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Where is the luck?

I haven’t post anything here for quite a long time. Not because I have nothing to talk about, but because my laptop broke. I wrote a lot of things to post on my blog, but now, its all disappear. Here, what I wanted to talk about is about a series of unfortunate event that I have been through. Remember the last time I wrote something about my bad luck on my journey from labuan to Kota Kinabalu. The story doesn’t end there. The unfortunate event come haunting for me until now. At the time I wrote this. But I simply take it as a test to me from God. Maybe my good luck is waiting for me in the near future. It started before we visit Crocodile Farm in Tuaran. Just after I finish my musculoskeletal and skin final test paper. I went back to my hostel, feeling not really comfortable I don’t know why. Then I wanted to copy my friends DVD. Everything was find at that time, my laptop working as good as new. I also do not feel anything bad could happen. Then suddenly, my DVD-RW seems to stop

Just my bad Luck

What a week. We only finished the first week of the examination, but still I feel that my brain already exhausted. I wonder if they purposely make the questions that hard? I’ve been studying very hard this few weeks for this exam but then during the paper, sometimes I feel that I never read or heard about that questions before. This time, I feel a little comfortable with the test, maybe we already immune with this test stuff cause every month we have monthly test and it feel that I’ve been through this so many many times. What I want to tell here is not about the examination stuff because I already talk about examination a lot in my blog. Still the same thing again and again. What I want to tell here is about my bad luck road trip a weeks ago after Hari Raya. Well this year Hari raya is not that interesting to me because I celebrate it for only one day. The second day of Hari Raya, I went back to my college, by car. It only take about 4 hours journey from Labuan to Kota Kinabalu. 1 an