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Who Made Malaysian Stupid?

Malaysians are not stupid to begin with. Level of intelligent in Malaysia can be compared with other modern region in the world. There is doctor in Malaysia, lot of lawyer, scientist, etc. In fact, the number is increasing as the population of Malaysia increase. To be truth about it, the intelligence in Malaysia are only referring to the people that accept the changes and have the desire to enquiry on what is going on around them. People that are adapting to their modern environment. People that change their attitude change their behavior and change their way of thinking. There is millions out there in Malaysia still living with their strict customs and did not change anything in their life. Or only change a certain thing. How they change that is in fact what I’m trying to discuss here. How? One good teacher is always there to be with Malaysian, mass media, specifically television. Television is the only technology that can be accepted for all Malaysian. Every house in