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Finally it's over

Finally, the examination for this semester is over... I'm very...very...very happy about it. It doesn't matter about the exam anymore, but more to about my freedom. I can do everything that i can't due during the exam. That include 1.going to KK to watch movie 2. Got to IP to eat KFC 3. Watch my favourite One Piece Anime 4. Play Counter-Strike with my friends 5. Lepak2 at my friends room 6. And sleep at 5 am in the morning. Now i can do it all back. But unfortunately, straight after the exam, the rain pour heavily and i can't go to KK and watch movie. Then i'm stuck with My friends Shah Nadrin at One Stop Center Universiti Malaysia sabah ebcause of the rain that cause me and him cannot go to IP to eat KFC. Then when i manage to reach my hostel after a tough motorbike ride from One stop center, i'm already wet, and after having my shower, i fell asleep. I missed to watch my favourite Anime One Piece. Things are going on pretty bad but luckily, when the rain s

Can us be forgiven?

Whether you've go through your successfull life, and you've been sign to the heaven.... But then you remember... Before you change yourself to become a real muslim...then who you are? You've done everything that everyone can do. What they can do, you also can do it, you don't want to be leave behind. Music, fashion, cuss word, drinks, sex, ciggarette, gangsterism, playing fool with people, vandalisme, even you enter the Black Metal Team just to show everyone that you are cool. YOu forget to pray, you forget to praise Allah, you've forget your parent, you forget Akhirat, whats inside you is just "WORLD!" I want to live in this world, cause i know i won't come out from it alive is your quote. So, you must finish everything that you want to do in this world. But your forget your provision for after life. You have so much fun doing everything, cause fun thing usually lead you to the burning hell, but you don't mind because you never see he

Most music are rubbish!!

It's the month for Exam... the month that i hate very much...but it also become one of the most fascinating month for me. I like it and i hate it too. Well, i'm not using so much internet during this whole april month because of this exam... All i do is study and study and read a lot of books. Now i'm in the third day of the exam. just finished two objective paper, the anatomy and pathology. Well, anatomy is quite easily done but the patholgy is killing me.... But i manage to cope with it. Still have essay paper later. So... study and study again. What i'm doin' here? Did i say that i have no time to play with the internet? Wakaka.... Ok enough with my update. Now letzzz talk about what i like to talk about.....Music!!!! Yeah..... Rigggghhhttt.. Well, i'm born to this world with a lot of music. I'm a generation of music era. My sister love singing, my mother love karaoke, my father also like music. Well, i'm in the family of music. And i like mu