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It's Morning, or not... ot's 11.48 am. I just woke up from my dream. A dream to be the one who lead the world of course. I remember when i was in primary,secondary and maybe until now, my ambition still to take over the world. It could be fun taking over the world. I never think to be rude to all the people if i take over this world. I just want to be the one who is the most superior. So people would take my idea, to respect everything that i say. So people will feel very sorry of they make any mistake on me. i will point my finger to someone and ask him or her to do whatever i want. But i will not ask them to do stupid thing cause i'm the leader of the world. I won't be like Bush ordering his people to get in suicide mission to iraq, and to kill iraqian, to kill thousand of innoncent people. maybe i could only try my power and order my millions of soldier to attack america. But what is the point. This couldn't solve anything. Hmm, all the other leader in th

The Crime

THE CRIME It’s morning. 9 PM. I’m sitting in the car. Feeling very nervous. I didn’t know why but supposed that nowadays I have a lot of money from my PTPTN, but then now, we didn’t have anything. All of our educational loan money are spent in books. A clinical book, pathological book and 2 more pharmacology and histopathology cost me around RM600. It’s totally super expensive and we don’t have choices. We have to take it or leave it. The PTPTN only give us RM1000. RM600 for books, RM200 for a new MP4 player, only RM200 for our daily expenditure. RM 200? My car petrol cost me more than that for a month. It’s not enough. Really not enough. And we have to buy that ant this for example have to buy t-shirt for the sports day and we force to buy our college magazine even though that magazine don’t bring any benefits to us. That is why I’m here. We are here. Waiting outside.. outside the real place where people kept their money. And we plan this for a long-long time. 4 of us, everyone wi