what is the definition of BUsy?

I always define my life is busy before. Because i felt that before this i never feel that busy. So i think that is the terminal defintion for me. The terminal defintion of busy.

Since last week, my life change a bit. Or more precisely, my definition of busy is altered. This is because i have enter the second stage of busy ( or stress)

Busy seems to have this kind of grading. A stage. Same as super saiya level in dragon ball. Before this busy means class everyday with tons of things to study and revise at night. but starting from last week, we have lecture everyday until 5 pm, plus we have research proposal to be propose. we have drama practice, awe have language class and even now when i'm writing this blog, i'm in my school computer lab with some of my group member still tryinf to force our eyes to open and finish our research proposal. And in next week is our module test and i havent study anything.

3 days after module test will our final year test. With no study week and full schedule for research proposal at night, i dont know what to suspect for my final.

Also next week will be my Language class oral test. So another thing to be considered now. THis is what i call the second stage of my busy life.

To say that this will become my terminal definition of busy will not be possible again. THis is because, we have been told that our senior in the hospital were 100% more busier than us. Thus, i conclude that they will be more stage of busy coming soon.

I dont know what will happen to my brain after this. I think i will never have a normal thinking like a normal person anymore after entering this school. I even can't think when to stop working and when to sleep. Everything start to become no border for me.


I have no regret.


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