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Our dreams are very flexible. It change every time we grow up. When someone says that he wants to be a teacher when he was a child, maybe during his adolescent, he would say he want to be an artist or anything that is much cooler to be.

Someone can’t make a decision in their early life. It is impossible for a 5 years old child to choose their carrier for their future. At that time, what they want is only to be someone that they like. For example if they watch a policemen working, they might say that they want to become one just because they like to be a policemen.

I do not know why since childhood people start asking about our ambition. During that time, many funny ambition will come out and adult will laugh to us of we say something funny and we also laugh along with them without understanding the meaning for that laugh. When I was a children, I used to say that I want to be an astronaut. I really like to be one.

When someone passed their 10 years neurons and synapse development phase, their brain will become more logically functional, they would then change their ambition to be more realistic and more towards their real future. Although, when they reach their puberty, the ambition will be affected by their hormonal changes. This is why at the age of 13 to around 18, we will claimed that our ambition to b something cooler. Something that will impress someone. We will keep our ambition in our mind since at this phase of life, we are more likely to be a secretly person. We keep secret even we keep our ambition as a secret. Why a secret, because sometimes our ambition is not logic but our brain that already develop is against this thinking. That is why it become something that people will never know.

So when will our ambition become rigid and static? It would be after 18 years old. At that time, we are not making a new ambition rather than filtering the ambition that we made since our childhood. A lot of synapsing are mad. Every calculation are made. Experience plus money, plus our interest and many more factors will come to our consideration. We start thinking about out future, what we would be, and can we be something that will keep us up or stay down. We will consider every aspect. At this time, the real ambition will comes. And that dream we made this time will be the dreams that we will run for. The dream that we will never feel regret to be dying for.

I have made many dream before. I dream to be a driver, to be a pilot, to be an astronaut, to be a scientist, to be drummer, to be a film producer, to be a musician, to be a doctor, to be writer, to be a world saver, to be a king, to be a superhero, to be a guy with a gun, to be a government secret agent and many more.

When I enter the pre-university life, I filtered all this dreams. Put a side every dreams that will be only dreams, and bring along the dreams that will be my real ambition. This means that some of the ambition during my childhood will become real and some will not.

Unfortunately, the system her in Malaysia, we as a citizen, we cannot choose our own ambition, like we cannot choose. This is because during matriculation study, we have to choose 8 choices on what we going to majoring in the university and the government will choose for us depending on different criteria. It is not fair. Some people will never get a chance to grab their dream when they were thrown to study something that they do not like. Only money will save up many dreams. If you have money, you would be able to have a second chance by entering non-government institute.

Fortunately, I manage to get what I want. What I really choose for. I feel I’m a very lucky guy. Not only luck, but also the hardwork I have made to get what I want. That is the real concept that the government want. To make a citizen that is hardworking to get what they want. Not just entering some field that they like. The nature is like that. Must be hard to get what we want. This is the positive side of this system. This positive side will eliminate the negative.
Is our dreams finalized during our university life? Is my ambition now will stick until the end of me? Even myself do not know. I dream to be a doctor, now I’m in a medical school. If I keep up studying hard, later I will get my dream. Only 3 years more to achieve my dream.

But what will I be after I become a doctor? Continue with my specialty study, get to be a sub specialist, or become a doctor and a writer because I love to write, or become a doctor and a researcher because I like to discover new things. Or maybe get a Nobel prizes. All is my dreams now.

Even my brain already stop producing neurons, and hard to make a new synapse now, but I will go filtering this new ambitions and I believe a few years later I will have my decision. The question now is how much effort I will give to it?

To make an ambition is a good thing. A positive thing. We must have ambition since our childhood. And we can let children to have ambition. Many ambition. We cannot stop them if they have an ambition that we do not like, such as to be a singer when we want our child to be a doctor. We cannot limit their dreams. We must let them free to dream about their life. They will later develop the skill of choosing by themselves. They will be. And when they dreams finalize, they will run for it without us asking them to run…

ASCAP23 February 10, 2007


  1. Anonymous3:35 pm

    talking about wild imagination. heheh.

    hari tu i found my buku sekolah rendah darjah 2, and inside that book, i wrote my ambition was to become the Setiausaha Agung PBB, 2nd option, to be Timbalan Perdana Menteri... heheh. cerita skolah rendah & wild imagination


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