Not much to say in this blog. Im busy of doing my work for the upcoming health promotion.

So many things i want to write, i want to write about how good chinese in business and why malay don't. I want to write about how labuan's drivers have become worst than any other place. I want to write why a male my age cannot be friend with girls cause if i did, gossip about coupling will come out. I want to write about the the voice change of japanse anime to malay language. I want to write everything but i can't. too many to be written in a small wasting tim to read blog.

mayb i should just read and stop writing. But i can't. Too many thing that i've think. I must spit out something.

Okay, just a few days ago i saw this in the television. It's about one women minister proposed about giving 30% quota to womens in parlimen. And this idea has been rejected. But for me i didn't reject before thinking.

So i think...

Why must put quota on that. I remember before this, Malay were given a higher quota in the universities, so then, what happen to them. Most of them did not really qualified to be in the universities.Most of them just wasting parents and goverment money and then expelled by the universities.

Quota is not good. Its showing the weakness of the group that ar given the priority. It proved that Malay is not that good before in the perspective of getting a higher education. Showing that im-too-weak-than-give-me-quota.

So now, women are shouting in the parlimen to be given quota. 30% of the parlimen should be given to female. This showing that they are weak. Can they just compete with the male fairly. Look at out parlimen now, Not all male inside. There are women inside. So now they ask a quota.

Why female not enough in the parlimen? This is because not all women are that good enough to be in it. To be a leader. this is not a classroom to be given quota. This is about leadership of the country.

Just imagine when 30% quota are given to female. Can they filled that 30% with a good enough potential women or maybe to filled the empty chair, just take an average women to sit on it. We don't want an average leader. We want a great leader.

So looking to the parlimen now, there is no quota for male and female. SO it's fair for both sex to compete. Not asking a quota to get inside this leader board.

Im not taking women inferiorly. I support women cause now they are in the parlimen with other male leader. More should come after this. Come inside parlimen fair and square by competing and getting support from the whole citizen of Malaysia.

Its a fair country that let women to be a leader in this country. No discrimination, thus no need to be quota for female in the parlimen.

Answer: I did not agree with the idea.


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