Finally it's over

Finally, the examination for this semester is over... I'm very...very...very happy about it. It doesn't matter about the exam anymore, but more to about my freedom. I can do everything that i can't due during the exam. That include 1.going to KK to watch movie 2. Got to IP to eat KFC 3. Watch my favourite One Piece Anime 4. Play Counter-Strike with my friends 5. Lepak2 at my friends room 6. And sleep at 5 am in the morning.

Now i can do it all back. But unfortunately, straight after the exam, the rain pour heavily and i can't go to KK and watch movie. Then i'm stuck with My friends Shah Nadrin at One Stop Center Universiti Malaysia sabah ebcause of the rain that cause me and him cannot go to IP to eat KFC. Then when i manage to reach my hostel after a tough motorbike ride from One stop center, i'm already wet, and after having my shower, i fell asleep. I missed to watch my favourite Anime One Piece.

Things are going on pretty bad but luckily, when the rain stop, me and shah quickly ride the bike and reach IP and eat KFC for my dinner. Well, i don't know why we are so passionate to go and have a meal there. It's kind of funny but for a guy like us, we don't have that much money to eat KFC frequently. So we feel very satisfy and very happy when we can eat that fried Chicken that maybe just a fried chicken for everybody else but not for us. That chicken is a symbol of our happiness and prosperity. Wakakakka...

Then we went back and play counter strike after a long time 'fasting' from it. Well, we was very excited and we play it until 4.30 am. Wakakaaka... Me, Jeriol, Nadrin, alif, zaid, zu, and many more were excited to 'kill' each other that night.

The big point is, i'm feel very 'spacy'right now..kekekeke....

Ahh... Life is very enjoyable. After you've done with something that is really tough, you will feel a heavenly satisfy. That's why you need a hard path for your life. Life shouldn't be only easy.

Now i'm back to my blog. I want to put more and more philosophy of my life inside my blog. Now i can't think of one cause i'm very happy after finishing my one month exam. I hope the result will be much better than the last semester. If the last one i get 2.95, then this semester 'much better' must be above 3.0....

Hmm..nothing much to say.... This is another wasting time blog to write. I always make something like this if i have no idea to write anything...

Coming soon is my new artikel on......something interesting....kekekeke


  1. Anonymous9:30 pm

    wow!so happy ha after the exam.n finishng the whole plate of kfc must b SOMETHING to u ha.hehe.if u think kfc is a symbol of ur prosperity then u should try pizza more often. it represents ur westernity.i guess.well i kno im totally a stranger to u but i enjoy reading ur blogs.i cant wait to read the next one.


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