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Did Malaysian really have the best manners in the world. Compare to the other country... I'm trying to strike this topic because i live for 20 years in this world. I may be still young but in this young age of mine, i found out that this statement have a few exception.

Malaysian are well known to be a polite community since The age of Kesultanan Melayu Melaka. Even in year 1511, portugal Queen really amaze looking to Malay girl ( of course the only race in malaysia at that time is Malay)

And time flew by, this statement still can be hear until today. Malaysian are very polite, warm, and always smile, anytime they are willing to help each other or even foreigner. Maybe now this statement is only to attract travelers to come to Malaysia.

Cause what i found is, even though maybe every tourist people maybe are really friendly, but what about the manners to our own community?

I come to an goverment office and no one there even asy hello to me. Until i'm really confused in searching the department that i want to go and there is no one dare to help me. They just doing their own thing, drinking coffee, and treat me like i'm not there.

Once i'm in the office and i'm asking some women where is the exit and guess what... the women scold me saying that i'm blind.. " Can't you see the sign there saying exit!!!!" So what! What if i can't see that thing really...

And once i want to buy a movie ticket at the cinema, i ask the cashier there whether i can use my student card to get a discount and the caschier said " Can u see this! You are blind ka? Even you are wearing spectacles you can't see this sign."


Maybe i'm really blind or i can't understand what that sign mean. It's Sunday that so can i consider it Public holday or school holiday? That's why i ask bitch!

Even every night when me and my friends are going to a restaurant to have a dinner, the waitress there never give us a smile eventhough we are frequent there.

When i go to Malaysian Airline System office to buy a ticket ( RM600 ticket!!!), the counter women there never give me a smile, never answer my quention, only ask where i want to go and when. I even can't ask the price first. And when i ask about the my student card, she just ignore me until i feel very uncomfortable.

I'm fed up with this. Malaysian are polite, always smile, warm... rubbish! The statement no longer exist....

And finally i remember, i'm in the bus, holding my big bag ( i want to go back to my hometown so i pack a lot of things in my bag), and i'm having a diffiiculty there, cause the bag is too heavy and there is no seat in the bus. And suddenly a girl that i don't know who she was suddenly say, " can i help you to hold your bag, it's seems heavy." I smile.

When i walk along a street, with a bog crowded, i never feel insecure, i never feel uncomfortable, because everyone is smiling, and everyone is willing to help you. Malaysia is a beautiful country. Even the statement saying that Malaysian is the most polite people not always reflect to malaysian, but it seems that malaysian are still quite polite and friendly. Just a few people are like a virus, trying to destroy Malaysian pride.

Ascap23 15/5/2006


  1. Anonymous12:16 am

    Sometimes I wonder if it's just me, or that many of those people lacking in courtesy usually work behind the counter?


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