We are totally sucks?

I heard from the 11.30 PM news in randomly pick radio. I never care what channel i've been listening to but i really pay attention on the news that i'm listening to. It was a news from the RTM center in KL. So, what i hear is this...

" Kerajaan akan tetap meneruskan program khidmat negara PLKN walaupun digesa oleh beberapa pihak untuk menghentikan program tersebut.............

and bla bla bla... until i was pretty ill when i heard the ending sentence...

" Menurut laporan daripada pihak sekolah, pelajar yang mengikuti program PLKN adalah lebih proaktif didalam pembelajaran malah mereke lebih menonjolkan idea-idea bernas berbanding pelajar lain..."

What's wrong with the statement. They maybe done some mistake in typing the script but if they don't it was really a big misstake to do. Stating that this PLKN student are much better than the others making this thing pretty mess up and unfair. Why should they be label as a better student. Were the other student who did not join the PLKN worse? Not proaktif? Don't have any 'idea bernas'.

It seems that the goverment are labelling the other student as they were not much better and they only can be second to the PLKN student. To make this program contiunue after so many critics, this is the statement that they make? PLKN can be continue cause maybe it really bring a lot benefit to the student and also reducing the unhealthy activity among teenagers. But to label them as much better than the other student is totally wnong.

People are not voluntarily enter that program. They are choosen randomly. And for the other student who are not able to join the program, they could be much better than the PLKN candidates.

As a conclusion.
We cannot label any student by the activity that the goverment arranged joined by them. To label them is to see how far they can go and how high they can reach.
My symphaty to the student who are not choosed to enter PLKN cause you all are being label as a looser by the goverment today.

p/s: Since the PLKN start, and half of my friend choosen to enter it, until now, i never see that this student become so high standard than the other. They are all the same. The different maybe they learn how to work hard to live and make them a little humble. Make them tough a little bit. But to say that they are much better, no. All the same.

p/s: Only two pathway for the PLKN student after the program.. Whether becoming a successfull man, or become the thrash of the community. What's the difference? Other student also have the same choices of pathway.


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