Mind Raisin part II

All of my teachers were very surprise at me. They never think that I can be much better than stupid. And I also didn’t know why suddenly I become like that. I only know how to eat, play, sleep, and I never think about study. But I did it. I never get second place after that.
I remember once, my mother said to me about why she gave me a lot of food at that time. She said that she was looking at the past when we have nothing to eat because we don’t have money, thus when there is a little bit of money she sure only know to cook and give us food. That is a normal feeling of a mother with a difficult past.

But I’m going to stop telling story about that. Now about the food supplement that I take to make me more clever( did I say more? :-p). Okay, the first thing is breakfast. My mother really concern about my breakfast. Every morning she prepare our breakfast. Usually rice and egg. I don’t why that menu is introduce, but is sure cheap and provide enough energy for my brain until the afternoon. And coffee or tea as a drink. But I didn’t like to eat that breakfast coz what I prefer is Mee Megi and egg. And that is what usually I get in the morning because I really don’t like to eat rice. And, it still provide enough energy for m until the afternoon.

Oh my, I forgot about the food supplement. I take some kind of pills called Examo. This thing is a direct selling thing that my mother buy from some teacher in my school. I had read the sticker at the Examo’s bottle and it say that Examo provide oxygen for our brain. So I eat that until I reach standard 6. Since I take Examo, I never drink coffee. Until now. Now I already become allergic to coffee.

I stop eating that Examo when I enter secondary school. And I remember that my academic level was totally down at that time. My mother was very concerned about that. She did ask me to eat that Examo again but I don’t want. Cause if eat that Examo, I can’t drink Coke. Because if I drink coke, I will had a headache. Combination of Examo and coke will cause headache to me. I want to drink coke, and I don’t want to eat Examo.

So did I failed my Exam. No! In my class that time most of my classmate are Chinese and they are very clever, but I did survive. Without eating Examo. Then I start to realize that Examo is nonsense. It had no effect in boosting up my brain. All are lie!

When I enter boarding school when I was in form 4 (before this my school was St.Anthony, a Christian school, or maybe a Chinese school but already takeover halfly by the government. That is what I understand). I was 16 that time and I usually fall sick. Maybe my kidney have a problem. I remember the last time I really fall sick, I was sent to the hospital, and they found that my left or right kidney is unfuntioning. After a few days in the hospital I meet my private doctor and she prescribe me with Vit C and Vitamin E to me healthy. Well, it thus keep me healthy. And that is the only food supplement that I trust until now. Until now I still take Vit C and E daily.


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