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So many things i wanted to say. To tell everyone about out trip here in Kg Putat Kedah. About our health promotion. But i've planned to conclude it after we finish this project 4 days later.

Now, i just want to tell some story about selfishness and honesty. About two thing that we must look seperately. But we must consider it together.

In friendship, what do we need? The most important thing is honesty. We must be honest to our friends. We must be loyal. Friend never lie is what people always say. yes, this is the important element of friendship. To tell the truth. I never lie to my best friend and my friends except the truth that can cause our friendship to be break. Its so easy. everytime you are busy, tell your friends that you are busy, everytime you on don't like, tell him honestly but not in a critics manner. Honest is crucial. Without honesty, there is no meaning to make friends with others.

Secon thing is selfish. Should we be selfish? No! Everyone must not be selfish. In friendhip, you cant be selfish. If you do then no one will become closed to you. Everyone will hate you. But this limited to the moral value. If you should be selfish, for example your frends want to play around while you want to study, then you should be selfish. Study. Don't join them.

but if two things is combined what will happen? I mean when you are selfish and you are not honest with your friends?

Well.. you are the worst friends ever and you maybe not suitable to be called friends then.

If you think you shouldn't be honest with your friends to make sure that both side get the benefit then it's ok. But if you are only telling a lie or not honest because of yourselve, then go to hell.

What it the problem to say your good result to your friends? hard? What is the problem actually. Then when you explain that you dont want to tell your result because you dont want to be said arrogant...then what the heck is wrong with you. Now you are begging to be friends..

to tell honestly, i never have friends who dont want to tell something honestly to me. Doesnt matter you want to keep yourselves for nothing, but i really hate it.

If you dont want to become arrogant, then you dont want to tell your 4 flet result to anyone including your friends, but then inside you really want to tell it, what is the problem with you. If you dont really want to tell, then you really don't want to tell. But why tell someone else. Even though that person is a lecturer, why must you tell him so easily rather than your friends.

This is the problem of human nowdays. They are arrogant inside but pretending not to be one.

For me, i've got 3.54 for my second sem exam, im happy, i tell people about it cause i proud about it but i didnt tell anyone that didnt ask. That is an important principle. But you?

you keep didnt tell your result even though i ask a lot times. I just know it when you arrogantly saying it infront of the lecturer and infront of people. Making a big mistake of your life.

I Never have this kind of friends. Even though you said that you are closed to me and 2 others friends, well actually, me and the 2 others never make you are friends. you are only collegue. cause we are from a poorer family. We've been to hostel few years, we live in a community that we should stand on our feet, to live hard to survive, and we must have friends to be alive, that's why we know how friend should be.

You should just live longer and learn more about this world.

P/s: Dedicated to person that making me like his servant then get mad when i said i had enough with him. Person that say he is a friend of mine but he keeps hurting me since the first day i met him. Person that very selfish and keeps thinking that he is the best. Keep thinking that he is the only person have stress and work to do. Person that dont want to be arrogant while inside you are very arrogant, and outside we can see you are pretending. Person that are very sick. really sick inside.

If you want to know who? you maybe already know who......



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