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My first day in the ward

My first day in the ward. I am really excited because after 2 years just having lectures, now is the time to apply what we learn to a real patient. We are told to clerk 30 patient within this 3 weeks. Im waiting for this momment. I'm waiting for it since a long-long time ago. It's morning. I am going to the ward. I ride our official school bus to the hospital. I went and meet a few of my friends in the pantry and we are all ready to enter the ward. everyone equipped with weapon - a stethoscope, tendon hammer, and a pen torch. We are all ready now. I am walking in my group walking and climbing the hospital stairs to enter the ward that already allocated to us. I feel like i'm going to bust becuse of the adrenaline rush. The momment we enter the ward, everything change.... really unexpected. We were standing like an idiot in the center of the ward. Around us were nurses, doctor, and janitor running around doing their work. no one seem to noticed us there. I feel re


Gather yourself because I got something to say Put your mind up because I got something in my head A question that I could ask like others in the same way No matter where you are, down town, up town or in the subway, Why human kills each other everyday? Bombs crash the mosque, bottle break the church, Sledge-hammer destroying Buddhist culture an you all laughing all the way. Where is the humanity? Where is your inside, to think and to grab the opportunity? Why always insanity? Who is on your side, to sink with you in your own dream? Are you thinking us going to suffer our life with this threat? Leaders claim themselves as a tool to fight in this crime Busy everyday, with paperwork and secretary phone call in the line, Going up to the public going up to something, but in the end is all lie, Eyes by eyes, four eyes, six eyes, around a coffee table, But all they say was babble, holding a bible, walking to the hall in a perfect time, Try to save the world by his poetry line, pray to God le

Our Ambition

Our dreams are very flexible. It change every time we grow up. When someone says that he wants to be a teacher when he was a child, maybe during his adolescent, he would say he want to be an artist or anything that is much cooler to be. Someone can’t make a decision in their early life. It is impossible for a 5 years old child to choose their carrier for their future. At that time, what they want is only to be someone that they like. For example if they watch a policemen working, they might say that they want to become one just because they like to be a policemen. I do not know why since childhood people start asking about our ambition. During that time, many funny ambition will come out and adult will laugh to us of we say something funny and we also laugh along with them without understanding the meaning for that laugh. When I was a children, I used to say that I want to be an astronaut. I really like to be one. When someone passed their 10 years neurons and synapse development