With a pile of work to do, a thousand words and facts to remember, with unfinished work everywhere, and the final examination is 3 days away, I considered my 21st birthday the worse birthday I ever had in my life.

Would it be memorable? Of course. I will remember this time forever in my life. It is normal for u to remember the great time of our life and the worse part of it. I’m expecting my 21st birthday would be the most exciting birthday in my life. Just because I feel it was really cool to be 21. It make you step further to the real world of an adult. Not a kids anymore. So I planned to hold a great party for my 21st birthday and that is 6 months ago. After 6 moths past, and my birthday was around the corner, I was a little disappointed because my birthday was not in a holiday. So I guess I have to celebrate it with my friends here in my University. But guess what, just 2 weeks before my birthday party, an announcement about our final exam was made and the final exam would start on 26th or march. 3 days after my exam. Plus there will be no study week for us and the last class is on 21 March. On 22nd March we have research proposal presentation and on 26th March ( that is on the exam day), we have to submit our written proposal to the lecturer. Great activity to ruined up my birthday party.

Stucking here with the works and 4 modules consisting Neurology and mental health, Heamatology and endocrine system, gastrointestinal system and clinical epidemiology, to be study only in 3 days before the exam.

Plus, on 23rd March, that is on my birthday, there will be a module test on Clinical Epidemiology with 20 marks carry up to the final.

There goes my 21st birthday.

Singing a birthday song along with my roommate for myself at 12 am 23rd mach 2006, I celebrate my first second of my 21 with reading a full facts paper for my clinical epidemiology paper. I was thinking, why it become so hard like this. So tough for my first minutes in my 21.

This is the intro I guess. The intro to my adult life. So I guess it will become this hard and tough for me for the next-next year. Thinking that I would enter Clinical years in Hospital later, this must be it. This must be as tough as I could imagine.

So what so special about 21st birthday? There is nothing special about it but it is meaningful, cause at the time where I was very stress and tense, there always be someone out there and in there with me. Thinking that I would never fight alone. This is the best part of my 21st birthday.

10 am 23rd march 2007.


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