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Our Ambition

Our dreams are very flexible. It change every time we grow up. When someone says that he wants to be a teacher when he was a child, maybe during his adolescent, he would say he want to be an artist or anything that is much cooler to be. Someone can’t make a decision in their early life. It is impossible for a 5 years old child to choose their carrier for their future. At that time, what they want is only to be someone that they like. For example if they watch a policemen working, they might say that they want to become one just because they like to be a policemen. I do not know why since childhood people start asking about our ambition. During that time, many funny ambition will come out and adult will laugh to us of we say something funny and we also laugh along with them without understanding the meaning for that laugh. When I was a children, I used to say that I want to be an astronaut. I really like to be one. When someone passed their 10 years neurons and synapse development

Anti AntiVirus

I started to doubt norton when it cannot detect the trojan.shipup.c problem. I removed and reformat my computer to remove norton antivirus and then i begin my investigation on which Antivirus is the best antivirus. I meet a lot of my friends discussing on this issues and finally we came into a conclusion. Bitdefender come to us like a prophet to save our computer. it was a very stable antivirus. Easy to use and user friendly appearance. And it does not cause our RAM to process a big heavy data like Norton Antivirus. Everyone is talking about Bitdefender after that. Bitdefender also known as the no.1 antivirus in the world after PC magazine released an issues ranking this product as the most purchased product worldwide. Everyone start using this Bitdefender. Everyone seems to satisfy about it. But from the beginning, I did not make a conclusion in bitdefender antivirus software. I’m quite happy about it but still does not conclude it to become the best. One of my friend are trying t