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Trying to forget...HIP HOP

I'm trying to remember almost everything right now. remembering the name of bacteria, the name of antibiotics, remebering the facts, the practical thing, mechanism, name of muscles, name of disease... Everything gpes into my brain...

But despite of all of that, i'm trying to forget my past...really..really want to forget some of my past.

I'm alone in a bus..8.30 a colourful light of Kota Kinabalu Town..the place where i have been before this, but i've been there in a different situation, different a whole different perspective about life. I remember this is the town where me and my friends create Visitorz Car Phark, one of my own personal legend... Ou own legend. I still have the picture where we take a picture of a signboard that give us a lot of inspiration of the future. Lots of stroy but i couldn't tell here. Cause i only talk the moral of the story here.

Our life could be a journal that is beneficial to the others...

I'm really alone in the bus...watching lots of adoloscene walking around at night in the city full of light, wearing their Nike shoe, levis jeans and white blue cap. Most of them black skin....perfect..but not the way i want them to be...

Going back to my past...Hip hop is a part of my life, to be cool is our ambition, and to perfom in front of audience is out target.. It's a childish part of my life history. But still i remember the juice that we feel that time.

To get into Hip hop is not like those bunch of posers that just say irresponsibly that there are Hip hop, listen to rap music doesn't make you a hip hop. Wearing beggy jeans and bling-bling doesnt make you a real hip hop. To be in it, you must first get into it.

On our time, we have to really know what is hip hop, what thus it do, who create it, how is it created, what years...who developed it, who is the first pioneer, who is the one who spread it...all of them must be remembered. And how to act and pose like a hip hop. wearing a cheap beggy jeans with a big sign of hip hop doesn't mean you are a hip hop. choosing the right brand and colour is one of the criteria of hip hop.
And the final thing is to show your ability in the 4 elements of it. Must be remeber that there is 4 elements, graffiti, Emcee, Dj, and breakdance (supposed to B-boyz but i don't know why suddenly at our time, b-gurlz is official and we have to accept girls in the elements).

I choose emcee as my elements and i remember how many rhyme i write until someone misunderstood me as crazy person. I'm not, cause all my friends have their own elements.


Forget it... forget it. All those thing is rubbish for me now. Looking to the people right now, i start to realize that your life is original, your skill and your ability is original. No need to follow all this trend. I'm not saying go to the hell hip hop, but i want people think about it. It's fun and dangerous to be in such organization, but remember..don't let those culture pull you down.

I'm very sad looking lots of young boyz and girls really been killed by this culture. It supposed to be a healthy culture.Drinks,drugs and sex is normal in this culture but we are Malaysian, we have our own very beautiful culture. to hybrid is okay, but don't let it surpass our culture.

I'm really sad when my old friends says that ist's very easy to sleep with a hip hop girls. Don't need to buy any bitch right now. So sad about this statement. Hip hop is going down if it continue like this.

What?What i'm saying. Suposed that i must forget all of this thing. Kahkah...But still i want to protect it...

Now i'm need any crew anymore. I'm becoming 20 this year. Now i know why adults did not relly crazy about all of this trend and i understand. Now i really understand.

TO forget my past is really difficult. But forgeting the above is only a part of my dificulty. There is another part of my life that i want to happen when i was 18years old....

It happen when i meet someone that really change my point of view. Someone that really open my eyes on how disgusting our people are....

It happen like this......

(To be continue)

ASCAP23 6 february 2006


  1. 1st of all, tahniah sebab lulus ujian kau tu. heheh..
    aku suka sgt post kau yg nihh. sebabb aku dah lama rasa jelek dgn hiphop, sejak form 5 lagi... baik kau lupakan jerr.. aiseh =P sebab bg aku org terlibat dgn hiphop ni sebenarnya tak reti menyanyi... nyanyi pitching larii. mwahahah. erhh tak la.. aku kureng dgn hip hop ni pasal... adalahh.. huhuu. apa2 punnn go for dangdut k!!! ciao =P

  2. bagus jugak ko buat entry nie... sebab aku 1st impression aku dgn budak2 yang kononnya suka hip hop nie 'perasan cool'

    psndangan aku, kenapa kita perlu cipta personaliti berdasarkan ideologi/fahaman/penagruh orang.....

    sangat x kreatif kah kita untuk memcipta diri kita sendir?

  3. Anonymous4:55 am

    FUCK hiphop.


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