It's Morning, or not... ot's 11.48 am. I just woke up from my dream. A dream to be the one who lead the world of course. I remember when i was in primary,secondary and maybe until now, my ambition still to take over the world. It could be fun taking over the world.

I never think to be rude to all the people if i take over this world. I just want to be the one who is the most superior. So people would take my idea, to respect everything that i say. So people will feel very sorry of they make any mistake on me.

i will point my finger to someone and ask him or her to do whatever i want. But i will not ask them to do stupid thing cause i'm the leader of the world. I won't be like Bush ordering his people to get in suicide mission to iraq, and to kill iraqian, to kill thousand of innoncent people.

maybe i could only try my power and order my millions of soldier to attack america. But what is the point. This couldn't solve anything.

Hmm, all the other leader in the world will contact me to get my approvement if they want to do something. I won't let them initiate a war, i wont let them attack other country or to implose other country economy.

Thus, i have so much thing to do. So much thing to think and so much think to approve.

While, america will still bomb other country, so everyone will point a figer on me. Why i did't stop america? Well, i try to, but they didn't listen. So what should i do?

Hmm, maybe it will be quite hard to be a leader of the world. How about my private life? There won't be any privacy for me anymore. People will follow me everywhere i go. Media will show 95% of their interest on me. So how would i live my life. I can't hide anymore. can't do crazy stuff anymore.

Well, people are suffering and suffering because of me maybe. well, i do not want to see people crying.

I'm not god. I just want to be the leader of the world. Not to be a God. Aiya.

It's 12.15 PM. and my dream as a world leader is not as happy as it would be. Maybe i just want to be a leader of other planet. earth is so boring. People in earth so annoying if i become the leader of this small planet.

maybe people in Mars is more polite than the earthian. Well, i could be a leader of planet Mars.. create my own population, my own kingdom where i'm the only leader. Don't have so many leader that want to show off like what happen in the earth.

Haha. its my dream. Well, maybe now i'm the leader of my own world. It's more easy. Because i can control every single thing on it. Haha.

Maybe i should share this world with someone, but it's too damn fun to gave a world of mine.

Or maybe it is more fun to have the real world of mine,,... the earth!

27 August 2006


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