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Eat or not.

I remember when i was in Secondary school, we usually have a class party. And to do it, we do it childhood way. Not like nowadays. Now if we want to make a class party, we book a restaurant or a club and go have fun.

At that time, if we want to do a class party, we usually bring our own food and shared it together with our classmate. It was fun.

Usually i'll asked my mother to cook some fried mee and some cripsy chicken wings and bring them to the class. The others usually bring cakes, some bring friend rice, curry, sandwich, beverages, and many more. WE have a lot of fun eating together with our teacher and singing and also playing games.

To inform all the readers, i was in St.Anthony school at that time. This school is supposed to be a Christian School but i think at that time it was half Christian school ( goverment take over it since it was rebuilt after the old one was shut down), and majority of the student were chinese. 80% of them are chinese.

Malay only sit in the lower level class, but fortunately, i got some brain to stay in the first level class. Haha. I'm clever at that time. Thus my classmate mostly are chinese, some malay... few malay.

Still, i enjoy the class party. I enjoy multiracial friendship rather than just having friends with only the same race. So it was no big problem to me to make friends. I also still naive that time because i did not know that racist in Malaysia still exist. I start to realized it when i enter University life last year.

Ok, so about the food. Who bring the food? Of course we all did. Who cooked the food? Our mother did. Some girls did cook the food themselves to show off to the guys that they know how to cook. Where did we cook it? In out home of course.

So to bring my interest in writing this article, did i concerned about Halal or Haram? Did the food all are halal. No pork was served. No beer were served. But did i really sure that everything was Halal.

So, even we are a little naive, but we did know that we could not eat pork and drink alcohol because we are Muslim. So we usually give terms to all the classmate to not to bring this kind of food to the party. We respect each other thus we follow the rules.

I remember one cheese cake served in the class. A cheese cake. Homemade cheesecake made by one of my amoi classmate. It was delicious. Actually it was not sweet as i expected. Not to delicious also, but it was the first time i tasted a cheesecake. She said that she made it herself.

So memory pass by. And i feel i was very naive at that time to eat all the things without concerning the source of it.

So nowadays when i enter University, i will choose a food to eat or product that have halal logo. But what annoying me is, ALL the people from peninsular, they are really having a feeling of a high level of insecurities. I know after the cases of Halal logo in Sarawak, people are maybe become more aware of the issues. But it was very annoying when everything is wrong and everything is almost non-halal. They make Malaysia become like France.

I bought a mooncake ( a chinese traditional food) from a bakery i usually bought my bun bread and all of that, and they start to complain about what i bought. I did check the mooncake before i buy it and there was a cleat logo of halal from JAKIM at the bottom of the mooncake's can.

What subject do they rise? They said that even though there were a Halal logo there, maybe it was a fake one. And it will cause us to eat Haram thing and affect our body.

So, we cannot eat everything!!!! Cannot even buy those rice, those canned drink, those snack, those peanuts, those milk, those fruit... There could be having a fake halal logo.

I don't understand why this matter were rise. I was very confident that JAKIM is doing their best work to maintain the safety of all muslim community in Malaysia. The cases in Sarawak about the fake Halal Logo was a minor cases happen and this could not be used to claim all the Halal logo was fake.

My memory comes again when i was in the secondary school. All the food that my classmate bring could be Non Halal. No halal logo on their food. But i eat it all. I know, they were honest and respect our religion and our belief.

I respect them too. Until now, i never get offensive to the other religions. I respect tham as a human. like us. They were also like us.

The issues about the mooncake? In my point of view, the one who said it could be a fake Halal logo on it, this one is actually not saying it in the religous point of view, but a racist that classify the Mooncake to be a chinese food. And all the chinese foods are haram to them. clearly not respecting the other race in malaysia.

Racist is what i hate the most!!!



  1. Dzaquan3:18 pm


    aku pon terkejut jugak masa study di semenanjung, dorang sangat prejudis dengan semua makanan cina.

    bukan jak makanan tapi dorang kadang2 mmg ndak mo langsung try berkawan dengan non-bumi.

    Good to know someone else have the same thought as me.

  2. I share your sentiments on the issue. Yang paling aku tak faham pasal isu logo halal jakim tu. Bukan ko sorang ja, aku pun selalu kena di sini. Balik2 keluar ayat, "that logo could be a fake/bought one!" Why make everything so difficult?


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