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Medical Student Syndrome

Medical Student Syndrome: A 2 years Cohort Study on School of Medicine University Malaysia Sabah. Mohd.Zaki Bin Mohd Zaili, Professor in Animalogy. Shah Nadrin, Professor in Angin-o-logy. Aizat Aziz, Professor in Khayalogy. Aldrin Jasper, Professor in Hentainology. Universiti Malaysia Sabah, P.O Box 2073, 88999 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Abstract Medical student syndrome is a constellation of symptoms that are observed on medical student when they are exposed well enough to medicine. It is not known whether it is pathologically or normal for them. 71 medical students are involved in this study and had been followed up for 2 years. The results are 90% of them developed the syndromes. Confounding factors are believed to affect the result of the study. 51 signs have been noted in this study at this time but are believed to increase further in the future. Conclusion, this syndrome cannot be treated but can it can be define as normal so of it is normal, nothing should be done to cure the.