Mind Raisin part I

This is a joke only… I’m not taking it seriously cause for me, everyone have their own belief and what their believing is what will guide them through the whole journey of their life. Ok…This story begin years and years ago, when I was still young or actually a primary school student.
Because all of the people surround me, always saying that I’m stupid. I take a long time to learn to read. I never have a good reputation in my academic. I can call myself.. stupid at that time (Now maybe no big difference, or maybe there is). I think at that time, the thing that contributes to my un-cleverness is the diet I take. If someone see me that time, I have no difference between me and the starved child at Somalia. Because I remember my family was very poor that time. We can’t afford to buy a good nutrition for ourselves. Everyday just eat plain rice with small fish that we caught in the sea near our house. Even though I’m only around 4-5 years old but I still can remember it. Of course I can’t remember all the pain and difficulty that my parent had to face to provide us food, but I sure can remember about what kind food I get that time….

No chicken, no meat,no big fish, only small fish everyday. And every fish we caught by ourselves(actually by my father, or I don’t know, can’t remember). Vegetables? We used to eat those vegetables from the jungle… keke… it’s a healthy life you know. But not enough nutrient. I can’t remember a lot. But maybe that’s only a small factor.

The other factor is maybe due to the junk food that I like to eat that time. I remember that I really-really don’t like to eat rice. I like to eat Mee. And the only mee that I can get is Mee Megi. I eat that in the morning, afternoon, night. I like to eat that. Education of a healthy diet was not that much. Thus, my parent did not rally concern about giving me mee Megi frequently. Someone say that eating Megi mee for a whole long duration while studying at University will cause cancer. Because no money, usually University student just eat Megi. And after completing their studies, they die because of cancer. And conclusion, they die because of eating Megi.
Please, I think this is enough nonsense already. Universities courses usually 4-5 years. I eat Megi for a many-many years until now. I’m still alive. Megi did not really cause that much consequences although its true that it is not good for your health.

Okay, now we are going to the big point of this article. I remember that my mother then suddenly become aware of our health. Maybe she is aware since before but when I enter standard 3, maybe she realize that I’m not that good at my academic.

I remember my mother force me to eat a lot due to my very thin condition. She gave me Appeton everyday. And what happen? I really did gain weight. Lot of it. The interesting part is, when I gain my weight I start to develop my brain. Because at that time my family already a little bit stable on economic, then I can eat what I want. About my brain, sure it was developing well. Because when I was I standard 2, I was very stupid but a year after that suddenly I got the first place in my class. Keke… (continue)


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