I'm finished

Yups, not finish my whole life. I'm just finishing my first year in the medical school. It's hard. I did expect its hard to be in this school. But now i know its harder than i taught.

Well, just finish my VIVA a few minutes ago, stressful when 2 examiner asking question and you must answer it spontaneously. Well i depend on my autonomic nervous system to answer the questions. Haha.

But i finish it with completely stylish as i want it to. Now i have nothing to think about for this one month before a new semester star on july.

Now i know how to study to become a doctor. Must read and remember every fact in a 10000 pages book for one subject. Anything can be ask. Well, it's kinda crazy but now it's not. I know its serious.

It's true, there is no time to waste in studying this stuff. I never know medicine is so deep. Very deep until i can't see the base. But it's truly fun.

Now i'm ready for the next semester. I hope that i will keep in mind about this, about study hard and remember everything.

Now, i can go back to my previously life for a month. I can go watch movie. I can go walking and wasting my time at the mall. And i can play multiplayer game everynight.

It's fun. But still i have work to do. A health promotion this 12 jun. I'll be flyiong off to Kedah for 2 weeks to the promotion. My holiday is just 2 weeks i think. But there is nothing more stressful than studying for a semester.

THis is my preload post. I want to post more philosophy and idea after this but now...it's time for me to relax and celebrate.


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