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My first day in the ward

My first day in the ward. I am really excited because after 2 years just having lectures, now is the time to apply what we learn to a real patient. We are told to clerk 30 patient within this 3 weeks. Im waiting for this momment. I'm waiting for it since a long-long time ago. It's morning. I am going to the ward. I ride our official school bus to the hospital. I went and meet a few of my friends in the pantry and we are all ready to enter the ward. everyone equipped with weapon - a stethoscope, tendon hammer, and a pen torch. We are all ready now. I am walking in my group walking and climbing the hospital stairs to enter the ward that already allocated to us. I feel like i'm going to bust becuse of the adrenaline rush. The momment we enter the ward, everything change.... really unexpected. We were standing like an idiot in the center of the ward. Around us were nurses, doctor, and janitor running around doing their work. no one seem to noticed us there. I feel re