Good Morning! The lecture is over.

It’s the beginning of a holy fasting month. Every Muslim have to fast for 30 days in this month and one can only eat during the night time and not day time. It’s one of the most waited month for all the Muslim including me. But maybe I did not miss this month like the others did. I miss it because this month instead of doing what we are told to do by God, but also I can save a lot of money because I do not have to spend my money for lunch.

So how do we fast? Okay, here in Sabah, Malaysia, we wake up early at 3.30 am to take breakfast. So we eat and drink at that time. It’s energy consuming period. Starting from 4.40 am, we are restricted from eating and drinking water. The fasting begin. So the whole day we cannot consume any food or drinks until around 6.10 PM. When the sun has set, the fasting period is over. The whole night we can eat but of course no one will because after a whole day fasting, when you suddenly eat a meal, suddenly you will become very full. This maybe caused by your stomach has shrunk a little.

It was called a holy month where all people must do only the good thing. God will bless human in this month. For me, I hope that this month, the God will bless me and help me to improve my study. Could be this month I will study harder and less tense because of the God blessing.

People always said that during this month, you must sleep early because the next morning at 3.30 am you must wake up to take breakfast. After that you can go study until Subuh Prayer time and then start your morning with happiness and God Bless. In reality, I can’t sleep early! This is because I have lots of things to study and some assignment to complete. Mandarin homework really bothered me. To wake up early in the morning is my speciality. I waked up at 3.30 am every morning to take the early breakfast. To stay up and study is a hard thing to accomplish. I usually just manage to stay for around 30 minutes before I collapsed on the bed.

Sleep until around 7.30 am in the morning. Usually I woke up at 6.30 am but in this fasting month, I woke up every morning at 7.30. Have to rush to get to the class on time. It’s really damn (toot). I don’t like to be late. And after that rush, when I reached the class usually my favourite seat were already taken. I hate it. Have to sit on a seat that is not comfortable for me for the whole day lectures.

God should bless me in this month. God will give me a full concentration on the lectures. Maybe this is the positive thing for this holy month. You can get a full concentration to the lectures not like the other month. Maybe when you stomach is full then you will feel asleep. But in this month, your stomach already emptying when you reach the classroom. So better concentration perhaps. Maybe this holy month also you will get an extra memorizing bonus from the God. Maybe this month you will not have to hardly to remember every fact in the lecture. This is a holy month.

It is really a holy month. Even though my seat are taken, I have to rush every morning, and I did not manage to study early in the morning, but maybe the God will help me in the other part. The God will improve my brain, my memory and my concentration.

“Good Morning! The lecture is over!”

What?! Over? Where am I during the lecture?

A few minutes to recall my memory, and oh no comes out. I slept in the lecture. There is nothing such as improve memory and concentration. I slept in the lecture.

So thinking that this month I will be better is negative. I’m a lot worse than before. I slept almost on every lecture. I did not manage to get that full concentration like before.

To hope that God will help you in this fasting month is a little nonsense. God will not change people when those people don’t want to change themselves. God will not help us if we did not help ourselves. God will not improve us if we did not improve ourselves. So by just thinking that this month is a holy month and God will help us on everything is wrong.

So now I’m not thinking that God will always help me on my study on this month, but I till pray. It’s a praying month. So I pray that God will soon help me. But it’s not that only, I try to manage my study and sleeping time back. Sometimes I take afternoon nap to help me stay up at night and pay every sleeping time I have missed.

Afternoon nap Makruh or not right during fasting is what people say. But I have to, because I need to study hard to become a doctor, and just following what people say is not right for me. I have to get enough sleep also.At least, this month I try change to become a better man. Peace!


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