What's Wrong with Islam

I used to study in a St.Anthony School Labuan. Almost all the student is Christian. I enjoy my life studying at the school, make a lot of friends, and learning each other belief and culture.

It's Malaysia, a small beautiful country in the South East Asia. A muslim country that are totally different from what western think about a muslim country. Most of the Western will look to the middle East, West Asia to refer what a muslim country is. Even if the look to the east, only Indonesia and Philiphines where militan group is active and what they all see about Islam is only war and terror.

What happen to the other Muslim country. Most of them are mentally killed by the globalization, the modern era of the world.

Politics is what its all about... War, terror, kill, bomb, everything actually only because of politic. Not Islam. But people are relating it to Islam just because the one that do that kind of thing are muslim. This makes me really sick of the world system.

But i don't care about those politics thing. What i'm concerning now is the people that did not understand what is Islam but they babbling too much like they know what is Islam, like they ever be in Islam before.

I read a tons of Web Blog posting so much weird thing they claim to be the rule of Islam. And what are the rule. Most of it saying that Islam is a War religion. Killing, raping, war, bomb and hatred is what Allah order in Islam. It's very contrast to what really Islam is. And many of them even called Muhammad a rapist, a criminal and even a terrorist.

I'm very sad about it. Because the one that wrote all this thing is the one that have zero knowledge of Islam. They are full of hatred and try to condemn this holy religion. I even shocked when they said Al-quran contains a lot of instruction to do war and kill people. I never found that kind of statement in Koran.
Patience, is the only thing that i can do. I understand that people that wrote this kind of things is unknowledge person. Just like a small kid who talk too much to show that he already become a man even he is still sleeping under his mother armpit.

Islam is a Holy religion. full of peace, love and kindness. A real muslim is the person that look down to the earth, humble, have lots of knowledge, keep on doing good things, leave the sin, love other creatures, full of patience.

In Islam, you even not encourage to look at a girl. It's a sin to touch a girl that is not your wife. How come they said that this religion encourage to rape. Kill? You will always know that no religion ask their people to kill. Even in Islam. Suicide is also prohibited in Islam, it's a big sin that will cause you to be sent to the hell, no way that a real Muslim can become a suicide bomber. War in Islam is onlt for defensive. No way the this religion encourage to do War. And Prophet Muhammad, is truly a holy man even history tell us, and why they said he is a murder, a criminal even without looking at the real history of him.

Living as a Muslim, i feel peace. Even if you live in your own religion, you will feel like what i feel. No hatred and revenge. Forgiveness is the biggest part in Islam.

Islam is not what many westerner claimed in the Internet. They really hate this religion and i don't know why. Maybe they think about how many friends and relative of them die because of Islam ( is what they said) but they never think about how many friends, family and relative of ours die because the hatred to Islam. Thousand die in Palestin, never forget Bosnia tragedy a few years ago, hundred die in Thailand, lots die in Afghanistan, thousand die in Iraq, and still Islam is blame in this world.

Westerner are trying to eliminate this religion. I don't know why... I'm still searching for its answer. Why they really hate Islam.Even if Islam cannot fight them, they still trying to bully this religion. Islam is not a threat. But the reality is they want to eradicate this religion from this world. So Sad.

never hate other religion,half of my friends is Christian, lot of them Buddha, a little bit of Hindu, and also with no religion. All of them live happily, we live happily as a friend. Like we never look outside of Malaysia on how people are killing each other.

All religions are holy for me. Because all of them order not to do sin( i don't know how is the religion in the West because i didn't understand why they are full of hatred.

I'm very glad to be born in Malaysia. A peaceful Muslim country. People are multireligous, multicultural and live together happily. (I read also a blog that try to claim that Hindu people are discriminated in Malaysia, keep saying Malaysia discriminate other religion but still Malaysia goverment is control by 1/2 muslim and 1/2 non-muslim. didn't know which newspaper they read about Malaysia. Again another without knowledge person babbling).

Peace to other religion. In Malaysia we can live together. I hope the world also can be like this. To respect other religion and to live in harmony without thinking to be better than the others.


  1. It was very nice reading this and hearing the truth =)


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