..i'm sorry if i'm doing something wrong...i did. Kahkah..but i assumed that you all know how to laugh...then all of you will not get mad at me if i mistakenly put your pictures here. Kahkahkahkah...

Another wasting time's blog.



p/s: I remember 19 years ago..this day..i'm in my mother uterus..and i feel like i want to get out that day...Yes i remember it..This day 19years ago..i really want to get out but i can't..but then a few days later i'm free to this world!!!


  1. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Same here, every time I hear a good song I'd look up the lyrics right away. Kalau dulu aku tak kisah sangat, asal lagu tu sedap didengar cukupla. But now it's more about the message and how it relates to my own life.

    girls on the stairs pic: apa yg mysterious ni? seems like three of them are just camera-shy, I think it's pretty much a common response, especially if this is a candid shot.

    eh how come you're still 19??? ko lahir 87 ke?

  2. Anonymous7:44 pm

    hepi bday to u!!! heheh lupee la. ye ker bday ko? erhh bestnyyaa ur life. nanti lak aku post jadual sehari2 aku kat sini k kat blog aku.

    berkenaan lagu, aku mmg tak peduli sgt lirik kecuali lagu 'balik kg' sebab cuti raya lepas aku tak balik, lagu 'Warisan' oleh Sudirman dan adalah... sebab aku tak peduli lirik sgt kekadang lirik ni mengarut, janji bunyi lagu sedap, so aku dgr lagu jer la...

  3. Actually now i'm 19years old.... a few days later i will turn 20.... then... did you all know my birth date? If you all forget... I will not forgive u!!!!

  4. The mysterious thing....kakaka.kakakhkahk...can't u see that last girl is in the men's toilet..wakakaka

  5. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Hahaa.. laa, aku ingat caption tu untuk pic yg budak2 yang duduk di tangga tu. my mistake.

    ko pon bukan ingat birthday kitorg. fair what.. haha. Happy Birthday anyway. All the best in this life and the Hereafter, insyaAllah.


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