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Are we going to change?

Most of us think that someday there will be a perfect world. People all work side by side , no more poverty, no racism, no war, no more dirty politics, no more dark side in this world. But history proved that things not going to happen. For more than 3 bilion years this earth exist, still this thing will exist as long as the world still here. We all born in a different world, from different place, different culture, and even we born in the same place, money in the bank make us change place, our own goal wil change us later to be someone that we might not realized that a monster is what are we going to be. I can read that a lot of comment that people might don't want to see in the internet, a comment about my race, saying that how inferior a malay could be. If i read that site with my heart, i would be a terrorist later, but i read it with my brain. I can see why people sometimes critics other race. This is because no race are perfect. Human is not perfect. That is the nature. T