Too Phat killed Nasyid Music!

Is is true? Are you sure… Just think positive to everything negative that I want to say here…
Put your hands in the air… everybody let’s the party started!!!! This is a few hip hop quotes that usually can be heard during any hip hop jam everywhere in this world. Hip hop is not a new thing in our country Malaysia. It may start in 1970 in the west, and it settle here in Malaysia around the year 1999-2000. I remember Poetic Ammo, maybe they are the first rappers that enter the mainstream level of music in Malaysia, but still they can’t be accepted by Malaysian, because I can say that Malaysian is still a Malaysian, not easy for the outsiderz culture to settle in this country. I trust this.

But the real Hip Hop icon in this country that really emerges and makes this hip hop to be accepted by Malaysian is Too Phat. They are lucky or creative. I still can’t determined which one they are fit into. But salute to them, cause they are really found the formula how to reserve this hip hop to our culture.

Their formula? Malaysian Hip Hop. That’s it! They combine their music into the classic traditional music. Their first hip hop debut album Plan B really blast off and really reach the whole corner of Asia. They did reach Europe with this album even though their name still new even in Malaysia. Their Hit Anak Ayam is an unforgettable tune of hip hop. Lyrics doesn’t really matter for them. But in their second international Album 360 Degree prove their side in Art of Music. They fly through Asia and reach US and their First single from that album ‘Just A Lil’ Bit’ become the first Malaysia’s song that been played along many radio station in America. Too phat one of the artist in Malaysia that must be respected in Malaysia after Raihan. Siti nurhaliza is the third on.e That’s mean Too Phat is better than Siti Nurhaliza but if we look from other perspective, Siti would score the second. Siti owned by Malaysia. Too phat looks like just an imitator of West Culture but since they really get into America, they could be better than Siti.
The big point for my entry now is how does Too Phat killed Nasyid? Even though that AIM ( Music Industry Award) had given Raihan the Kembara Award for this year 2006, showing that Nasyid bring by Raihan did not lose to Too Phat hip hop music, but I’m not really looking to the competition between this two big names.

The point is, that night I saw this one group called themselves Brothers ( re-emerged after their break up a few years ago) featuring with Waheeda and Akhbar singing something that they would called it a new World Music. And my comment is…..RUBBISH!

They are trying hardly to combine Nasyid with Hip Hop. Can’t hip hop combine with Nasyid? Hmm… Rabbani really does it a few years ago with their song Intifada but the hip hop element inside the song is almost none. So no one would think that this Nasyid or Arabian kind of music can be combine with hip hop exactly.

Until this two crazy qeeko Too Phat, really killed those tought by releasing the most unsuspected hit Alhamdullillah in their album 360 Degree. I bought the album after 3 days it has been released in 2002 ( or was it 2003?), and the second in this album is Alhamdullillah. Song featuring Yassin combine this Nasyid kind of music with rap. Itz really interesting. Beautiful song. I wouldn’t feel boring listening to it again and again. And everyone in Malaysia know that song. Even non-muslim also know it. It’s a brilliant song. That song reach the Arabian world, and I heard that many west asia country playing that song in their radio, and also many arab country are giving attention to this brilliant song. The message in this song is quite simple, asking people so give up doing sin and Thank Allah for everything that Allah give. Melody is two thumb up. The beat is Hip Hop. Music is quite tenacious. This song could go further but than, a lot of controversy surrounding Too Phat that time when one of the two Too Phat member, Malique, disappear suddenly without any reason. That cause this song to stop going much further, even the video clip is frustrating. I could imagine when they do the real video clip ( not the one now that take too phat clips from the Anugerah Era show). Frustrating. But still this song will remain to be remember by Malaysian.

But the worse part is, people start to think that if nasyid combine with rap or hip hop, people would like it as they did for the song Alhamdullilah by Too Phat. And that is what Brothers, Akhbar and Waheeda are doing. But I think they end up in the stage like a bunch of idiot singing undirected song. Please stop it!!!

I feel very scared if all Nasyid want to be like this. But Thank God that Raihan still with their direction. Still with Nasyid that they bring up a few years ago. And they did get the award for their new album Ameen.

Why? Why must you combine rap with nasyid. Maybe it’s a way to make more profit since Nasyid are going slow nowadays. Really? That why Raihan still standing on the stage holding an award?

Combining hip hop element into Nasyid is really and interesting and experimental things to do. Raihan also did it, like Rabbani did a few years ago in Intifada. But to make rap fit into nasyid is now a necessary things to do. Many song like that emerged today and its sound like ….. don’t make me say it since there are still a nasyid part inside…

Too Phat maybe lucky, or creative with their hit Alhamdullillah, but the others should really take this matters into their measurement. Don’t just simply put rap inside a nasyid. And don’t simply turn Nasyid or Arabic music singer into a hip hop artist ( waheeda, you shouldn’t be there on the stage acting like a fool).

Nasyid is a beautiful kind of music. Combining it into hip hop is not impossible. But we really need our brain to create it.

As a conclusion, Too Phat did really cause this major impact in creating a Rubbish Nasyid song but they really are not the one who should be responsible. The one that that should be responsible is the one who create the music. Please fix it!!!

Ascap23 1 Mei 2006


  1. I mixed up the blog... supposed i post something more important...but i end up by posting about my critics to the new 'World Music'.

    Supposed i want to write about my exam result. Guess what... I pass my examination for the second sem. I'm very happy...So happy. Guess what, now i can called myself 1/10 of a doctor i think. Kahkahkah...

    After a month of tension in examination month, now i feel even more 'spacy'. Kahkahkah... I Think i didn't need to post a blog for this, just a comment telling how happy i am after completing my examination in success.

  2. Anonymous3:39 am

    nice touch 4 dis one.but still im not guite agree wif u.i think what singers r trying to do by combining the two different genre r to reach 4 our community especially the youth.look u kno dat nasyid "a bit slow"?by giving this music a lil bit of modern flavor,many people love them.
    its jus dat too many perfomers thought dat they have de talent to produce such brilliant music like Too Phat.mayb 4 de marketing or mayb to save de nasyid.. we don kno.
    however don blame Too Phat 4 being creative..blame de industry.i guess.

    p/s:i still think Too Phat de BEST..hehehe.;)

  3. Anonymous11:21 am

    Sure. Too Phat is quite ok... I agree with u. And i hope Alhamdullilah from Too Phat is not the last one of this-kind-of-music in our country. Need more people like too phat. But i thought Alhamdullillah Song is create by Qumran... not Too Phat right. I think Qumran is from West Asia.

  4. Anonymous11:40 am

    apa2 pun, aku tak brapa gemar sgt dgn musik hiphop maupun nasyid. yg menyedihkan bila 'ada yg aku kenal' (x my friend anymore:P), cuba utk melabelkan aku sbg '&%$&#%@' hanya sbb aku tak ska nasyid. aku tak pernah rasa musik/lirik lagu boleh mempengaruhi hidup aku.
    'yg aku kenal' tu cakap lah kat aku lebih kurang begini maksud dia "Dgr nasyid ni bagus, boleh menyebabkan kita ingat kepada Allah. alhamdulillah lah kalau ini terjadi kat dia sendiri, tp apa yg aku tgk kat 'dia' ni, walaupun pendengar nasyid setia, tp dating dia tetap ligat, maksiat dia tetap hebat... jd siapakah yg munafik sebenarnyaaa?...

  5. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Bgai saya teda beza antara hip hop, nasyid @ hip nasyid ni, Jika isinya adalah memuji, memuliakan Tuhan ataupun nasihat semuanya boleh diterima,adakah Tuhan telah menetapkan hukum untuk berdakwah melalui musik nasyid sahaja???....cuma cara penyampaian musik ni sahaja yang perlu diambil berat, walaupun bunyinya adalah hip hop tak semestinya bole berpakaian tak senonoh ,ketat atau sewaktu dgnnya, tidak juga bermakna kita bole menari sesuka hati....

    "Jika zaman dahulu penuh dengan puisi-puisi indah, zaman kita skrg penuh dgn kata-kata XXX"
    -emm ayat ni pikir2 sendrila ye.

    Bg org yg x menghayati maksud lagu, bagus dgr lagu nasyid..irama yg mendayu dah cukup utk menusuk hati.Bagi sesipa yg memahaminya Alhamdullillah.....

    Ki awal jg keputusan kamu kuar....
    So nak jadi doktor yang paling happy lagi ke?? (^_^)

    Kirim salam keluarga, kalo ada masa n $$$ pegi rmh ko ;p...

  6. I want to be a hip hop like doctor. (Read it carefully so you really understand what i mean.

  7. Anonymous1:43 pm

    dude, first you're really confuse when you post this aren't you?
    Hip-hop is a culture started in Bronx, New York and it somehow came to Malaysia and hit mainstream in the 90s. Hip-hop is not about music, but culture. Hip is the knowledge and relevant, hop is the movement.
    Well, I think Too Phat was creative. Malique disappearing from the scene was needed as he wants to move on with his personal life. But now he's back with an album, OK.

    Combining religious song and hip-hop is not something foul. It's creative. It's how you want to express your feeling.
    I think Too Phat has never killed Nasyid. Maybe you have to read more to write something more interesting.

    Look at the positive side. :)

  8. Well this is not right. people look at the topic and make their conclusion. Well, actually i like too phat. I love em making them song commbining malay culture an hip hop and even religious hip hop music. Great. What make me irritated is the other rap group that try to follow their way but end up with syok sendiri song and destroying the religious message in the song. Look at too phat Alhamdulillah, really pack and easy to hear. Easy to get the message.

    What i mean here is, too phat really put effort making this song, but the others, if they don't really know how to mix it, don't.

    If you don't know how to bake a cake, don't bake until you really know how to do it.

  9. Anonymous7:25 pm

    wtf is u sayin bitch

  10. Anonymous3:04 pm

    yeah, yeah yeah, sigh...malaysian music in general only emulates rather than, how creative..too phat tu shiok oh..i never like too phat because they were never THAT talented but i give them props of seizing on the malay populace.When Too Phat rap in malay or something religious it's cool but let's say when a buddhist, taoist, christian, hindu, INSERT RELIGION HERE, comes into play, they get ban on the freakin radio.. Kudos malaysia.Why don't we play Namewee on radio? not chinese but i dont see why not? i mean let's not have double standards here but who am i preaching this to? why that's right hypocritical malaysians..who am i kidding, im one of the members..we suck so bad.i hate malaysian music to a T. they say support original, i do, thats why i dont listen to our music..but this is my opinion, please don't kill me..haha..or kick me out of my friend said..i love malaysia but malaysia hates me..thanks a seriously..


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