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Good Morning! The lecture is over.

It’s the beginning of a holy fasting month. Every Muslim have to fast for 30 days in this month and one can only eat during the night time and not day time. It’s one of the most waited month for all the Muslim including me. But maybe I did not miss this month like the others did. I miss it because this month instead of doing what we are told to do by God, but also I can save a lot of money because I do not have to spend my money for lunch. So how do we fast? Okay, here in Sabah, Malaysia, we wake up early at 3.30 am to take breakfast. So we eat and drink at that time. It’s energy consuming period. Starting from 4.40 am, we are restricted from eating and drinking water. The fasting begin. So the whole day we cannot consume any food or drinks until around 6.10 PM. When the sun has set, the fasting period is over. The whole night we can eat but of course no one will because after a whole day fasting, when you suddenly eat a meal, suddenly you will become very full. This maybe caused b

Eat or not.

I remember when i was in Secondary school, we usually have a class party. And to do it, we do it childhood way. Not like nowadays. Now if we want to make a class party, we book a restaurant or a club and go have fun. At that time, if we want to do a class party, we usually bring our own food and shared it together with our classmate. It was fun. Usually i'll asked my mother to cook some fried mee and some cripsy chicken wings and bring them to the class. The others usually bring cakes, some bring friend rice, curry, sandwich, beverages, and many more. WE have a lot of fun eating together with our teacher and singing and also playing games. To inform all the readers, i was in St.Anthony school at that time. This school is supposed to be a Christian School but i think at that time it was half Christian school ( goverment take over it since it was rebuilt after the old one was shut down), and majority of the student were chinese. 80% of them are chinese. Malay only sit in the

Eradicating the taboo

Before I start discussing, I want to highlight here, I wrote something here with my little medical knowledge but still with the knowledge. This was not to read by someone who are still living under the coconut shell. This is educational thing for us to think. And nothing here is final, one will have different opinion. To talk about sex openly is no big deal for us in School Of Medicine. We have to learn and know everything. And we have to practice not to shy when we talking about sex. It’s a taboo thing for most people in Malaysia. I taught people are more open minded nowadays but still many people labeling sex as a taboo thing. During the convocation weeks, a security guard come to our Medical School booth and asks about HIV. So as a person who know a little bit more, so we did told him on HIV. What distracting me was when I said sex, the guard become shy and even tries to stop me from talking by using finger sign. “Don’t say that word la, just say ‘play’ as a substitution,”