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I Missed The Flight

I’ve plan it for a very long time. I bought the airplane ticket a month ago. I really plan it well. 26 May 2006, 4.30 PM. That’s my flight. I’m very excited waiting for it.

I’ve finished my examination. I still didn’t know the result but I’m sure that I will do well cause I’ve study harder than before. My examination is on 22nd May. 3 days for me to do what I always wanted to do before. What is it? Okay, the first thing is watch movie.

I can’t find a friends to accompany me to watch the movie. But I really want to watch it, it’s Da Vinci Code. It’s hot in the news so I guess it might be an interesting movie. I phoned my ex-roomate Jimmy and ask him to go with me on 23rd. Well, this is not a just-happy-to-tell story about me. Everything didn’t go well as I planned.

Okay to start from the beginning, actually I’m planning to watch movie with group of friends, but in the end, I end up watching it just with Jimmy. This because al of the other friends is nonsense-give-explanation person. Want to go, don’t want to go, is the only things that’s in their mind. I hate it, for me what I have plan must be gone in the way I want it to be.

Thus, I think myself unlucky end up watching movie with jimmy. But I’m not saying I’m to unlucky, I just can’t do it as I want it to be. My plan ruined. But the movie thing goes well. Da Vinci Code movie really make me fee I’m lucky again. This movie was too good for me. I don’t know why it was defeat by Spiderman-2 ( I’d read this in the news). I think compare to Spiderman, this movie is better. It make us confuse whether it is fact or fiction. Two thumbs up for this movie.

Okay, the next unfortunate event for me is, after watching the movie, I wait for bus and it was raining. And what the hell is going on with the bus, it only arrived on 7 PM after three hours I’m waiting. And I end up lying on my bed then feeling very tired not as I planned. I plan to go enjoy with my roommate that night. I already bought a drink for us. But because of the delayed bus, I sleep early with a little bit of frustration.

Then the next day, I went to sent my stuff to my auntie’s house at Beverly Hills, and guess what, I lost when driving back to my college. I take about 2 hours to reach there. And I plan to go to the town with my cousin but then it’s the bus problem again. It didn’t come until 5 PM. And if I take that bus how come I get back to the college. I won’t borrow or rent any car anymore.

So i just sleep in my room feeling very exciting but boring. Then I remember my plan to eat KFC with my roommate. So we went to IP and have our dinner at KFC. Maybe this look like the thing that happen as I planned but actually, I planned to eat KFC or Pizza with 2 girls and a boys plus me, but now I only eat KFC with my only roommate. And it’s quite boring.

The next day is 26 may , My go hometown Day. Balik Kampung. So I’ve packed my stuff, and according to my plan ( or Malaysian Airline System plan) I will reach my hometown after 20 minutes flying and land at my hometown airport around 5 PM. So 26th May is today.
Okay, 3 PM, I already ready to go. I was really exciting. And happy. Also happy after receiving a few reply message from my Ex-girlfriend. So long since we never talk and contact each other. And why I was happy about that? Sucks! Haha. Maybe I still love her but I love medicine and money more than her ( hypocrite).

Okay okey, 3 PM, my friends Sheehan drive me to the airport. And what the hell happen? Things that happen frequently but I don’t expect or I don’t want it to be for today. Traffic Jam! We stuck in the traffic for about an hour, only reached airport at 4 PM. And my flight is at 4.30. I brought a lot of stuff so I need a trolley and heck is it when I can’t find out. The airport is crowded. I then lift all of my 34 Kg stuff with bare hand I reach the check in counter at 4.15. And the women behind the counter said, ‘Sorry you missed the flight, you need to change it to stand by ticket to get the 6.45 PM flight’.

Arrghh…. I then queued up for about 30 minutes at the ticket office and only get the next comfirm flight at 8.45 PM. And guess what, the flight also cannot follow the plan, because it delayed until 9.15 PM.

What a life for me. I taught after the exam my life would be fascinating, but, everything didn’t went as I planned.

It’s true about one statement. We are human only can plan but God make the decision.
I feel very awful. I hate unworking plan. I hate it.

Only one thing make me happy today. It’s happen when I was in the mosque for my Friday prayer, and my lecturer Prof Zainal smile at me and say something like a good sign but I can’t understand. Then Murtaza also came and he tap my shoulder and give me a big smile plus two thumbs up. He said, ‘ very good ‘. I can’t understand all of this. What thus this mean. But I’m sure it a good sign since our result for the examination already set up today.

They say the result will comes out this evening. I don’t know. Maybe. But I’m sure I’m in the airport now feeling very boring waiting for my flight. It’s been 4 hours already.

Ascap23 26 May 2006 7.55 PM.

p/s: My flight delayed again that night until 9.40 PM. Really sucks right


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