The Kodiang Job

Each of us have our own ability. I’m not sure what is my ability but I’m sure I will have to be functional in the group. Our group of 10. All living separately all over Malaysia. Only 3 of us from the same place, Labuan. But we did not live closed together. We even did not meet each other before this. Only meet them in the University, after that never see them again. 3 of us from Labuan, and 2 of us taking the same flight to KL. There will be person who will pick us there. I’m looking forward into this job.

I’ve prepared myself all this weeks and days for this Job. I read everything and load up my brain with knowledge. Just in case that I need it when I reach there.

I never went for a job without enough preparation. I’m not very confident about this job. Because looking to our plan, still have some error here and there. I also did not finish my work before this. I supposed to get supply from the Agency in Kedah but I’m still waiting for the supply. I hope that when I reach Kodiang, the supply is ready. Shah Alam, our first stop. And the place where we will meet other member for this job. I take this chance to go around Shah Alam while waiting the others. It’s good to take the advantage like this. Doing a job during vacation or vacation during a job. I didn’t care. I want to spent my time watching around Shah Alam. But time is running out. We did not have much time. We take our lunch around 3 PM and I take a little nap until 7 Pm.

Then we pack up. We call other members to gather them at the bus station. Everyone must be there before 10.30 pm. And everyone come right on time. We meet 3 other members there. We take our dinner near the bus station. Just Nasi Lemak with fried chicken. We eat quickly and then gather around. We set our plan. And we will reach Kodiang in the morning. It’s a 6 hours bus ride. I’m very excited about this.

We will meet another 3 of our members in Jitra just before we reach Kodiang. I look around the bus station. We take pictures and we all look very excited for this job. I’m feeling a little tired but still I feel my adrenaline rush. I’m not sure whether it’s adrenaline or Dopamine. I did not need to remember all of this for this job. 7 of us get into the bus. Everyone have commitment. Everyone with their own specialties. Everyone bringing their own instruments, their own materials for this job. I’m also bringing mine. They asked me to bring my laptop but I did not. Cause I think 3 computers is enough for this job. I just bring some glass thing and a banner. Doesn’t know whether the banner will be helpful later. Just pray.

So, for the next 6 hours, I’m sleeping in the bus. Only wake when the bus stop for in a rest station. But I did not sleep well. I’m thinking about this job. Why I’m involve this far. It’s too far but I’m very excited. I want to be in this team. To be the part of the crew, but I know later I wil face difficulties, but I will face it like a man. And I hope all of us can work together as a team. I look to the right, and to the left. Looking to all my colleague in that bus. All were sleeping. They have a nice dream. I couldn’t sleep at first but a few hours later I’m already in my dream. I woke up around 5.00 am. We’ve reached out destination. Jitra, Kedah. We will meet 3 other members here. So what will we do when we are waiting. I take a bath and then take my breakfast early. It’s 7 am. Here it’s different. In my hometown, 7 am you can take lunch already. Or, normal breakfast. But here, 7 am is too early. The restaurant still don’t have any food to eat. It was boring waiting. And I’m very tired. I’ve been traveling for 24 hours non-stop. I want to take a rest but stil we have to wait for the other 3 members before we went to Kodiang.

Around 8 am, we received a phone call. From the 3 members. They have arrived here in Jitra. We meet them around 8 am and we again pack our stuff and take a van ride to kodiang. During the ride, I can see how small this town was. We are heading to Kodiang, and there were only Padi field at the road side. I’m very tired even though the job haven’t start.

We reached Desa putat, and rent a small motel there. The motel will the base for our job. The place where we will plan everything and the place where we will be staying until our work is finish. After unpacking my stuff there, I went around the motel. I can see how beautiful that place was. Very beautiful. And then I realized, I’m standing there to accomplished, our job. The job that we have been planned for months. We need to finish this as fast as we could. To steal the villagers heart. To steal their attention. And to get our grade for this job.

I think it will not be an easy work. But it’s not impossible. It’s not impossible. If someone out there can stole a billion dollar diamond, why we here in this small place can’t steal human mind. By the end of this two weeks, we will know whether we accomplished our mission or not.

P/S: We've done our Health Promotion successfully beginning 13 Jun until 24 Jun.

p/s: I did not know whether we've done this as a teamwork or not but it's fun

p/s: health promotion was one of the program for Medical student in UMS, we have to do research and promotion on healthy life style or any health issue. It's a good way to teach us the way to approach villagers, and also to teach us the hard part of life. The hot sun that i will never forget, the wind that never blow, and the thirst that i felt when no villagers serve me drink...

p/s: But we did a good job The villagers like us, they invite us to lunch, and also dinner with Durian and pulut. The first time i ate this much Durian in my life. I don't like them but i enjoy them.

p/s: I think our group got the best supervisor to supervise us. I can't tell how nice he was to us. Bring us to Langkawi also.

p/s: I think, our holiday in langkawi (4 of us including the lecturer) is the most unforgotable memory of my life. The memory remains... and i will never forget how much fun we had there. haha.

p/s: I can't post any picture because my camera damn broke when i reach Kedah. Very sad. Everything in my mind only, ........ and inside Connie and Fam memory card. haha.


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