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Where is the luck?

I haven’t post anything here for quite a long time. Not because I have nothing to talk about, but because my laptop broke. I wrote a lot of things to post on my blog, but now, its all disappear. Here, what I wanted to talk about is about a series of unfortunate event that I have been through. Remember the last time I wrote something about my bad luck on my journey from labuan to Kota Kinabalu. The story doesn’t end there. The unfortunate event come haunting for me until now. At the time I wrote this. But I simply take it as a test to me from God. Maybe my good luck is waiting for me in the near future.

It started before we visit Crocodile Farm in Tuaran. Just after I finish my musculoskeletal and skin final test paper. I went back to my hostel, feeling not really comfortable I don’t know why. Then I wanted to copy my friends DVD. Everything was find at that time, my laptop working as good as new. I also do not feel anything bad could happen.

Then suddenly, my DVD-RW seems to stop reading the disc that I put in it. I did not suspect anything wrong. Maybe just some ‘restarting’ could help me to solve the problem. But then, restarting doesn’t help much. After a few hours trying everything to solve my DVD-RW problem then I realized that my DVD can’t read any CD. I feel very tense that time. A little stress. I try to act cool. Try to act like nothing big happen. Just a small matter.

Thus, the next day, I went to Kota Kinabalu and bring my Laptop back to the shop where I bought her. Then I ask the technician there to check on her whether they can fix my laptop. Then after a few minutes of checking, the technician said to me that she can’t be fix. I have to replace her DVD-RW with a new one. How much does it cost? RM 300++. A.nd my laptop warranty was already expired I was pretty shock about it. And I know that I can’t afford to buy it at the moment. So I have to forget about my DVD-RW. I can’t do anything about it.
That night, I am thinking deeply on how to fix the laptop more easily and more cheap. So, I take a screw driver, a few more tools and open up my laptop. Getting my laptop naked was so difficult. I have experience on how to open up a PC but not laptop. But I don’t care since her warranty was already unusable. After a few hours, me and with the help of my roommate, we manage to opened up everything on my laptop. But we did not dare to touch any crucial part, just opened up a superficial layer and also the DVD-RW. I try to clean my DVD-RW lens and then assemble it back and turn it on. Nothing wrong with it and the DVD-RW still don’t work.
Nothing change. I turn off my laptop before a few minutes later I wanted to do something so I turn it back on but what appear in my screen is only a black screen with a sentence ‘ file ???( forgot) is missing. Please re-install the file. I was very shock. How can I install the file if my DVD-RW cannot work. I’m check mate. Laptop down!

The next night when I wanted to go print and bind my assignment, I start my car engine and found that my side mirror had crash. I did not know who did it but it must be an accident. Damn! I continue my journey and the rain fall down heavily. When I reached the stationery shop where I usually bind my assignment, the cashier they said, “ our machine broke down can’t bind tonight”. What? What a bad luck for me. I’m wasting my time when the next day is my Viva examination.

So the next morning, my viva exam. We will be interview by 2 lecturers and I hope I’m getting a sporting one so he or she does not ask a very tough questions. But unfortunately I got De’Souza as my interviewer. He is the only physiologist in our school and he surely ask a tough and mind challenging questions.

After a tough viva, I hope nothing goes wrong again after that but unfortunately I found that 2 of my jeans and the only jeans for me already ripped at the site where we all usually don’t want it to tear. My friends start to call me a bad luck guy and ask me to bath with flowers as their joke saying that only with that I can get rid of my bad luck. But I did not believe on such things.
Now it’s the time for me to went back for holiday. I’m driving from Kota Kinabalu to Labuan. I hope my tire does not blow up again this time like the last time. I check everything before start my journey.

The journey seems fine in the beginning. Not until I reach beufort where the car suddenly stop. The temperature was very high. What is the meaning of this? I have to cool it down around one hour, filled the tank with water and cool everything. Then I drive again but just a few meters then the temperature went high again. Very high. This time I have to stop. I don’t know what to do now. I’m 50 Km before reaching my Menumbok where I will get a ferry there. Now I’m check mate.

Luckily I found the head of village where my car stopped. He was very kind as ask me to park my car at his house as my car can’t run anymore. I have to call my family and with a few networking with anyone we know around that area, I manage to get to Menumbok with a help of an auntie that use to be my sister’s friend’s mother. I get to Menumbok around 5 pm and I missed the RM40 ferry that I’ve already pay for the ticket earlier. I have to take a speed bot to labuan. And because there were not so many people at that time, they charged me RM15 and not RM13 that they usually charge for a ride.

When I reached Labuan, my hometown, I feel very comfortable and happy. I don’t know why I have to go through a very tough week. I taught my bad luck end there but another bad luck are coming.

When I went to a computer shop right here in Labuan, I want my Laptop to be fix just for me to use it. Forget about the DVD-RW and just fix the windows that crashed. I was there with the technician at the shop trying to boot up my system when we found that all the data in my computer was already gone and we also don’t know why. Seems like the hard disk damaged. What?And earlier that day I went to the ferry terminal just trying to get a ticket to Menumbok so I can took back my car that I left there and the ticket was sold out! What?

Why is everything seem to tease me. Everything around me went wrong. My data lost. All my assignment lost. I lost my car temporarily too. And I lost the happiness of this holiday.
I have to format my laptop and all the programs was gone. And I left all my installer in Kota Kinabalu and even I got it I can’t install it since I don’t have any CD reader on my laptop now.
I’m keeping myself from the outside world right now. I just sit around the house. Helping m mother to cook. Watching TV all day long and listen to music all night long. Thinking that there might be some good luck for me.

And after a long thinking, I realize that not all the bad luck happen to me. I lost my DVD of course later I will get a new one when I got my education loan money and the DVD must be faster than the older one. When my car broke down in Beaufort, there is a good luck for me when everybody started to help me out. Even a person that I never knew before become so kind to me. And I’m making new friends. My data lost but I manage to recover all the 10GB of my MP3 and my picture collection in my laptop along with games and Bleach comic in my laptop. What a good luck for me.

Thinking about this, I started to realize that my life was not that bad. It was very interesting. My journey, my journey that will never end, as long as I breath, the journey will continue, even there is a lot of things that I must go through I will walk on.

P/s: The only problem now is the money. Don’t have that much money to fix my problem now.


  1. setiap perkara ada hikmah di sebaliknya,

    bagusla, ko dapat melihat hikmah di sebalik semua masalah ko...

    I wish I can too...


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