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Drunk before dawn For free

Well, it is quite boring this few weeks. I have no money and all the thing I do is only study. It was very boring when your laptop’s DVD-ROM damaged. Nothing to do with it. I feel so boring. My life was not interesting as the last semester. Maybe because the new year is coming so this is the end of the year. So I just hoping that the next year will be better for me. Until one night, around 11 pm, Sunday, I received a message from my friend inviting me to watch a musical drama entitled Drunk Before Dawn. I don’t know how but he manages to sponsor me a free ticket for the show. At first I was just yes or no, no big deal. He even ask me to ask my other friends whether they want to go to the drama or not. Well, when I ask some of my Malay friends, they did not show any interesting response about that show. So I think the show was only another boring fund raising show held by a secondary school or something. But when I asked one of my Chinese friends that originally come from KL, h

A Day For The family

A DAY FOR THE FAMILY (CONGRATZ SCHOOL OF MEDICINE FAMILY DAY 2006. School of medicine family day. One of our school important annual events. Or maybe our MedStas most important activity. So as usual, the family day was held again. Bringing unforgettable memories to me and to the whole school. In this entry, only unforgettable memories of mine will be stated. I would not make this entry like a report for this family day. 9 december 2006, Karambunai Resort Kota Kinabalu. RM10 per entry for this Resort’s lagoon so each of us have to pay RM10 for this family day. I did not know anything about how they organize this events because I did not join the committee members. Or more specifically I never been invited to be in the committee even though I am glad to do it. At first they asked for my help but I seems feels like that everybody just using me because I have car. Just like a driver so in the end, I did not really gave much attention on how my colleague organize it. Last year when I wa

I've Been to Rufaqa' before

I was pretty excited or shock a little about what is hot in the news today. About Rufaqa’. A group that was founded by the person who create al-arqam a few years ago. The lost side of Islam. I do not really give much attention to the other ‘ajaran sesat’ things but this one really special for me. Not because I follow or like this group but because I’ve been to their centre once a few months ago. At that time this group was still unknown by the media. My last Health Promotion project group must know about this and maybe we can smile again to think about our experience there. Basically the story goes like this. When we planned to do a health promotion in Kedah last June, we try to get help and support from the local authorities or maybe try to get a sponsor but technically we did not get much. About our accommodation and transport there, we try to get some sponsor too and we get a little help from this group called Rufaqa’. There provide us with transport and also give us 50% discount