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Anti AntiVirus

I started to doubt norton when it cannot detect the trojan.shipup.c problem. I removed and reformat my computer to remove norton antivirus and then i begin my investigation on which Antivirus is the best antivirus.

I meet a lot of my friends discussing on this issues and finally we came into a conclusion. Bitdefender come to us like a prophet to save our computer. it was a very stable antivirus. Easy to use and user friendly appearance. And it does not cause our RAM to process a big heavy data like Norton Antivirus.

Everyone is talking about Bitdefender after that. Bitdefender also known as the no.1 antivirus in the world after PC magazine released an issues ranking this product as the most purchased product worldwide. Everyone start using this Bitdefender. Everyone seems to satisfy about it.
But from the beginning, I did not make a conclusion in bitdefender antivirus software. I’m quite happy about it but still does not conclude it to become the best. One of my friend are trying to use kaspersky antivirus product, and from the beginning we start to make this comparing test between this 2 leader in the antivirus product.

So month passed by. Finally I was here infront of my notebook writing this post. And what I want to tell really about the result of this comparison is… shocking.

I did not get the result from our comparison since both of us can detect and manage to protect our computer until now. But a problem occur with my bitdefender.

A few days before my friends borrowed my external hard disk. And my friend said that his using the updated Norton antivirus software. I trusted him and lend him my external hard disk.
A few days after that day, I’m trying to access my hard disk. A pretty shocking when I can’t accessed it because my bitdefender seems to block something. And I know that hard disk is already infected. So I have to admit that Bitdefender it a little sucks. Sorry. I borrowed my roommate notebook to use his kaspersky antivirus to scan my hard disk. And as predicted, we found a VBS type virus inside it. Now it is proved that bitdefender is really sucks. But I still believed in my bitdefender.

Then I connect the hard disk back to my notebook after cleaning up the virus and a second shock happen when the virus re-appeared again my external hard disk causing the same complication as before.

It’s the end for my bitdefender. I was really confused since this bitfedefender was the Best antivirus in the world published in the internet. So, before uninstalling the antivirus, I do some researched in the internet looking for the best antivirus. Then it was a shocking result again I get. A few month before Bitdefender rank the first, but now, it scored almost the same level as AVG. Bitdefender was kick out from the top 5 antivirus. Number 1 goes to kaspersky antivirus followed by NOD32 Antivirus, Norton Antvirus 2007, McAfee, AOL, Antivir, Zonealarm and many more that I can’t recognize. But, where is bitdefender?

Bit defender only score ¼ star from the consumer research. It is funny cause it score the no.1 antivirus in the world a few months before then now it almost become the worse.

So I make my conclusion now. There is no no.1 antivirus in the world right now. There are always changes. It change everytime. So to buy which antivirus is a hard decision to make. Maybe one of my friend theory was correct. JUST USE TRIAL. Try everything and don’t ever finalized to buy one of them. We might stuck in the situation like this bitdefender thing at last.



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