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Mind Raisin part III

And I a little concern about the religion thing they put in the product. I taught that if we really want to get a good mind, we will have to pray a lot to the God, eat Halal food, don’t eat lot of junk food cause in Islam, eating something that is bad for your health is Haram. And eating that raisin also can be good. Mostly Islam did tell us to eat something healthy like that…. Raisin, nut…I remember a little bit only about what kind of food that is good for your mind in Islam.
But what I don’t like is when they said that they have put some spell like in this raisin and God will cleverness to the one that eat it. Like they sure that they God have already put the cleverness inside that raisin. And they sell it for a high price.

I see a lot of my friends that is really clever, Muslin or non-muslim, they eat ordinary raisin due to the fact that raisin really contribute maybe about 0.0005% to your mind. And I see that the Mind raisin and the ordinary raisin is actually the same thing. No big different. Both have Halal Logo from Jawi.

Conclusion, my raisin did not exist. God did not unfair like that. God did not only put a good thing inside the Mind Raisin and the other raisin contain nothing. Both are the same. If you really want to become clever in the aspect of Islam, you just read Yassin or Al-Quran and put a glass or bottle of water infront of you and drink that water after you are finish reading. I see that this method work a little for me. But still it is spiritual. It give us harmony to our internal spirit. Maybe because that is what I believe and I get what I believe. But I believe that. We use to drink Yassin’s Water every week when I was in the boarding school. And I manage to cope until now.

Mind raisin? Think about it again. Cause I emphasized that you will get what you believe, then its mean that you must not discontinue taking that mind raisin. It’s good for your mind but compare the price. But if you really want to contribute to Islam industry, that’s a good way. Not your fault.

The one that must think about it is the people who make that raisin. If you want to develop Islam industry in business, why should use the religion thing to the product? Why must you say that you’ve already pray and sure that God’s Gift is inside the raisins? We must compete. Other religion’s product did not have to say that their God already bless their product, but why must we say that kind of thing. God bless anyone, not only your raisin……

p/s: Im talking about the mind raisin product that I used to take before. The one that say “God already bless this raisin” Not the one you buy. Maybe the one you buy is more cheaper and better in every aspect.
p/s: Free thinkers like me is very dangerous. And I hope that you will not agree with me completely. Must think. Thinking makes you happy.
Note: Big thanks to SmallCap and WHiteCheEks for giving me a baseline to write this crap entry


  1. The mistake that people do when they take all those mind boosters, they have this thinking that they'll automatically become very clever, good in their studies etc while the hard fact is that, hard work is still needed to achieve it.

    And more often than not, people start to depend on and believe so much in these kind of supplements, they forget that in the end, it's only by Allah's Grace that everything is possible. Not because of the air yassin or whatnot. Niat mesti betul.

    I need a little clarification though. What do you mean with you being a dangerous freethinker?

  2. I mean by free thinkers is that i think about something that sometimes people taught that the thing is forbidden to think about.

    cause when i see those Mind Raisin, people doesn't dare to say that those thing maybe don't really have the blessing from Allah. But i do. People scared to think about it cause people taught it was against the religion. But i do fight it. Cause for me, we must have have a reason for anything. Maybe there's something that we doesn't have to think about the reason, but if we still can find the reason, than we reasoned it.

    Freeethinkers for me is someone that think something freely and not only relate it to their own belief or religion but also with science. From here, i think we can develope more of our knowledge and also our belief to the God.

    I say it very dangerous because sometimes, the knowledge is too deep to explore, and we must explore it slowly. So freethinkers is dangerous. But most of them will find what they want instead of following the others rule.


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