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School of medicine family day. One of our school important annual events. Or maybe our MedStas most important activity. So as usual, the family day was held again. Bringing unforgettable memories to me and to the whole school. In this entry, only unforgettable memories of mine will be stated. I would not make this entry like a report for this family day.
9 december 2006, Karambunai Resort Kota Kinabalu. RM10 per entry for this Resort’s lagoon so each of us have to pay RM10 for this family day. I did not know anything about how they organize this events because I did not join the committee members. Or more specifically I never been invited to be in the committee even though I am glad to do it. At first they asked for my help but I seems feels like that everybody just using me because I have car. Just like a driver so in the end, I did not really gave much attention on how my colleague organize it.

Last year when I was still in first year and of course at that time the second years were the one who organized this such events. At that time, my family day was just an event where I was asked to do that, join that game, do this and end up becoming the best team for the last family day that also took place in Karambunai resort’s Lagoon. Not that all, I also end up with sun burn and extreme blackening of my skin. Expose me to basal cell carcinoma.

Did I enjoyed last year family day. Maybe. Because at that time I’m only a junior that do anything ordered to me. So this year family day I asked the committee earlier on what is fun this year. And the answers is lots of GAME. Again!

I’ve been in lots of beach party, picnic, family day like this before. So what is fun in this kind of party. In my experience, the game is not the most fun part, what fun is about the environment.
When I went to my father’s workplace family day, the fun things to be there is of course the food and drinks, the music, and the people that have story to tell. Is there so many games around? No rather than just a simple game like field bowling, lucky draw (of course), guessing peanut in a bottle, etc, and the fun part is the prizes. Great prizes for simple game. Sports game is less because if you had a lot of sports game people wil get boring and tired of it.

In those family day, I usually taste every food serve and drinks a lot. Sometimes play pool or snooker that was provided, meeting friends and listen to the live band or play that simple game or just relax with other friends.

Here in School Of Medicine family day, it was different. Very different from other party that I have ever attended. This party started with speech. Yes academic speech by our deans ( this is what school of medicine is all about I guess). And for the whole day, the only games that was held was based on sports. Games that need to use strength and patients to be standing under the 40oC sunlight. I didn’t feel like I’m in a party at all. It was a school’s family day anyway.
7.00 AM, the bus from my college leave to Karambunai and I woke up at 7.30 AM. I was very lazy to go there. It was so boring if you have only a sports game with no great music and great food. To think that it was organized by my colleague (even my roommate) and it was my school only activities where academic is less important, so I force myself to go there. With my friends Nadrin and Sheehan, I decided to drive my Nissan there and we reached there late as we suspected.

I do nothing there at first. The first activity that I do is having the free breakfast. Fried noodles with boiled egg plus chilies. Well, maybe this first activity is fun ( haha). I missed the aerobic session because I was having my breakfast at that time late with a few colleague that also came late. Nothing special with the aerobic sessions because I found that the music use did not have enough energy to get the party started.

Okay then. Start that sport activity. Starting with female football. A little attracting me to watch. It was fun to watch cute and big breasted women playing soccer but this is not what the fun is all about anyway. Don’t know why male like this kind of things (sexy women). I’m waiting for a far more extreme fun for that day. The sea. I want to be the sea….

After that, the pulling rope competition ( Tarik tali) was started. And I have to join it. Just because I have a big body then people cannot accept if I did not join. But honestly I say, maybe this time first year ( my junior) all come from a rich family or maybe live in a city as they did not know how to pull the rope to win. Not like alst year where we seriously put all of our effort and strategy to pull that rope. My group was beaten easily. We have some big size person in our body but there is no rhythm during the pull. So, we lose.

In Labuan, every year there will be activity like this where beach sport event was held for all the people in Labuan ( that’s why I did not really enjoy myself at the beach because beach and beach sport, watersport, anything related to the sea is my life for 20 years). Tarik Tali is one if the must held event during Labuan Watersport carnival every year and even I did not join there, but as an audience, I know how they do it to win. Have strategy like last year family day where 1st year battle against senior on tarik tali competition.

This game did not really attract my attention. There is something that really get my attention there at the sea. Something big floating over there. The sea……

The game after tarik tali was a little interesting. I don’t know the name of the game but it was really creative. But I don’t want to join because it was really hot that time. Want to get sun burn ka? Aiya. Lunch time, the events that I like. But the food is worse. I eat half of it and I can’t eat it anymore. Maybe because it was horrible or maybe I’ve interested on something else. The sea. We have asked the lifeguard there already about the big floating things on the sea and was that thing free to try. And he said it was free and just put on your life jacket. Shouting to Ekeng and Saiful my senior to take a life jackets first, then we ourselves took a life jackets each and then. Poof… splashing into the water moving straight for the big floating platform in the middle of the sea where there were a spring deck on the top where you can jump and also an big iceberg where you can climb it hardly. This is what I wanted to do in a family day like this. Playing something with water and enjoy ourselves without really sticking ourselves to the rules like the game that was held. There on the water, we do not have rules. If you want to jump then jump, swim than swim, pushing each other down the water. And it was so much fun about it. A memorable memory for me for this family day.

As a conclusion, even though this time family day was as boring as I expected, but I enjoyed myself in the end. With other colleague, senior and junior who swim around and climbing that damn plastic iceberg, I’m sure all of us having a good time. This party was successful even the food was sucks and the music is better-dont-play-the-music.

We all have our own memories for this time family day. And I will not forget the fun things to be on the floating plastic platform in the middle of the sea where I realized that sometimes rules is not fun at all. Jump, swim, shout, jump again. Just like a primitive man, but that is what fun is all about.

I really respect the committee members who put a lot of effort to organized the party and it was great man. Everyone should be having a good time there.

I also having a good time but I leave the party early because I feel uncomfortable after soaking my body in the sea water and also I know that the weather will turn bad in the evening. So better went back before the rain falls.

Next year. I expect something better from our junior to hold this kind of party. Just try to make something simple that did not really stick to the rules.

Congratz for the successful UMS school of medicine family day 2006!

Originally taken from Rise46 Ascap23 entry.


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