Just my bad Luck

What a week. We only finished the first week of the examination, but still I feel that my brain already exhausted. I wonder if they purposely make the questions that hard? I’ve been studying very hard this few weeks for this exam but then during the paper, sometimes I feel that I never read or heard about that questions before.
This time, I feel a little comfortable with the test, maybe we already immune with this test stuff cause every month we have monthly test and it feel that I’ve been through this so many many times.
What I want to tell here is not about the examination stuff because I already talk about examination a lot in my blog. Still the same thing again and again. What I want to tell here is about my bad luck road trip a weeks ago after Hari Raya. Well this year Hari raya is not that interesting to me because I celebrate it for only one day. The second day of Hari Raya, I went back to my college, by car. It only take about 4 hours journey from Labuan to Kota Kinabalu. 1 and a half hour with the ferry and the rest driving on the straight road through Beufort, Papar then Kota Kinabalu.
I’m driving with my closest friends Wai Hong and that day seems quite ok. No signs of bad luck. The sun is shining brightly and my car is in a good condition. I like driving very much. It’s fun to watch the beautiful scenery from Menumbok to Kota kinabalu. Very beautiful. Plus with my closest friend with me, we chat along the way, laughing and discussing about many things from money to girls, to car to a life after we finish our study.
The bad luck start 2 kilometers before reaching Papar town. Usually in a rural area like this, the traffic was smooth and clear. But suddenly there was a traffic jam there. 2 kilometers traffic jam. It is time wasting condition. We spend around 30 minutes in that traffic jam. And a few times I have to break suddenly when a car ( a stupid driver that have no patient) start overtaking my car and suddenly get in the line in front of me making me have to break suddenly. Damn driver. Still want to drive fast and dangerously in a small traffic jam like that.
After overcoming the traffic jam, we drive fast because we are running out of time. Wai Hong have to reach KK before 7 pm and the time is almost 6 PM. The next things happen was my tire blew up. I feel that we are very-very bad luck that day. We spend around 15 minutes to fix the tire. It is almost 6.30 PM then. Then we try to drive fast but its already dark. We can’t drive that fast during night time. Before this I drive around 100 km/j but when it is dark, I have to drive just around 70-60 km/j. Just about 30 km before reaching KK, the rain fall heavily suddenly. Now I have to slow down more to 60 km/j or more. Maybe just 50 km/j. That time I start to ask wai hong, what kind of luck that we had that day.
We pray to God in the car so we can reach KK safely and on time. Please don’t gave us any other bad luck. ……Thanks God. We reach KK sharply 7 pm. And the rain already stopped. I drop Wai hong at Centrepoint and continue my journey a few more kilometers to my college. During my journey alone to UMS that night, I feel safe. Safer than before when we have to drive in the rain on the road without the street light. I can’t see clearly during that condition. But then I feel safe after reaching KK. I can drive a little bit faster because I was used to that road.
And start to think about that bad luck day again now, I start to think whether God really help us? Yes God did. I remember when we change the tire in Papar, we can feel that the tire was extremely hot. Because of the heat, that tire blows up. So the rain that night saved us. It cool down our tire a little bit. And the dark night made me drive a little carefully and slowly. Maybe if I continue rushing they will be something bad that happen. God really help us The rain was the obvious one.
I still remember our pray that night. It was an unforgettable memory of our journey from Labuan to KK.

Lee : Jangan-jangan pecah lagi satu tayar..Zaki: Ya, kalau pecah lagi satu habislah kita. Lee: Mungkin pasal panas tayar tadi. Zaki: Sepatutnya kita berhenti di papar dulu bagi sejuk tayar. Tapi kita mau cepat tadi. Jadi begini pula. Gelap sudah ni, aku tidak boleh bawa laju-laju sangat ni dalam gelap. Harap-harap tiada lagi nasib malang kita ni. Lee: harap-haraplah.Zaki: Tolonglah Tuhan bagi kami selamat sampai KK.Lee: Jangan bagi pancit satu tayar lagi.
(Suddenly the rain fall down heavily)
Zaki: Hujan? Lee: Lebat ni. Zaki: habislah kita….
(October 25th 2006. 6.25 PM. Location: Lok Kawi.)
October 3rd 2006.


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