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Gather yourself because I got something to say Put your mind up because I got something in my head A question that I could ask like others in the same way No matter where you are, down town, up town or in the subway, Why human kills each other everyday? Bombs crash the mosque, bottle break the church, Sledge-hammer destroying Buddhist culture an you all laughing all the way. Where is the humanity? Where is your inside, to think and to grab the opportunity? Why always insanity? Who is on your side, to sink with you in your own dream? Are you thinking us going to suffer our life with this threat? Leaders claim themselves as a tool to fight in this crime Busy everyday, with paperwork and secretary phone call in the line, Going up to the public going up to something, but in the end is all lie, Eyes by eyes, four eyes, six eyes, around a coffee table, But all they say was babble, holding a bible, walking to the hall in a perfect time, Try to save the world by his poetry line, pray to God le