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A Short Honest Story

It’s been a while… In our life, we kept secret. The secret that nobody would ever know, even the most closest person in our life. The secret that people would not realize and even the secret that someday will never exist again in the surface of the earth. But why do we keep secret? Why do we try to hide something? And why people keep telling us to be honest. As people would understand what we are facing and what we are having through out our life. Honest is the main important thing in our social life. We are told to be honest to everyone, so we can make our life better. Not knowing that sometimes, honesty itself can kill us immediately if it is not in the right place or time. Do you know that guns can kill people immediately, and it also can keep you alive if you use it in a perfect time. Same as the honesty, it can kill us quick and it also can keep us alive. Lie, lie is the bad thing, negative, cursed, thing that everyone hate. Since the first human born in this world, lie

Die and become ghost

I've been through a lot this few weeks. With exam, the educational exam and the life exam. When i say life exam, it mean that it is about the life i have been through this few weeks. Lots of decision i have to make. Well, the medical exam doesn't really bother me, but the life one is putting me in a stress that i only tasted once before and i don't want it to be again. I start to realize that we cannot just understand what happen in front of our eyes. I start to realize that world is so cruel and complicated. I start to realize that to be good, you wouldn't always have to feel good. I start to realize that everything that happen is not what actually happen. I start to realize, that myself is not the same 4 years ago. Stress and pressure i taste 4 years ago start to crack my head again. Pushing me down as it do to me years ago. Making me want to cry and give up my life. But i can't because the purpose of my life is still far away. The goal that i want to achiev

Dying now and inside.

Somehow, my brain start to forget facts easily. I read and read again all the facts in my lecture note and book but it keeps forgetting them. Haha. I am not that easy to remember like before i guess. But something is going on with my mind. My brain always bombarded by the things that happen before that keeping me afraid, sad, shame, angry, like all that things just happen in front of me once again. They said bad memories are hard to forget. But i did not know that bad memories can be recall back like this. So drastic until i can woke up from my sleep just to remember something that i do not want to remember. Things that happen up to 5 years ago appear back in my mind and i can totally feel what i feel at the time when everything happen. I do not want to care about it but electrical impulse keep traveling to my brain without control. That is why i cannot concentrate much within this few weeks. haha. Sometime i feel that i am going to be crazy if a bad memory in your life

We Change

This is a quite sensitive issue that I will discuss in my blog. A few weeks ago I wrote about how I hate racism. Today, the things are getting worse around me. As I said, the racist will win this game no matter what case we did not want to be a racist, patience is the key of winning ( in fantasy). Some racism issues were arising in my institution a few weeks ago and it was really terrible. As we all know that racism will only bring us further down, and it was proven in front of me. My beloved and respected institution is going down because of racism. I am not going to discuss further about this issues since it was going around the internet for quite some time now. What I want to show here is the war with racism will not be end if we fight back with racism. After the racism issues arise, few of us anti-racism are getting mad on them (the racist), and it is clear that we win the battle there cause everyone are blaming the racist because they create some propaganda and make th

Are we going to change?

Most of us think that someday there will be a perfect world. People all work side by side , no more poverty, no racism, no war, no more dirty politics, no more dark side in this world. But history proved that things not going to happen. For more than 3 bilion years this earth exist, still this thing will exist as long as the world still here. We all born in a different world, from different place, different culture, and even we born in the same place, money in the bank make us change place, our own goal wil change us later to be someone that we might not realized that a monster is what are we going to be. I can read that a lot of comment that people might don't want to see in the internet, a comment about my race, saying that how inferior a malay could be. If i read that site with my heart, i would be a terrorist later, but i read it with my brain. I can see why people sometimes critics other race. This is because no race are perfect. Human is not perfect. That is the nature. T

Who Made Malaysian Stupid?

Malaysians are not stupid to begin with. Level of intelligent in Malaysia can be compared with other modern region in the world. There is doctor in Malaysia, lot of lawyer, scientist, etc. In fact, the number is increasing as the population of Malaysia increase. To be truth about it, the intelligence in Malaysia are only referring to the people that accept the changes and have the desire to enquiry on what is going on around them. People that are adapting to their modern environment. People that change their attitude change their behavior and change their way of thinking. There is millions out there in Malaysia still living with their strict customs and did not change anything in their life. Or only change a certain thing. How they change that is in fact what I’m trying to discuss here. How? One good teacher is always there to be with Malaysian, mass media, specifically television. Television is the only technology that can be accepted for all Malaysian. Every house in

My first day in the ward

My first day in the ward. I am really excited because after 2 years just having lectures, now is the time to apply what we learn to a real patient. We are told to clerk 30 patient within this 3 weeks. Im waiting for this momment. I'm waiting for it since a long-long time ago. It's morning. I am going to the ward. I ride our official school bus to the hospital. I went and meet a few of my friends in the pantry and we are all ready to enter the ward. everyone equipped with weapon - a stethoscope, tendon hammer, and a pen torch. We are all ready now. I am walking in my group walking and climbing the hospital stairs to enter the ward that already allocated to us. I feel like i'm going to bust becuse of the adrenaline rush. The momment we enter the ward, everything change.... really unexpected. We were standing like an idiot in the center of the ward. Around us were nurses, doctor, and janitor running around doing their work. no one seem to noticed us there. I feel re


Gather yourself because I got something to say Put your mind up because I got something in my head A question that I could ask like others in the same way No matter where you are, down town, up town or in the subway, Why human kills each other everyday? Bombs crash the mosque, bottle break the church, Sledge-hammer destroying Buddhist culture an you all laughing all the way. Where is the humanity? Where is your inside, to think and to grab the opportunity? Why always insanity? Who is on your side, to sink with you in your own dream? Are you thinking us going to suffer our life with this threat? Leaders claim themselves as a tool to fight in this crime Busy everyday, with paperwork and secretary phone call in the line, Going up to the public going up to something, but in the end is all lie, Eyes by eyes, four eyes, six eyes, around a coffee table, But all they say was babble, holding a bible, walking to the hall in a perfect time, Try to save the world by his poetry line, pray to God le

Medical Student Syndrome

Medical Student Syndrome: A 2 years Cohort Study on School of Medicine University Malaysia Sabah. Mohd.Zaki Bin Mohd Zaili, Professor in Animalogy. Shah Nadrin, Professor in Angin-o-logy. Aizat Aziz, Professor in Khayalogy. Aldrin Jasper, Professor in Hentainology. Universiti Malaysia Sabah, P.O Box 2073, 88999 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Abstract Medical student syndrome is a constellation of symptoms that are observed on medical student when they are exposed well enough to medicine. It is not known whether it is pathologically or normal for them. 71 medical students are involved in this study and had been followed up for 2 years. The results are 90% of them developed the syndromes. Confounding factors are believed to affect the result of the study. 51 signs have been noted in this study at this time but are believed to increase further in the future. Conclusion, this syndrome cannot be treated but can it can be define as normal so of it is normal, nothing should be done to cure the.

Death Note

All right. It is normal for me to talk about anime in my blog cause I did it before so many times. I was discussing about the amazing Bleach before and also Legendary Dragon Ball and One Piece. Time change. Anime and Manga(comic) industry in Japan has grow beyond expectation. And there is thousand of great mind and idea out there in Japan. We can make the same things too if we want but to make it like that we must look at their amazing product, Anime and Manga that will be a part of World History in the future. I am not going to talk more on how creative japan creates entertainment for their children and also adolescence, not only in japan but through out Asia. In this post, I will expressed my amazed about one particular creation in Japan entitled Death Note. Earlier, I was not truly aware about this Manga that was published in Japan few years ago. I have heard about it from my friends saying that it was the best Manga he ever read. I did not give a damn about it. Later, last


With a pile of work to do, a thousand words and facts to remember, with unfinished work everywhere, and the final examination is 3 days away, I considered my 21st birthday the worse birthday I ever had in my life. Would it be memorable? Of course. I will remember this time forever in my life. It is normal for u to remember the great time of our life and the worse part of it. I’m expecting my 21st birthday would be the most exciting birthday in my life. Just because I feel it was really cool to be 21. It make you step further to the real world of an adult. Not a kids anymore. So I planned to hold a great party for my 21st birthday and that is 6 months ago. After 6 moths past, and my birthday was around the corner, I was a little disappointed because my birthday was not in a holiday. So I guess I have to celebrate it with my friends here in my University. But guess what, just 2 weeks before my birthday party, an announcement about our final exam was made and the final exam would start

what is the definition of BUsy?

I always define my life is busy before. Because i felt that before this i never feel that busy. So i think that is the terminal defintion for me. The terminal defintion of busy. Since last week, my life change a bit. Or more precisely, my definition of busy is altered. This is because i have enter the second stage of busy ( or stress) Busy seems to have this kind of grading. A stage. Same as super saiya level in dragon ball. Before this busy means class everyday with tons of things to study and revise at night. but starting from last week, we have lecture everyday until 5 pm, plus we have research proposal to be propose. we have drama practice, awe have language class and even now when i'm writing this blog, i'm in my school computer lab with some of my group member still tryinf to force our eyes to open and finish our research proposal. And in next week is our module test and i havent study anything. 3 days after module test will our final year test. With no stud

Our Ambition

Our dreams are very flexible. It change every time we grow up. When someone says that he wants to be a teacher when he was a child, maybe during his adolescent, he would say he want to be an artist or anything that is much cooler to be. Someone can’t make a decision in their early life. It is impossible for a 5 years old child to choose their carrier for their future. At that time, what they want is only to be someone that they like. For example if they watch a policemen working, they might say that they want to become one just because they like to be a policemen. I do not know why since childhood people start asking about our ambition. During that time, many funny ambition will come out and adult will laugh to us of we say something funny and we also laugh along with them without understanding the meaning for that laugh. When I was a children, I used to say that I want to be an astronaut. I really like to be one. When someone passed their 10 years neurons and synapse development

Anti AntiVirus

I started to doubt norton when it cannot detect the trojan.shipup.c problem. I removed and reformat my computer to remove norton antivirus and then i begin my investigation on which Antivirus is the best antivirus. I meet a lot of my friends discussing on this issues and finally we came into a conclusion. Bitdefender come to us like a prophet to save our computer. it was a very stable antivirus. Easy to use and user friendly appearance. And it does not cause our RAM to process a big heavy data like Norton Antivirus. Everyone is talking about Bitdefender after that. Bitdefender also known as the no.1 antivirus in the world after PC magazine released an issues ranking this product as the most purchased product worldwide. Everyone start using this Bitdefender. Everyone seems to satisfy about it. But from the beginning, I did not make a conclusion in bitdefender antivirus software. I’m quite happy about it but still does not conclude it to become the best. One of my friend are trying t


What intersting for me nowadays is String Theory. After reading the basic thing about it i started to think that my teacher in secondary school and primary even here in University maybe wrong in describing about particles. It was really interesting but since the theory have not yet been approved widely so not so many people know about it. Trust me, this a new era of physics if the theory established. I get this basic article from it says.. ' Think of a guitar string that has been tuned by stretching the string under tension across the guitar. Depending on how the string is plucked and how much tension is in the string, different musical notes will be created by the string. These musical notes could be said to be excitation modes of that guitar string under tension. In a similar manner, in string theory, the elementary particles we observe in particle accelerators could be thought of as the "musical notes" or excitation modes of elementa

We are totally sucks?

I heard from the 11.30 PM news in randomly pick radio. I never care what channel i've been listening to but i really pay attention on the news that i'm listening to. It was a news from the RTM center in KL. So, what i hear is this... " Kerajaan akan tetap meneruskan program khidmat negara PLKN walaupun digesa oleh beberapa pihak untuk menghentikan program tersebut............. and bla bla bla... until i was pretty ill when i heard the ending sentence... " Menurut laporan daripada pihak sekolah, pelajar yang mengikuti program PLKN adalah lebih proaktif didalam pembelajaran malah mereke lebih menonjolkan idea-idea bernas berbanding pelajar lain..." What's wrong with the statement. They maybe done some mistake in typing the script but if they don't it was really a big misstake to do. Stating that this PLKN student are much better than the others making this thing pretty mess up and unfair. Why should they be label as a better student. Were the other s


Hollywood movie? Long time ago, we would bow if we heard about Hollywood movie. No one can defeat the Americans in making a sci-fi movie. They are the most superior in this industry. Years past. I’m in front of Cinemax Ticket counter in Centre Point Kota Kinabalu. The place where all the teenagers, kids, adults would have fun during weekends. Place for shopping, entertainment, food, and friends. Place to spend money. Lots of money. I’m on the line. Looking at the movie show schedule pasted on the wall. About six or 8 movie are now showing but I need not to think hard to make a choice on which movie that I will watch later. When I reach the counter, easily and smoothly without a long time to think I say, “ 3 tickets for Sinking Japan.” 3 tickets for me and the other 2 friends of mine. Among the six movie showing in that cinema, 5 of them are Hollywood movie. But most people buying the tickets for that one Japanese made movie. Why? Now,