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I Missed The Flight

I’ve plan it for a very long time. I bought the airplane ticket a month ago. I really plan it well. 26 May 2006, 4.30 PM. That’s my flight. I’m very excited waiting for it. I’ve finished my examination. I still didn’t know the result but I’m sure that I will do well cause I’ve study harder than before. My examination is on 22nd May. 3 days for me to do what I always wanted to do before. What is it? Okay, the first thing is watch movie. I can’t find a friends to accompany me to watch the movie. But I really want to watch it, it’s Da Vinci Code. It’s hot in the news so I guess it might be an interesting movie. I phoned my ex-roomate Jimmy and ask him to go with me on 23rd. Well, this is not a just-happy-to-tell story about me. Everything didn’t go well as I planned. Okay to start from the beginning, actually I’m planning to watch movie with group of friends, but in the end, I end up watching it just with Jimmy. This because al of the other friends is nonsense-give-explanation person.

I'm finished

Yups, not finish my whole life. I'm just finishing my first year in the medical school. It's hard. I did expect its hard to be in this school. But now i know its harder than i taught. Well, just finish my VIVA a few minutes ago, stressful when 2 examiner asking question and you must answer it spontaneously. Well i depend on my autonomic nervous system to answer the questions. Haha. But i finish it with completely stylish as i want it to. Now i have nothing to think about for this one month before a new semester star on july. Now i know how to study to become a doctor. Must read and remember every fact in a 10000 pages book for one subject. Anything can be ask. Well, it's kinda crazy but now it's not. I know its serious. It's true, there is no time to waste in studying this stuff. I never know medicine is so deep. Very deep until i can't see the base. But it's truly fun. Now i'm ready for the next semester. I hope that i will keep in mind about this,

Malaysian Manner

Did Malaysian really have the best manners in the world. Compare to the other country... I'm trying to strike this topic because i live for 20 years in this world. I may be still young but in this young age of mine, i found out that this statement have a few exception. Malaysian are well known to be a polite community since The age of Kesultanan Melayu Melaka. Even in year 1511, portugal Queen really amaze looking to Malay girl ( of course the only race in malaysia at that time is Malay) And time flew by, this statement still can be hear until today. Malaysian are very polite, warm, and always smile, anytime they are willing to help each other or even foreigner. Maybe now this statement is only to attract travelers to come to Malaysia. Cause what i found is, even though maybe every tourist people maybe are really friendly, but what about the manners to our own community? I come to an goverment office and no one there even asy hello to me. Until i'm really confused in se

What's Wrong with Islam

I used to study in a St.Anthony School Labuan. Almost all the student is Christian. I enjoy my life studying at the school, make a lot of friends, and learning each other belief and culture. It's Malaysia, a small beautiful country in the South East Asia. A muslim country that are totally different from what western think about a muslim country. Most of the Western will look to the middle East, West Asia to refer what a muslim country is. Even if the look to the east, only Indonesia and Philiphines where militan group is active and what they all see about Islam is only war and terror. What happen to the other Muslim country. Most of them are mentally killed by the globalization, the modern era of the world. Politics is what its all about... War, terror, kill, bomb, everything actually only because of politic. Not Islam. But people are relating it to Islam just because the one that do that kind of thing are muslim. This makes me really sick of the world system. But i don'

Too Phat killed Nasyid Music!

Is is true? Are you sure… Just think positive to everything negative that I want to say here… Put your hands in the air… everybody let’s the party started!!!! This is a few hip hop quotes that usually can be heard during any hip hop jam everywhere in this world. Hip hop is not a new thing in our country Malaysia. It may start in 1970 in the west, and it settle here in Malaysia around the year 1999-2000. I remember Poetic Ammo, maybe they are the first rappers that enter the mainstream level of music in Malaysia, but still they can’t be accepted by Malaysian, because I can say that Malaysian is still a Malaysian, not easy for the outsiderz culture to settle in this country. I trust this. But the real Hip Hop icon in this country that really emerges and makes this hip hop to be accepted by Malaysian is Too Phat. They are lucky or creative. I still can’t determined which one they are fit into. But salute to them, cause they are really found the formula how to reserve this hip hop to our