Can us be forgiven?

Whether you've go through your successfull life, and you've been sign to the heaven.... But then you remember...

Before you change yourself to become a real muslim...then who you are?

You've done everything that everyone can do. What they can do, you also can do it, you don't want to be leave behind.

Music, fashion, cuss word, drinks, sex, ciggarette, gangsterism, playing fool with people, vandalisme, even you enter the Black Metal Team just to show everyone that you are cool.

YOu forget to pray, you forget to praise Allah, you've forget your parent, you forget Akhirat, whats inside you is just "WORLD!"

I want to live in this world, cause i know i won't come out from it alive is your quote. So, you must finish everything that you want to do in this world. But your forget your provision for after life.

You have so much fun doing everything, cause fun thing usually lead you to the burning hell, but you don't mind because you never see helll once. What should we care to something that we never see before, and never know wether it's true or not. So just enjoy your life as long as you can. Cause after death you won't feel that fun again...

But suddenly you've realize... No matter how hard you try but you couldn't find the life juice. The life meaning... Why are you alive? Even science can't tell you why you are still alive. And you look at the blowing wind, and look at the shining star, and you look to the big ocean...that you feel so small. and so alone in this world.

One by one, your friends is dying...and they never send a letter or SMS from their after life. Did they really die, or they still alive in another world. And you become scared...

And you are looking to what you've done before.... you've done a big mistake. Where is your mind when you did all of the sin? Where are your big brain when you forget The God.

And you cry, and you change, become someoneelse that really searching for God's Bless... you leave your 'world' and you directly walking on the stair to the heaven. And you live as a healthy Muslim, a real one.

But one momment, you think back of your past.... Mistake is already done... and even you pray and pray a lot, you can't even go back to the past.

Then you cry and think... Did God really can forgive me?

People say God can forgive His slave.... but can you just past the hell and straight to the heaven... Every mistake must be punished.... IS the rule of life and after life...

And you look yourself...and you feel very scared....

Even I can't say that God will forgive you.. I can't even say that you will past the punisment. I also didn't know...

Ascap23 10/04/2006


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