Yes, no doubt everyone can feel the heat of World Cup is coming. What about me? Yes, of course im very excited about this.

I can't remember when did i start watching this world cup. For your information, im hate sport. Even im a boy ( a boy supposed to like sport) but i don't like it very much. Usually, i just sit and quiet watching and hearing my friends talking about football, about the English league, france league, mentioning all the football player's name. I can't joined the conversation cause i know nothing about it.

But when it come to World Cup, i suddenly changed. Even if i didn't know all the player's name, but i know some of the brazil player. that's all. Just that. Haha. I really like Brazil. So every world cup i will be betting on them. I will only support them and only stay awake at night to see them in the field. The others i ignore. Haha. I dont even know every brazilian player, all i know is only ronaldo, roberto carlos, ronaldinho, kaka,... im not sure the others. But i really love this team.

So why world cup is so big? So huge? With more popular than olympic games. It sure a huge huge ceremony and it could boost up one country economy when they oganize it.

World Cup is like a ceremony for everyone. We can see everyone are watching to one channel to one field, to one game all together all over the world. Everyone forgot about Iran crisis Iraq, About Palestin, forget all just because of the world cup game. It's amazing.

I was really fascinate about world cup. Even a person like me that doesn't like football but become a football mania suddenly when world cup is coming. Now im preparing for the first match tonight between Germany and costa rica. Well, me and my father even my other are excting waiting or it. No one wanna miss it.

I can't believe that all over the world will be watching that game tonight live. I can't believe human can be one. Human celebrating one celebration. No matter what religion, colour, where you come from, everyone enjoy it. So, i think,... Is there any other ceremony that can beat this World CUp Event?....

I think, nothing can. This is a celebration that human held for human, for all hman, contributing to peace and spirit of sport. This celebration is the only celebration that unite we all.


  1. Anonymous10:24 am

    World Cup ni punya hebat, sampai prep malam pun boleh kasi kensel. Time tu memang seronoklah tengok World Cup.

    But now it has lost quite a lot of its appeal on me. Walaupun aku masih mengikuti perkembangannya, kita punya terlalu banyak perkara yang perlu diselesaikan terlebih dahulu.


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