I've Been to Rufaqa' before

I was pretty excited or shock a little about what is hot in the news today. About Rufaqa’. A group that was founded by the person who create al-arqam a few years ago. The lost side of Islam. I do not really give much attention to the other ‘ajaran sesat’ things but this one really special for me.

Not because I follow or like this group but because I’ve been to their centre once a few months ago. At that time this group was still unknown by the media. My last Health Promotion project group must know about this and maybe we can smile again to think about our experience there.
Basically the story goes like this. When we planned to do a health promotion in Kedah last June, we try to get help and support from the local authorities or maybe try to get a sponsor but technically we did not get much. About our accommodation and transport there, we try to get some sponsor too and we get a little help from this group called Rufaqa’. There provide us with transport and also give us 50% discount to stay in their local motel. Well, that was enough for us to stay there in Kampung Putat, Jtra Kedah.

When we stay there in Desa Putat, I actually start to realized that that place was build by this group consist of a motel, a hostel like houses, a mini market, and also a food court. It was a small community staying there.

For around 2 weeks staying there, we are brief much about this Rufaqa’ activities and also I learn much about what is going on with this group. Even there was one day when all of us were called by a important person there ( I forgot his name) and we are briefed about Rufaqa’.
He told us that is was a big group founded by the same person that founded al-arqam ( he was throw to Labuan and stay in Labuan so Labuanese must know him) and we are told so much about this group activities such as collecting teenager and train them to do business, music and of course teach them religion.

From what I’ve seen, there is no problem with this group at first because there were doing the good thing and they did not hurt anyone or try to do something that goes against Islam. Only when the professor that brief us told us about Doctor Langit that make me smile a little bit and give me a taught that there is something wrong with it.

Day after day there, I feel uncomfortable about everybody there. There is something wrong with the way the group goes. Not really showing that there are lost (there are okay, doing what other muslims do), they do business well and the group were expanding here in Malaysia and also overseas ( this is what have been told to us). They said that they hav more than 700 000 branch here in Malaysia ( haha I remember this), and also overseas. They said that they are making an Islamic city of their own. That is great. Maybe they are really good in giving a new breath to Islam but still I feel something wrong that day. Until our Supervisor whisper to us in one day that the group was warned by the government to not doing something that goes against the real Islam.

I know it from the beginning that there is something wrong with this group. Why must you go underground when doing something good? That is my first doubt. And why you must collect teenagers all around Malaysia to enter the group and then isolate themselves from the community? Why must they build their own community?

Now my doubt clear when their activities were published in the media. But now my doubt is about whether this group really teaching the wrong Islam? Because in 2 weeks we stay in the centre of the group where he gather all the teenagers, I never saw them doing the fake Islam. They are doing the real thing, the good thing but just isolated themselves from the community. Training their own student and trying to expand their group. But honestly they are too extreme in religion. Young teenage that was younger than us but look like a Religious teacher already.
They maybe hiding something in their activities, they maybe did not show us the other side of the group. But I let the government and the authorities to investigate it. Investigating is a good thing to do because I smell something wrong with the group.
Lastly,…. We have fun there in Kedah. Without the help of Rufaqa’ our Health Prom

otion will not be going right after all. Without them we cannot go touring aroung Kedah. Without them we don’t have PA system. Without them we cannot stay until 2 weeks in that place for our project. They really help us a lot in our project. I will never forget the experience of our Health Promotion there. Experiece of a successful health promotion. And an experience of being in the centre of Rufaqa’ that was so controversial today. Haha.

p/s: After the briefing of Rufaqa’ there, my Chinese colleague whispered at me saying that what is there really any doctor Langit in Islam, and I said “I don’t know, this is a different Islam maybe”. Haha.

P/s: I never eat Ikan keli before and the first time I ate it there were sponsored by Rufaqa’. They have a big Ikan Keli industry there.

p/s: I remember my Chinese colleague do not like the nasyid song that was played everytime we ride the rufaqa’ van. But the song is not bad at all. Just if you play it too much you will feel a little boring because they were repeating the lyrics again and again.

p/s: I remember when Akademi Fantasia were visiting house of the orphans, they actually invited Rufaqa’ to do a show thre. I remember that when I watched them in TV.

P/s: There were a restaurant that was supported by Rufaqa’ here in my hometown in Labuan and I never realized it until after the briefing in Ru


  1. banyaknya benda pelik terjadi di malaysia...

    rufaqa nampak macam organisasi yg sangat mantap...

    pelik pelik pelik

  2. Anonymous12:17 am

    Well well well, what do we have here.
    Very interesting post - as an outsider account.

  3. Anonymous4:39 pm

    As you said, they were kind and helpul to you, and as you witnessed, the only questionable thing is that they were isolated, and, as your friend said, their songs were monotonous to his ears, boring maybe? Is that it? :)

  4. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Yeah mantap sangatlah mengapor duit orang. Abuya dan orang-orang kanan aje yang enjoy bermewah-mewah. Orang bawah makan nasi kawah.

  5. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Isolating could be the best way to protect them from outside negative influence.

    isolate a group of like individuals in an alien environment and their sense of uncertainty will turn them into a herd of followers. - physycologist

    And this also will make them more discipline when living and moving in group. Just like what army did.

    May Allah protect them always and Help them in their struggle. Amin.


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