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So many things i wanted to say. To tell everyone about out trip here in Kg Putat Kedah. About our health promotion. But i've planned to conclude it after we finish this project 4 days later. Now, i just want to tell some story about selfishness and honesty. About two thing that we must look seperately. But we must consider it together. In friendship, what do we need? The most important thing is honesty. We must be honest to our friends. We must be loyal. Friend never lie is what people always say. yes, this is the important element of friendship. To tell the truth. I never lie to my best friend and my friends except the truth that can cause our friendship to be break. Its so easy. everytime you are busy, tell your friends that you are busy, everytime you on don't like, tell him honestly but not in a critics manner. Honest is crucial. Without honesty, there is no meaning to make friends with others. Secon thing is selfish. Should we be selfish? No! Everyone must not be se


Yes, no doubt everyone can feel the heat of World Cup is coming. What about me? Yes, of course im very excited about this. I can't remember when did i start watching this world cup. For your information, im hate sport. Even im a boy ( a boy supposed to like sport) but i don't like it very much. Usually, i just sit and quiet watching and hearing my friends talking about football, about the English league, france league, mentioning all the football player's name. I can't joined the conversation cause i know nothing about it. But when it come to World Cup, i suddenly changed. Even if i didn't know all the player's name, but i know some of the brazil player. that's all. Just that. Haha. I really like Brazil. So every world cup i will be betting on them. I will only support them and only stay awake at night to see them in the field. The others i ignore. Haha. I dont even know every brazilian player, all i know is only ronaldo, roberto carlos, ronaldinho, kak


Not much to say in this blog. Im busy of doing my work for the upcoming health promotion. So many things i want to write, i want to write about how good chinese in business and why malay don't. I want to write about how labuan's drivers have become worst than any other place. I want to write why a male my age cannot be friend with girls cause if i did, gossip about coupling will come out. I want to write about the the voice change of japanse anime to malay language. I want to write everything but i can't. too many to be written in a small wasting tim to read blog. mayb i should just read and stop writing. But i can't. Too many thing that i've think. I must spit out something. Okay, just a few days ago i saw this in the television. It's about one women minister proposed about giving 30% quota to womens in parlimen. And this idea has been rejected. But for me i didn't reject before thinking. So i think... Why must put quota on that. I remember before