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THE CAR It’s been a long time… Lots happen nowadays. I feel that my life change a lot in just a year in this Medical School. I feel like I’m not the one like before. I’m different. And I hate it. Cause I like to be like I used to be before, going anywhere I want, doing whatever I want, and I never think of wasting time or wasting anything. Because for me my life will never be wasted even I spend a day in a shopping complex looking at every people that passes me by. I didn’t really fed up with my life now cause it’s becoming more interesting, with lots of new things I’ve learned everyday. This is what I wanted to do, and I’m doing it now. I like the adrenaline rush in my body. I really like to be in a situation that is really hard to be handled. It’s a new semester again and thing change a little bit because now I have my own car and I did not have to wait for bus anymore. I can wake up late in the morning, and I can go to the library anytime I want. So my life now isn’t that much

The Kodiang Job

Each of us have our own ability. I’m not sure what is my ability but I’m sure I will have to be functional in the group. Our group of 10. All living separately all over Malaysia. Only 3 of us from the same place, Labuan. But we did not live closed together. We even did not meet each other before this. Only meet them in the University, after that never see them again. 3 of us from Labuan, and 2 of us taking the same flight to KL. There will be person who will pick us there. I’m looking forward into this job. I’ve prepared myself all this weeks and days for this Job. I read everything and load up my brain with knowledge. Just in case that I need it when I reach there. I never went for a job without enough preparation. I’m not very confident about this job. Because looking to our plan, still have some error here and there. I also did not finish my work before this. I supposed to get supply from the Agency in Kedah but I’m still waiting for the supply. I hope that when I reach Kodiang,